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Okay, let's start with TDKR...

I enjoyed the film a lot. It was very exciting, and very well done! Out of the three films, this one I felt had the best muscical score. I enjoyed Anne Hathaway a lot more than I thought I would, she was really good, one of the highlights of the film. (I think 2012 has been, so far, the year of kick-ass females on the big and small screen!) Tom Hardy was great too! JGL had a much bigger part than I was expecting, but they kept it just a little bit away from "newbie taking over the film" territory. I'm glad they did a timeskip as well, it would've been hard to explain why Bruce looked so much older otherwise. XD The general tone of the film was pretty sad, but it had a fitting ending to the trilogy. Bruce did what he set out to do in the first film, inspire people. This is probably the only Batman timeline where he gets a happy-ish ending! There was a rumour/urban legend going around the Internet that Batman died and Alfred imagined the scene at the end but it's not true! XD There's a scene with Lucius where they tell you that Bruce fixed the auto-pilot just before he got taken by Bane.

Out of the three Nolan Batman films, I think I enjoyed this one the least. Not to say it was a bad film, but I think it had a lot working against it compared to the other two. Removing the criminal underground element kind of took away what makes Gotham, Gotham. Unfortunately, the minute they told us (or tried to tell us) that Bane was Ra's son, I knew Miranda would end up being Talia so that spoiled the surprise of when she stabbed Bruce. I also knew that when Alfred told that story about how he hoped Bruce would never come back to Gotham and settle somewhere, that the film would end with a similar scene. I suppose it's a big ask, considering films can't develop as well as TV can, but I felt that Bruce ended up being the least developed main character. His villains always got more time than he did, which I suppose had to happen so that the film would get mainstream success. A personal annoyance, which has no reflection on the film at all, but I totally got trolled with the whole "you should use your legal name" scene at the end. XD That's not what I was expecting! And then I had to spend most of the afternoon explaining to my friend that went with me, that he's not actually Robin but they did it as a little shout-out to all the people who had wanted Robin to appear in the films. The plot was quite similar to the second film as well. Let's see how Gotham deals with an ethical situation!

Overall, good film, good trilogy but more Batman set in the real world rather than a Batman adaptation. (sorry!) Although I doubt the new reboot will be better than this. (And no-one will ever be a better Jim Gordon than Gary Oldman!)

And now Brave!

It was really good! :D A very enjoyable film. Although this is probably the first Pixar film I've seen that didn't feel very Pixar-y. Not that that's a bad thing! It was great to finally see a realistic mother/daughter relationship portrayed in a kids' film. I also liked that everyone was Scottish, not just the parents. I hadn't seen many spoilers for this film, but I had either forgotten or did not know that the mum was going to turn into a bear. I knew about the kids though, thanks to the toy adverts! XD I loved that the film ended without Merida having to get married. I liked that both Merida and her mum had valid reasons for being the way that they were, and instead of one side being right and the other being wrong, they came to a compromise. The humour wasn't as funny as I was expecting, but I think the other stuff more than made up for it.

I believe I won't be seeing any films in the cinema until The Hobbit comes out now. Unless by some miracle they release the Rurouni Kenshin film here!

Date: 2012-09-01 04:22 pm (UTC)
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Le sigh. :( She got on better with her father cos they enjoyed similar things, not cos of any gender issues. It was a very pro-woman story. Especially the scene where she said she would be competing for her own hand, I found that very powerful. Mother/daughter relationships are like that, they can't all be like the Gilmore Girls! There are tons of films where fathers and sons don't get along, why doesn't anyone complain about that? Okay, that's not exactly a good comparison. XD But still! I was saying to my sister after we finished watching it, I can't remember the last time I saw a film where the focus was the relationship between the mother and her daughter, and it turned out good in the end! In Disney films, the mother's always dead, absent or evil. Except for Tiana and her mother I think. It's always mothers and sons. Fathers get both though.

There are plenty of things feminist should be complaining about when it comes to female portrayals on screen, I don't think Brave's one of them.



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