I made way too many this time! Hahha....

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [1-38]
Hanayome to Papa [39-62]
Teen Titans [63-78]
Stardust [79-91]
Ikuta Toma [92-96]
Ohkura Tadayoshi [97-99]
Yamashita Tomohisa [100-107]
Oguri Shun [108-112]
Nishikdo Ryo [113-116]
Okada Junichi [117-121]
Miyake Ken [122-125]
Maruyama Ryuhei [126-132]



I am NOT your father! )

I finished SP, it was good! :D


There's gonna be a special (SP SP? Hahaha.) but it's mainly gonna be a clip show of the series, with a few new scenes. This does not make me happy! :(

I will probably be suffering Okada Withdrawl Sydnrome for the next week (the last time this happened to me was when I finished Hotaru no Hikari.....BUCHOOOOU! ;_;) so I was thinking of starting some K-Dramas. There were two in particular I wanted to watch. Goong (I think that's how you spell it) and Full House. Unfortunately, I can't find subs. Anywhere. I think this is cos they're now on DVD with subs, which is good. But I wanna see a couple of eps first before I buy anything! Any help would be much appreciated! :D

I started watching SP (Security Police) over the weekend and I'm on episode 6 now. I'm not sure what I was expecting (to be honest, the main reason I was watching it was because of Okada) but it's really good!

The plots are quite easy to figure out, apart from the main one: the mystery surrounding Inoue (Okada's character) and "that incident" which I don't wanna mention cos spoilers!

There was of course one moment that reduced me back into an Okada fangirl, squeeing all over the place. Spoilers ahead; highlight to read! There was one part where they showed in the preview for next time, Okada getting out of a bathtub and literally ripping his shirt off. It was awesome. So of course, I was pumped for the next episode. The way it happened was the bathtub was filled with some kind of chemical. He lured the bad guy into the room (which at this point was full of oxygen), the bad guy fired the gun, the whole room exploded and just before it did, Inoue jumped in the bathtub so he wouldn't get burned. AWESOME. And then he gets out the tub, rips his shirt off (as seen in the preview) to put out the other bad guy who was on fire. It made the scene even more awesome than I was anticipating! That was the best fanservice scene ever. Seriously. :D

But I am honestly enjoying the show for the story too! :P

I'm probably very behind everyone else in this, but Shige on the latest Shounen Club episode! XD I never knew he had it in him! This confident attitude suits him well! :D I shall also block this out, in case no one wants to be spoiler, so highlight to read the awesomeness of Shige! I'm not sure exactly what happened (there were no subs), but I think Koyama asked Shige to show the younger Johnny's how to pose. Embarrassed, Shige got up and started to pose, with accompanying music and camera shutter noises. Anyhoo, he took of his jacket, his over shirt and then his under shirt! XD By the by, very nice to see! :P Just as he's about to take off his pants, Johnny's guys rush the stage and hide him! XD His response: Well, Yamapi did a nude photoshoot the other day, so I thought it would be okay for me to do this! XD Oh Shige! I wish to see this side of you more often, as it is made of win!

It's not normal.

This HachiKuro drama is making me tear up every damn episode! Okay, so it's probably because Toma's playing Takemoto, and probably because I know how it ends BUT STILL! I'm coming to accept all the changes to the show, and enjoying it for what it is. I am kinda sad that Shuuji isn't nuts. ;_; I wanted to see the bat with nails! I think if I go back and watch the anime, I'll probably cry a lot more than I did the first time round. Getting older makes me weird!!!

Not normal at all.

I want to get excited for the Kurosagi movie and HYD movie, but I know I won't be able to see them until Christmas time so it's kinda moot. It's not fair, Yamapi looks awesome and I wanna know if he catches that guy whose name I forgot!!!

Anyone seen the new Hey! Hey! Hey! with NewS? I never knew Tegoshi could be so ero! XD It was hilarious!

Now, to start a new drama, SP! :D Okada, yaaaaay!

Also: WHERE THE @*&# IS AVATAR?!?!!?!

That's all for today.


Fujiki Naohito [1-13]
Akihabara@Deep [14-34]
Tiger & Dragon [35-57]
Full Metal Panic [58-71]



Sayuri-chan is crying! )

Dramas! :D

Feb. 2nd, 2008 04:44 pm

I've gone through quite a bit these days!

Recommendations and squeeing under the cut! )

That's enough ramblings about that!

I'm about halfway through Full Metal Panic (I know, I know, I'm late), it's so funny! XD I love Sousuke's character. It's like Heero Yuy in the real world, except funnier. XD Of course, the fact that he's voiced by Tomokazu Seki makes him even more awesome. I'm slowly getting through Naruto, five years behind everyone else, and re-watching Sailor Moon is....interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, Tuxedo Kamen amuses me for all the wrong reasons. XD

People need to sub more Kanjani8 stuff! Seriously! It's been months since they were on Utaban for Its My Soul, why did no-one sub it?! Without subs, it was hilarious!

Long post, apologies!

Please enjoy! :D

One Piece [1-17]
Excel Saga [18-30]
Hana Yori Dango (Season 2 and Behind the Scenes) [31-54]
Kisarazu Cats Eye [55-77]
Arashi [78-85]
Junichi Okada [86-91]
Toma Ikuta [92-96]



Yay! Five Points! )

Baby! XD

Justice League [1-19]
Kisarazu Cats Eye [20-31]
One Piece [32-53]
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (HanaKimi) [54-86]
Mizushima Hiro [87-96]
Arashi [97-109]



Big honkin' mace! )

Enjoy them! :D

Various Johnny's Entertainment (Quotes and Animated) [1-18]
TMNT [19-46]
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (HanaKimi) [47-74]
Television Without Pity Quotes: Smallville [75-86]
Fantastic Four [87-93]
Kisarazu Cat's Eye Quotes [94-105]



Crazyness, turtles and hotties under the cut! )

I never thought a J-Drama could make me laugh more than My Boss My Hero did, but this is a contender people.

Also: Okada is sexy no matter what role he plays. Ah Okada... *_*

I'll put my ramblings under the cut. There's nothing too spoilerific but I don't wanna get anyone mad! ^_^()


I strongly recommend this J-Drama, even though I have only seen the first two episodes. XD

*sigh* I have now caught up with almost everything Internet related and can now post! Yay!

Which means I've watched Avatar, hahaha. IT WAS GOOD! :D But more on that a little bit later.

I never knew how much I relied on my computer. It's kinda bad! XD Mostly it's just for watching stuff, and squeeing with people who understand exactly what it is I'm squeeing about but I missed you guys! I couldn't watch One Piece for ages (I missed the Mugiwaras!) and the J-Drama I was in the middle of watching had to be put on hold. Luckily, it wasn't a cliffhanger style one (like Long Vacation and HYD) so I was okay not to watch it for a while. But I have such a darn backlog of J-Dramas, I'm never gonna get a chance to watch the newer ones! Like Bambino and HanaKimi (Oguri AND Toma, the show is already winning). I really did miss Arashi though. Those guys are so nuts. I missed the craziness!

It was also lucky that I'm at work most of the day, and don't get to use the computer as much as I used to anyways. If it was last year, and I was at home without the computer for three weeks, I think I would've gone insane! XD But it's back now, all my stuff is here, and it's all good.

And now....

Random things that happened while I was away! )


Pics of MatsuJun! In my hands! Instead of on the computer! )

Now. Time to discuss Avatar. Note: I haven't seen the episode that aired last night (The Beach one), I will be watching it tonight and squeeing tomorrow about it.

My boy is back! And he's gonna kick some ass! :D )

Anyhoo, with the computer back now, I shall be making icons again. Yay! :D Probably a big icon post!

Sorry it was so long!

*weeps* MY COMPUTER IS BUSTED! AGAIN! *weeps even more!*

I think the blasted thing got tired and decided to die on me. Of course, my friend was joking that it couldn't take the hotness of all the Okada Junichi and Tamaki Hiroshi pictures on the hard drive and crashed. Now, I do believe they are hot enough to crash electronic devices, but Oguri Shun, MatsuJun and Tackey have been on there for a while and it was fine.

In short, I shall be absent from the Internets for a while. Which really grates my cheese, as I was just on episode 4 of H2 and I was really enjoying it! The engineer's coming to fix the stupid thing on Friday. Hopefully all my files will still be there. Like all my icons. And the only subbed files of V6 on the Internets. And all my episodes of Arashi no Shukudai-kun....


Anyhoo, if he fixes it, I'll be back on Friday. She says. (Is currently at an Internet cafe. People keep staring at all my Avatar icons! XD)

Anyhoo, hope for me people! I can't survive long without Internets! *weeps again*

Why is the weekend so damn short? IT'S NOT FAIR! *weeps* As you can probably tell, I don't wanna go into work tomorrow.

I watched an episode of Gakkou e Ikou the other day, with Okada and Morita. SO FUNNY! They were learning to do horseback archery. Okada + archery = much swooning from myself. He was quite goofy in this episode too, which was good cos he's usually so quiet. Morita's hilarious though. A little bundle of fun, bless.

I'm only part-way through season 3 of Grey's Anatomy, but this line: "Dude. She's Callie O'Malley!" had me laughing for ages. Oh Alex. XD

MatsuJun cuteness under the cut! )

Next icon post will have much Okada Junichi in it. Cos, well, he's hot! XD I'll probably have some Venture Brothers in there since I just finished the second season. "The dude from Labyrinth changed into a bird!" XD

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention, HANA YORI DANGO'S GETTING A MOVIE!! Summer 2008. Instead of doing a TV special, they're just gonna release it as a movie! Ahh, that's gonna be awesome. And lucky Japan, getting to see MatsuJun and Oguri on the big screen! I want more Tsukasa mistakes! And more fanservice dammit! Not just one kiss at the end of the movie!

Curse you work, I want to see Rush Hour 3, < makio>KONYARO!< /makio>

I keep wanting to icon Tokyo Tower, with Jun Matsumoto and Junichi Okada in it. But they both look so gorgeous, I keep forgetting to take caps! XD Especially Okada! Dude's more ripped than he looks! Although that also goes for Ken from V6.

I've been surfing around trying to find icons of V6, but that'll be moot soon because, in celebration of THE RETURN OF AVATAR!!!! all my icons shall be Avatar-related. Yep, all of them. Even the standard HYD 3 (Doumyoji, Hanazawa Rui and Makino/Tsukasa OTP) icons shall be gone. Friday 21st September! Altho, I probably won't see it til the Saturday or Sunday after. I CAN'T WAIT!


Oh Iroh, you're too awesome, please don't die! All my favourite awesome characters die.

Has anyone seen Kanjani 8's appearance on Utaban? That has to be the funniest Utaban episode I've seen in ages. They're all so hyper, it's adorable! Ryo was quite quiet though, he looked tired too, poor thing.

My favourite part: "Why when I ask one thing, ten replies come back?" XD

This rant may be long, and will consist of stuff mostly about comics. There'll be other stuff as well! :P

Spider-Man. He's pretty much one of my favourite superheroes ever. He's a normal guy, with normal problems who just happens to be a superhero with superhero problems too. Apart from being one of the smartest guys in the Marvel Universe, he's also one of the nicest. He's got a good heart, and always tries to do the right thing. He's also one of the wittiest guys in comics, with a sense of humour that's cutting, funny, sarcastic and cute. Adorkable was a word made for this guy. (And Seth Cohen. But, Seth grew up on comics, so I can safely say his sense of humour was probably shaped by Spidey and Sandy Cohen. But that's a rant for another time.) The point that I'm getting to is, Spider-Man is pretty damn awesome.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have a lot going right for him in his life. The constant guilt of his Uncle Ben's death. The stuff with the Osbournes, the Stacys, his (former) boss JJ, and general bad-ness that would've turned anyone else evil by now. There are two things in his life that give him hope, and pretty much give him a reason to get up every morning. One is his Aunt May (who is awesome) and the other is his wife Mary-Jane (who, when written properly, is also awesome). I gotta ask:


Cut for possible spoilers of recent events. Yes I know, that was a long introduction. )

Okay, that segment is over. I feel much better for ranting now! XD

Some amusement! Laugh at my very, very bad Photoshop skills. Entitled: Okada on the brain. XD

A snippet of me when I'm at work. Don't ask why I'm bald. )

EDIT: Upon watching newer episode of the new Fantastic Four cartoon, I must profess my love for the running gag of Johnny Storm's girly scream! XD It's friggin hilarious, and surprisingly, makes me love him even more. Yay Johnny!

I seem to iconing JE guys a lot these days. XD

One Piece [1-13]
The Mask [14-25]
The Venture Brothers [26-35]
Tanaka and Akanishi from KAT-TUN [36-43]
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi [44-68]
Okada Junichi [69-81]
Kimura Takuya [82-92]
Oguri Shun [93-96]



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