- After having lots of little cousins over during the summer hols, I have unfortunately picked up a bad habit of speaking like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. (At least, I think that's her name?)

- I have seen The Dark Knight Rises, I will post properly about it on the weekend after I see Brave (finally!). I will say I enjoyed it a lot, but it didn't blow me away, which was a shame.

- I have a feeling IPKKND is about to get very intense, and not in the happy way. I will need to have some funny on standby.

- The Legend of Korra is apparently getting a movie, but don't worry, it's an animated feature!

- Ikuta Toma's getting a drama, yaaaaay!

One Piece [1-40]
Kim Possible [41-56]
TOKIO Na Na Na (animated icons) [57-68]
Nodame Cantabile Movie 1 [69-94]



I'm a sport but I'm not a toy! )

Whispers of the Heart [1-28]
TOKIO Na Na Na PV [29-60]
You're Beautiful [61-96]
Venture Brothers (Spoilers for latest ep) [97-112]



Sorry, Sorry! )

It's official. This kid is cheese.

...cos he gets better with age...yeah, I should've gone with wine or something, I'm sorry. )
At this rate, when he's 40, he's gonna be like Hyde or Fukuyama Masaharu or Sawamura Ikki hot. XD


May. 20th, 2010 07:41 am
gb23: (KCE: MAJI DE?!)

Nagase! Toma! In a Kankuro Kudo drama!!! I can't wait! :D

Okay, so the title is a bit dramatic, but I do really want to see this! :D

I was worried for a while that Toma wouldn't go back to comedy roles, this looks pretty funny! And yes, he looks pretty hot too :P

Who I think I recognised from the trailer and my reactions...through GIFs of course! :P )

The Venture Brothers Season 4 Quotes [1-12]
Justice League Unlimited [13-36]
My Neighbours The Yamadas [37-56]
Merlin [57-88]
FlashForward (All of Demetri Noh) [89-100]
Johnny's (Kanjani8, TOKIO and Ikuta Toma) [101-130]



The man is a Fruit Loop! )
gb23: (VB: LiveJournal)

Gong Yoo [1-12]
Lee Dong Wook [13-24]
My Girl [25-52]
Ikuta Toma [53-60]
Justice League Unlimited [61-72]
Harvey Birdman [73-88]
The Venture Brothers (Spoilers for 4x03) [89-102]



I'm a Dean! )

GIFs are mostly of Coffee Prince, some Johnny's, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Nobuta, Hana Yori Dango, Hannya and one amusing GIF from Seto no Hanayome.

Image heavy! )

One Piece [1-32]
Ikuta Toma on Domoto Kyoudai [33-64]
Brother Beat (All of Tamayama Tetsuji) [65-80]
Pushing Daisies Ep 1 [81-96]
Spectacular Spider-Man [97-112]
Animaniacs [113-126]



Come see what else I got in here! )

The problem with having my music player on shuffle is that random songs I haven't listened to in years comes on once in a while and I get all nostalgic.

Case in point: Aoi Hitomi from Escaflowne comes on and now I wanna watch the show. Again. I've seen this anime I'm pretty sure over 15 times, I should be bored of it by now! XD I enjoyed Cowboy Bebop and Trigun just as much, only a few years after I watched Esca, yet I've only watched those once!

Random Arashi amusement: Ohno's big and small goals for 2009 both involve fishing. Oh Riida. XD

Also, Toma on 5LDK has to be the funniest thing I've seen in ages. I love TOKIO. I want Yamapi to go on 5LDK so they can embarrass him too!

Lots and lots!

Ikuta Toma [1-14]
How I Met Your Mother [15-29]
One Piece [30-56]
Dexter's Laboratory: The Ego Trip [57-87]
Kisarazu Cat's Eye: World Series [88-110]
The Venture Brothers [111-130]
Kurosagi: The Movie [131-158]



Nooo! Just because I'm bitter and jealous! )
gb23: (HanaKimi: Made of Awesome)

As you probably all know by now, I love Nakatsu! XD Because I'm bored and there's nothing on TV at this time of night I will now show six examples below the cut as to why he's my fictional husband, haha.

Click! It's funny! )

Having watched random bits of Nobuta wo Produce again, I'd like to ask Yamashita Tomohisa to please do a funny drama next, as he is maximum cute when he's being all goofy.

Failing that, please star in a drama alongside Ikuta Toma. The adorable hotness may actually knock most of the fandom unconscious, but I'm willing to risk it.

Also, little freaky? I posted my New Year Wishes here in November and they've all come true! :O

Toma's getting a drama, MARU'S GETTING A DRAMA!!!! and....well, Shirtless Peter in Heroes is kind of a given.


Kanjani8 on Domoto Kyoudai(animated) [1-14]
Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo [15-56]
Azumanga Daioh [57-82]
Maou(all of Ikuta Toma) [83-106]



I will obey the traffic rules... )

The new Arashi song for the Hana Yori Dango Movie is out. I've had it on repeat for an unhealthy number of times. Not only does Arashi cause me to go insane and dance around, but it also causes much embarrassment as my mother busts me dancing around and cleaning at the same time. It's not even a dance-y song! *sigh* And any of us not living in Japan will not see the movie until it comes out on DVD, which I'm guessing will be around December time. And if it costs an insane amount of money, I WILL GET THE SPECIAL EDITION! *fist pump*

In other news; Ikuta Toma is a fan of One Piece. Just when I thought I couldn't love him anymore than I already do! XD

It's technically summer, and there is still no news of the airdate of the HanaKimi Special! ;_; And as Avatar is a couple of weeks away (WITH SOME IROH, DAMMIT!), I need to fill the void. Thus, I have begun rewatching the HanaKimi series again. Not that Avatar and HanaKimi are remotely similar. I just have a need for crazy laugh out loud joy. And Nakatsu, hehehe. So be warned, there shall be much fangirling to come! Apologies in advance!

Apparently, Arashi are doing the theme song for Ohno's new drama Maou. Which is fitting, as it's Riida's first drama but I was kinda hoping for Toma to have something to do with it! :( Will Mr Johnny never let him graduate from being a junior?!


Spoilers for end of School Rumble season 1! )

Doctor Who was quite good this weekend as well!

But I promise, any and all spoilers will be blacked out. ^_^ Or LJ-cut, whichever seems appropriate.

I have almost no idea what is going on with comics these days. With work taking up all my time (FREEDOM, COME BAAAAACK), I don't have time to browse through comic sites to see what's going on in comics I don't read. There's something going on in DC that I'm not really aware of. Is Kyle evil these days? There's another crisis? It doesn't help that I'm only reading three DC books on a regular basis (Detective Comics, Nightwing and Teen Titans). Even if I was buying all the books, I still wouldn't know what was happening in Marvel. Something to do with Skrulls and such. I'm not sure if Thor or Hulk have shown up to kick Tony Stark's ass yet. All I know is that no matter how hard I wish, Spidey's not gonna go back to how he used to be. Ultimate Spidey is all kinds of awesome though. ^_^

In regards to TV shows, with the shorter seasons this year, most of the shows I watch are starting to wrap up now. (UK is always insanely behind) Bones season finale. WTF?! Zack! ;_; I love Zack, why?! Why do the characters I love always leave? He's just so adorable, I felt so sorry for him. Now he gotta live in the nuthouse. :( And that stunt with Booth. Okay, I knew he wasn't dead. But I did the same thing with Veronica from Prison Break for weeks before I accepted she died. XD That said, Booth, please never stop being hawtsome. And Hodgins better stop being so cute, I can't afford to have yet another TV crush. It's gonna go into triple digits! Lost is also wrapping for us next Sunday, it's probably already aired in the US though. I really hope that nothing sinister happens to Jin and Desmond. I love them both. And I have a track record, bad things always happen to characters I like. Which is very annoying, as characters I hate never seem to disappear. EVER. Lana is still on Smallville dammit! And Michael Rosenbaum has left! YOU MUST BE JOKING IF YOU THINK I'M STILL WATCHING! .... Okay, I'll watch if Ollie comes back, haha.

Now for talk about JE and J-Dramas! )

As for anime, I've rewatched Escaflowne for the millionth time (and still get mad at the ending!), I've also watched Cromartie High School (CRACK!), Azumanga Daioh (Osaka and Yukari for the win) and am in the middle of rewatching School Rumble. Oh Harima, I feel for ya man. He is the definition of misunderstood. I'm probably gonna start watching Ouran Host Club again, as I'm missing Tamaki. XD I was thinking of watching Fullmetal Alchemist but I don't think I can go through all the heartbreak again. That show broke me, and now I cry at everything dammit.

Season 2 of Avatar was on earlier today, and dammit, IROH! ;_; He was cracking wise and talking about tea and being all awesome and I was like IROH! COME BAAAAACK!
gb23: (AzuDai: I Did It)


Ikuta Toma [1-16]
Nodame Cantabile [17-46]
Love Generation [47-57]
The Colbert Report (The episode with Rain) [58-67]
Johnny's Entertainment Quotes [68-78]
Ikuta Toma Lovebar
Nodame Cantabile Lovebars (Mine, Chiaki, Nodame and Chiaki x Nodame)



Ahh, Ahh, Eito Ranger! )

I made way too many this time! Hahha....

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [1-38]
Hanayome to Papa [39-62]
Teen Titans [63-78]
Stardust [79-91]
Ikuta Toma [92-96]
Ohkura Tadayoshi [97-99]
Yamashita Tomohisa [100-107]
Oguri Shun [108-112]
Nishikdo Ryo [113-116]
Okada Junichi [117-121]
Miyake Ken [122-125]
Maruyama Ryuhei [126-132]



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