- Halfway though Two Towers now (I know, it takes me ages to watch anything), and I forgot how much I loved these films. Unfortunately, having watched them so many times before, there are things that I will forever find funny that were not meant to be funny in the first place. Examples being "Gondor has no pants", The Lambas Bread Commercial and of course "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!" XD

- Batman of the Future. Even though the episodes were mostly stand alone episodes, I still love it as much as I did before. Old!Bruce is the snarkiest, and he would be an awesome/scary grandpa. I still forget that Terry's only meant to be 17. XD Maybe it's cos I was younger when I first watched it, they look more like college students to me. Of course, I only realised this time round that Terry and Ten probably slept together in the first episode she appeared, and they also implied that they tried to sleep together when she came back but he wasn't feeling it. Even though it was subtle, I can't believe they got away with that! XD It's one of those shows that definitely finished at the right time, but I wish we would get TV specials or DTV movies from time to time. I wish we could get Teen Titans DTVs too, but with the new YJ cartoon it seems unlikely.

- Saw a spoiler for Korra accidentally. Well, it's not really a spoiler but information about the characters on the show. Don't highlight if you don't wanna know! It seems that Aang's other children (Tenzin's older siblings) are called Kya (named after Katara's mother) and Bumi (named after Aang's friend). Upon seeing this, I'm convinced I'm totally gonna cry all through the first episode. XD Of course, I'm gonna see it later than everyone else so I'll be banning myself from the Internet until I see it.

- Young Justice is back in about a month. IT'S BEEN FOREVER! ;_; I make a case for this show all the time, but seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, now is the best time to catch up! It really is amazing. I thought it would be really weird having Robin as the youngest character, but it's worked out really well! He's super cheeky, I love it! When he saw Artemis (who doesn't know his secret ID) at his school, took a picture with her and said "We'll laugh about this someday", I laughed and squeed at the same time. I didn't think that was possible! Vid is here, start at 0:57 to avoid spoilers! He'll probably be my favourite character by the end, SO PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM OFF! ;_;

- I'm definitely hooked to that Indian serial drama now. Just when I thought no-one could outdo MatsuJun's longing stares of love! XD Speaking of which, I've started watching that drama he's in with Takeuchi Yuko and they're both so cute!

And now, videos! Including Jimmy Kimmel trolling Superbowl watchers, Christian Bale singing something unexpected, dancing dude advert and new Angry Panda ads! :D  )

It's evil of me, but I laughed so hard. XD

This has been stuck in my head all day. XD

Taken from the90slife Twitter

I believe my exact reaction to this was...

Linked, it won't embed!

XD Mr DeMartino always made me laugh. Weird to see Roronoa Zoro sitting behind Kevin though. :P

I'll stop just posting YT vids one day, promise!

Any guesses to what she said? I always thought she called them little f***ers. XD

The second kid broke my heart though, bless! But it was so funny! XD

So funny. XD I kinda love that Kimura is such a big fan of One Piece. (Not as much as in this clip obviously :P) My friends always joked that if I got married, I'd probably end up prioritising One Piece over my husband, so this made me laugh a lot.


Sep. 7th, 2011 10:39 pm

This made me laugh so hard!

Friday afternoons should be for laughing, not ranting. So here we are!

XD The phone book part always makes me laugh hysterically.

I must point out that the video was not sped up to fit the music. They really are dancing that fast!


May. 24th, 2011 01:10 am

The other video got unlocked, yay! :D He's even cuter in this one, haha.

He's so cute. XD There was another video, but it's been made private now! :(

"Woman calls police on 999 over stolen snowman."



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