But I just finished watching Sora Kara Furu Ichioku No Hoshi and...

I guessed the twist halfway through but I didn't think they'd go through with it! This was a darker drama than I was anticipating. For some reason, I got this confused with the Beautiful Life drama that Kimura was in. XD

So now that I've seen dark Kimura, normal hero type Kimura and conflicted soul Kimura, I want to see an out and out comedic Kimura! From the P-Chan skits alone, I think he'd be really good at it!


Ah, I'm not going to sleep soundly tonight. XD
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In random TV/fandom related news, it is apparently the season for re-watching as I'm in the mood to go back and watch some J-dramas! On the list is Long Vacation, My Boss My Hero and possibly Hanayome to Papa. I am feeling a Hana Yori Dango rewatch, mostly cos IPKKND is reminding me a lot of HYD at the mo but I'm worried that Arnav and Khushi have ruined all angry guy/spunky girl pairings for me with their outstanding chemistry. I guess it's cos you can feel the want from both sides, but in HYD (for me at least) it always came more from Tsukasa's side.

Speaking of IPKKND, I'm trying my level best to avoid spoilers for tonight's episode but the fandom has exploded this afternoon. I took one sneak peek, which was a big mistake cos I'm not at home and I'm on the verge of turning into this:

How am I supposed to be mad at you Arnav, when you keep doing.....that!
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Another post with more words than just LOL and "so funny!". XD I've watched quite a lot of dramas and stuff but forget to post about them, so here we go!

Dramas! )

Films! )

Well, this post shall have to be split cos it got very long. XD TV shows including Castle ([livejournal.com profile] harmon_rook, I may have found a new show here for ya!), Bones, Community and the shows I stopped watching on the next post. XD

I watched this drama a little while ago, it was really good. However, I wasn't expecting what I got at all. I've been watching a lot of lighthearted dramas lately, the only really heavy one I can remember watching was 1 Litre of Tears. This drama was very emotional and very dark, but (unfortunately) somewhat realistic in regards to human relationships and behaviour.

Spoilers are blacked out. This drama comes with a warning! )

So yeah, great drama if you like angst! There's a lot of it! XD You may need something like Hana Kimi on standby afterwards.
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So cute! ♥ I'll be watching it after it's finished and subbed. Definitely need it after watching Joou no Kyoushitsu. (Will post about that later, but holy crap!)

Also, it looks like DC Comics is resetting/rebooting/revamping their entire line. Yep, everything's going back to #1, including the books that have been running since the 40s! Looks like I was right not to pick up Red Robin. XD There's not a lot of confirmed info about it yet, so I'll rant post about it later, but this seems more like something Marvel would do, not DC. Although I bet they'll go back to the original numbering when Detective Comics is about to reach #1000. :P
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Looking back, my most recent posts have all been rants, geek news or YouTube clips. XD So, a post with actual stuff this time, yay.

I watched two more J-Dramas; Atashinchi no Danshi and Ninkyo Helper, both of which I enjoyed very much! AnD was very fun and addictive, and it was nice seeing Kaname Jun and Mukai Osamu again (I've been seeing a lot of those two lately!). I have to admit, I did get teary during one of the last few episodes.

Ninkyo Helper. Not at all what I was expecting! From the description I was expecting some whacky Yakuza drama but it wasn't at all! Very sad and moving, cried a number of times. And the little boy! So cute, and such a good actor for someone so young! It's the first time I've watched a drama with Kusanagi from SMAP, I can see why he gets a lot of praise for his acting. Kuroki Meisa was awesome in this. On the surface, it doesn't look like she's doing much acting but the little things make her performance really good. She literally walked and talked like a guy! Very good drama, but I'm going to need something light and fluffy after this one! XD

As for One Piece, I'm finally up to the part where the big fight is about to start (I won't say what fight but those who are up to speed with the manga/anime will know what I'm referring to :P), and I think I'll post about that after I'm done with the arc. Too much epic stuff is happening, and I may annoy my f-list if I come and post about it after every episode finishes. XD So I'll wait and do a mega post later on, with many gifs and incoherant babbling I'm sure.

I also watched James Cameron's Avatar. Which is what I have to call it, cos in my mind and heart "Avatar" will always be the animated Nickelodeon series. XD I put it off this long on purpose, because everyone was going so batsh*t insane over it, and I wanted to see it with an open mind and low expectations so as to not come out disappointed. That, and paying £11 (roughly $17/$18) to see a film these days makes me very select about what I go see. I rented it on Blu-Ray, cos I figured that would probably be the best way to see it.

No big spoilers here. )

And lastly, following a recommendation by [livejournal.com profile] oronoda, I've started watching Community! Only two episodes in, but I already heart Abed. XD

If I haven't commented lately, sorry! It's been hectic over here.

I watched a new drama (well, it's very old but still) called Lunch Queen. So good! :D I think I prefer old dramas when it comes to storylines, they seem to flow better. The newer ones are better for comedy/eye candy. XD It's one of those dramas you can't watch hungry, they make delicious food every episode. And it has two of my favourite Japanese actors Tsumabuki Satoshi and Takeuchi Yuko, both so cute!

Some spoilers! )

I haven't watched last night's episode yet, but Young Justice is getting so good! :D

Major spoilers if you haven't watched last week's ep yet. )

In other news, Marvel is going to kill a character every quarter. And apparently, it's not a joke, as we were not meant to know about it.

All I can say is...

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I finally got round to watching Ryuusei no Kizuna. Holy crap! It was good!

Spoilers! Major spoilers! )

I finished Mei-chan no Shitsuji, it was fun. Weird, but fun. XD It was not what I was expecting it to be, but it wasn't bad. I am now a fan of Sato Takeru, kid's a good actor. I hope to see him in more stuff!


I'm beginning to think I may be missing some female chromosomes or something, cos I honestly do not get the whole strong, silent, stoic etc type of guy. There are a lot of these types around, and not only in Japanese dramas. It seems a guy's only worth mooning over if he's got some issues. XD

Now the negative stuff. Which has spoilers! )

It was weird seeing Oscar from Hana Kimi playing a completely normal character. XD And not looking too bad with the facial scruff! As it usually is with me, I enjoyed this show more for the supporting characters than the main ones.

This is one of the J-Dramas I'm gonna tag as a must see.

Episodes: 11 episodes, 3 specials, 4 movies (with a 5th movie coming out soon)
Year: Started in 1997
Starring: Oda Yuji, Yanagiba Toshiro, Fukatsu Eri, Mizuno Miki, Ikariya Chosuke, Yusuke Santamaria
Genre: Crime, Comedy

Plot: The story revolves around Aoshima Shunsaku, a former computer salesman who becomes a police officer. When he's promoted to being a detective, he's sent to Wangan Police Station, nicknamed the Vacant Police Station because nothing ever happens there. There's a lot of office/hierarchial politics going on, meaning that the cops on the ground don't get a lot of the credit they deserve. Aoshima tends not to listen to what his superiors tell him, he just tries to solve the case the best way he can.

More fun this way! )

This is one of the J-Dramas I'm gonna tag as a must see. About 30 images under the cut!

Episodes: 10
Year: 2006
Starring: Nagase Tomoya, Tegoshi Yuya, Tanaka Koki, Aragaki Yui and Kashii Yu.
Genre: Comedy, High School

Plot: The story of a 27 year old gangster who has to go back to high school and graduate in order to become the boss of his gang. And yes, the show is just as crazy as that sentence sounds! This is one of those dramas that you don't have to be into J-Dramas in order to enjoy. It's a straight up comedy that has some touching moments as well. My body is made to knock down things that come towards it. )

I don't really watch J-Dramas in any sane order (as you may have noticed, since I still haven't watched a lot of the new ones) but I'm starting to notice that while I love a lot of the recent high school/uni based dramas, I find myself enjoying the dramas with older characters in it a lot more. Especially the ones from about 2004 prior. Maybe cos I'm not a teen anymore, I'm getting more impatient with the whole OMG JUST TELL HIM/HER ALREADY patterns. Maybe it's cos the casts are getting younger and younger and I feel weird oogling them! XD

That being said, I'm not really interested in watching a lot of the "older people" type dramas that have come out recently. Save for BOSS but that's cos Animal Shinji and Tatsu-nii are in it. :P So maybe I'm just feeling notstalgic for days gone by. I must say, I haven't watched any of it yet, but Buzzer Beat does look like it has that old Long Vacation style feel to it.

Random thoughts brought to you by Odoru Daisousasen rocking my socks off! I haven't enjoyed a cop/legal drama like this since Hero!

Also, I think I may have found my favourite Ghibli movie ever! But more on that later.

I had a dream last night that Lee Pace was cast as Hal Jordan in the new GL movie. Which is weird. First off, while Lee is an awesome actor, I can't think of any reason why my subconscious would link him to Hal. I'm not sure how young they're going to make Hal, but I still think Lee's too young looking to play him. It's also weird than I've not really got any interest in the new movie. It's not a hate on Hal thing, I'm not too bothered about GLs either way, lol. In fact, I can't think of anyone Lee could play in the DC universe, he seems more Marvel to me. Yes, I'm aware that makes no sense. XD Usually my "dude got casted as..." dreams make a lot more sense than this one. I must admit, the new animated movie looks good.

Unrelated, it'll take me a while to get to it, but I really wanna watch that J-Drama BOSS. Cos the plot sounds awesome, and so does the cast. Toda Erika, Takenouchi Yutaka and Tamayama Tetsuji, not to mention Yamada Takayuki in a two-episode arc?!?!?! Damn it lack of free time!

Side note: Tamayama Tetsuji does not get fangirled nearly as much as he deserves in J-Drama fandom. Examples here, here, here and here. :) (Images taken from nana-nana.net) Too bad none of him smiling, he's got a cute smile!

I've probably mucked up the title there, but I finished watching Unfair today! I didn't post anything on it before cos I wanted to finish it all first.

Friggin' awesome!

It stars Shinohara Ryoko (Mukodono) as Yukihira Natsumi, the number one homocide cop. She's very badass. She killed a kid armed with a knife 5 years before the drama starts and that gives her a reputation of being a bit trigger happy and of pushing the law to the limit. The series follows a serial killer, who leaves one question at each of the crime scenes. "Who is the one who is unfair?" or Unfair nano wa dare da. (I suck at translating, and can't be bothered to look up the subs now) Eita is also in it as Ando Kazuyuki, a new cop to the station. (And may I say...hel-lo Eita! *fans self*) There are spoilers, but I'll black out anything major!

Spoilers and squeeing under the cut! )

It was a good drama if you're looking for something different than the usual romantic comedy.

Also, congrats to Hiro Mizushima (Nanba from HanaKimi)! He got married!


Nov. 18th, 2008 08:51 pm

*shakes fist* Damn you, awesome Pride soundtrack!

I was all ready to re-watch Nodame, but listened to the Pride soundtrack and now I wanna watch that again! T_T I still haven't watched Attention Please! the first time around! XD Okay, Nodame, then Pride, then AP!, then ProDai.....hahaha, I hope I get to all those before my yearly Christmas HYD marathon!

*shakes fist* Damn you, awesome Pride soundtrack!

I finally managed to finish Nobuta wo Produce this morning!!

I loved it a lot, although it did start to wind down towards the end, but it didn't overstay it's welcome. Of course, the highlight of this show for me was Yamapi's character Akira, but I ended up being quite fond of Nobuta too.

Spoilers! )

It was a very good drama, but it's probably not to everyone's tastes. Good if you're looking for a friendship drama. ;_; I know, I know, I still haven't finished Zettai Kareshi. I don't know if I ever will at this rate! I'm going to my friend's house tomorrow and we're gonna marathon Pride (lovely way to spend a day off work!) and then I'll start watching Attention Please!

Oooh, I watched the Crows Zero movie over the weekend. I will post a review of that later. But, it was really good!

I finished Last Christmas!!

Spoilers for last episode! )

I loved the main OTP. They complimented each other brilliantly, and I said this before, but it's nice to see adult behaviour in a romantic relationship! No silly misunderstandings that go on for episodes and episodes, no hesitating of declaring feelings, etc etc. I dunno if they'll be my favourite J-Drama pairing ever (DOUMYOUJI/MAKINO FOR THE WIN!) but they're definitely up there.

Kenji's character is also one of the few emotionally stable and noble guys I've seen in J-Dramas so far. He doesn't fly off at the handle when someone gives him some home truths, he does right by everyone but still manages to not screw himself over in the process. He's nice, but not a push over. He's confident but not annoyingly arrogant. (I'm looking at you, Chiaki!!) He knows what he wants and sticks to his decision, no matter what annoying ex-girlfriends turn up! He's up there with Hiroto from Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and Mine from Nodame Cantabile in terms of old school dude...ness. Kenta-senpai from Papa to Musume almost makes it, but he's still a teenager, who knows how college will ruin him? XD I wanna include Suga-san from Love Revolution but the latter half of the series kinda disqualifies him.

Anyhoo, it was a good drama! Now! Off to finish Zettai Kareshi. I wonder which episode I was on.....

EDIT: Just a little thing that occured to me. Yokoyama Yuu has an amazingly amusing laugh. ^_^

This is a great drama, I have no idea why it's taking me so long! XD I really need to get back to watching Zettai Kareshi now that it's finished.....


Spoilers for Last Christmas up to and including episode 8. )

;_; They took Maru's "I love you so much to you" clip off of YouTube AND I DIDN'T SAVE IT! *weeps* Anyone know where I can find it?

It's technically summer, and there is still no news of the airdate of the HanaKimi Special! ;_; And as Avatar is a couple of weeks away (WITH SOME IROH, DAMMIT!), I need to fill the void. Thus, I have begun rewatching the HanaKimi series again. Not that Avatar and HanaKimi are remotely similar. I just have a need for crazy laugh out loud joy. And Nakatsu, hehehe. So be warned, there shall be much fangirling to come! Apologies in advance!

Apparently, Arashi are doing the theme song for Ohno's new drama Maou. Which is fitting, as it's Riida's first drama but I was kinda hoping for Toma to have something to do with it! :( Will Mr Johnny never let him graduate from being a junior?!


Spoilers for end of School Rumble season 1! )

Doctor Who was quite good this weekend as well!

I was gonna try and take a break from J-Dramas for a while, but....I couldn't help it! XD

I've started watching Last Christmas, cos I haven't watched a romantic drama that centers around adults for a while. I'm liking it so far, gonna go watch episode 4 in a minute. And once again, Tamaki Hiroshi is in it! In Remote, he was the sweet boyfriend we all dreamed of marrying someday (No? Just me then? XD) and in this one he's the man-ho with a heart.

I'm also watching Papa to Musume no Nanokakan. SO FUNNY! The dad is a hilarious actor. And Shige. Oh Shige. Even in J-Dramas, you are wonderfully adorkable. Please never change!

And once I get a new scanner, I'm SO posting a page from Giant Size Astonishing X-Men that made me remember my childhood dream of wanting to marry Spider-Man!



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