Okay, you guys know I fangirl Spidey to the point where it's a problem. XD I was expecting to enjoy this film, but not as much as I did. It really was amazing. However, it did have it's flaws. Not major ones, but more like "it's a shame" flaws that held the film back from being perfect. I was, however, like this by the end of the film:

Andrew Garfield was the live action Peter Parker/Spider-Man that I had been waiting for. ♥

Major spoilers! )

I'm hoping that they really, really bring their A-game for the next one. With everything they've set in place in this film, the next one could be even more amazing.

I wanna post something of substance but I have no time! ;_; So, quick version!

Ultimate Spider-Man is the funniest Marvel cartoon ever. I wanna adopt Peter, he's so cute. And if I was much younger, I'd totally be crushing on Iron Fist. XD I haven't watched this week's Avengers yet! And just a few more days til Korra (for me, I'm late I know). YJ was not what I was expecting this week, but that obvious line from Roy was the "it couldn't get any worse" moment that happens before everything goes to crap. And yes, stil no word on the mole. I'm waiting for that heartbreak this weekend. XD

Speaking of Avengers, TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW! :D (Sorry North Americans, I believe you're getting it the week after that!) The world premiere was last night and word on Twitter is that it's amazing. *fangirl tears* I don't care, I'm seeing it at least twice.

IPKKND is on a filler storyline at the moment, but lots of cute moments. I wanna gif so much but I have no time recently and I can't get a good video to gif it! The Beauty and the Beast parallel was spot on, Shyam is totally Gaston in this situation. I've been catching up with all the episodes I missed! Payal used to be so fierce, what happened girl?! But because of this drama, I'm behind on my US tv shows! ;_; But the last ep of Castle I saw was just...too many emotions! The finale's going to be crackin'!

And finally, best advert of the moment:

I don't know why it makes me laugh hysterically, but it does!

I dunno how I missed this!!

:D THERE BE QUIPPAGE! It's definitely more on the comedic side than Spectacular Spider-Man, and I gotta say, I'm okay with that. I'm loving the visual gags, reminds me a little of Scott Pilgrim/Teen Titans. I think it will take me a little while to get used to his new voice, but I am excited. If there is a Spidey/Human Torch team up episode, I apologise in advance for my incoherant ramblings, squeeing and...well, I'll apologise for that post of crazy anyway. XD

Avengers Season 2 trailer, cut for MAJOR spoilers. )

I had a random thought the other day about The Legend of Korra, and I think one of the things I'm most looking forward to is...

No spoilers but cut just in case! )

Day 9 – Favorite cartoon based on a comic book property.

Spider-Man is my favourite comic book character, and as much as I love the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, this one was the best adaptation of Spider-Man to date (films included!). It's a shame that it ended before it could reach it's full potential. :( The pacing of the stories was good, as was the set-up of all the characters. It's also the first time Gwen Stacy was featured before Mary Jane, and that Mary Jane's entrance was set up the same way it happened in the comics. (I geeked out at that a LOT) One of the great things about Spider-Man in any medium is his supporting cast, and they were on point in this one. Especially JJ, he's always awesome though. XD

It had a great theme song!

As you know, I'm a fan of a quiptastic Spidey, so I loved that he was funny in this one! To be fair, he was pretty damn funny in the 90s cartoon also.

*sigh* This was a really great show, I can only hope the new one will be as good.

There be quips! I'm a happy fangirl! :D This may be the only film I willingly go and see in 3D.

Linkage here! A little late with the news, but the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon will be starting on April 1st (Lol, I know, what?!) in a new Marvel block on Disney XD with the second season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Good timing, this will give them time to get the cartoons up and running before their film counterparts come out later this year.

Hopefully they'll have a straight run for Avengers, it's been about a year since the end of season 1 I think. The ending was such a cliffhanger, I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully there will be more FF cameos and general fun-ness with Hawkeye and Thor. :D I'm gonna watch the new Spidey cartoon with no expectations, as it's not fair to have ";_; SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN WAS SO AWESOME, WHY WAS IT CANCELLED?!?!" running through my head while watching it. As long as they have the funny snark, I'll be pleased. But now that you have all your characters under one roof Marvel...PLEASE, SPIDEY/TORCH TEAM UP! My head exploding from nerd happiness will be worth it, I promise! The new series does have some awesome positives from the get go:

- JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. Yes, it's movie JJ! :D
- Bendis will be working on the show, this gives me hope for the funny snark.
- Paul Dini, of DCAU fame! :D
- Clark Gregg (Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers) as Agent Coulson. Yes everyone....


It looks as though YJ won't be coming back until the start of DC's programme block on Cartoon Network. They'd better start season 2 straight after, I've been obsessing watching this show since last January!

And this YouTube video of Benson from Regular Show covers the rest!

I know, I only ever rant and rage about non-important, fandom related stuff but that's what I use this journal for, as people I know off the Internet don't share the same interests as me. XD

With that out of the way, I shall now proceed onto my Spider-Man related rant! It's been in a lot of American newspapers and I think news TV programs, I think the Daily Show may have also made a reference to it but there's been a big hullabaloo over the new Spider-Man storyline. And the ugly side of people has come out again. :(

Not really spoilers anymore, but a cut in case! )


Aug. 5th, 2011 08:05 am

I haven't got time to rant about it now cos I gotta dash to work, but seriously?! SERIOUSLY?! This whole Ultimate Spider-Man stuff has made me so sad and annoyed. I guess those obnoxious comic book fans missed the bloody point of half the comics they've been reading!

I am excited! :D It looks like they're borrowing stuff from all different canon's but also giving it a twist of their own. Hopefully now that they know Spidey brings in the money, they can take their time and tell the story how they want.



This is because the last issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is out today.

I think it's widely known what happens, but cut for spoilers just in case. )

Footage from the new Captain America film! :D *full trailer is out tomorrow, I think?* Taken from SuperheroHype.com

It looked funny without a cut, haha. )

Some news about the new Spidey cartoon, which is going to air this year apparently!

I'd better finally get some Spidey and Human Torch team up stuff! )

And Akira! Or is it....?

The important stuff. )

Major spoilers for Ultimate Spider-Man. )

And no. I won't be buying the other Ultimate comics that lead into this. *shakes fist* I don't care if I'm horribly confused, it'll still have the same sucky ending.

I'm putting this under a cut, just in case anyone on my f-list reads Ultimate Spider-Man and doesn't want to be spoiled...

The new storyline...I no like. ) I'm not picking up the regular canon books either. From what I've seen of it, I would only get mad at the end of each issue. It's like someone who was annoyed their ship didn't work out, so they break up the canon couple but can't make their ship work without seriously re-tooling the story, so they make up a random chick and every page with her in it is like SHE IS THE NEW LOVE OF HIS LIFE, DEAL WITH IT. I stopped reading DC comics cos they were writing stories that the staff wanted to see, not stories that everyone would enjoy. (Although Red Robin does look good...)

Emma Stone, who most people were expecting to play Mary Jane in the Spider-Man reboot, is playing Gwen Stacy. XD In that case, I hope they focus on Gwen and Peter for this movie and just kind of have mentions of MJ like they did in the early comics. (I go on about it all the time, I know, but Spectacular Spider-Man did this really well.)

It might be a smart move on Emma's part given that (spoilers for those who don't know Spider-Man comic canon) Gwen dies. She won't have to stay in the franchise very long and can still get exposure.

I've been on the Internet long enough now to not read comments at the source or on message boards when it comes to comic book movies, but curiosity got the better of me. It's also quite late here so I'm gonna put it down to poor judgement. Anyhoo, forced laughter and sighs of annoyance at all the fanboys who were like GOOD, COS EMMA STONE'S NOT HOT ENOUGH TO BE MJ, MJ'S SUPPOSED TO BE A SUPERMODEL bla bla crap. ¬_¬ Since the film is set in this time period, I'm pretty sure MJ wouldn't be a supermodel, her proportions (which I'm sure is all you care about) are too curvy. I always thought that the way Mary Jane carried herself made her hot, in addition to her looks. But silly girl me, of course it's just cos she has big boobs. Part of me wants to be petty and ignore the lack of female characters in the Avengers movie and just go on and on an on about how hot all the main actors are just to be annoying. XD (Although the dudes in that cast are good actors too.)

Anyhoo, it just reminded of this annoying ad we have at the moment:

Lol, it's always ranty when Spider-Man is concerned!

Okay, so Spidey has been cast (Andrew Garfield) and I was pretty much like YAY cos from what I've seen from him he's a good actor and he sounds really passionate about the role and all around good feelings. Not really spoilers if you know the Spider-Man history, but just in case, there's a cut. )

Okay, rant over. XD If this movie's half as good as Spectacular Spider-Man was, it'll be a damn good movie. ^_^

If you were going to do this...madness, why did you have to kill the cute and wonderful Spidey marriage?! WHY!?



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