Just when I thought comics couldn't piss me off anymore! Just when I thought I could just ignore all this stuff and walk away. And then...

Angry gifs and stuff! Oh, and spoilers I guess. )

I really didn't put my point across as well as I would have liked, but I seriously can't with this right now. It's pretty safe to say that if I ever get back into comics again, it definitely won't be with DC. You'd think I would have learned not to be surprised by now.

And this YouTube video of Benson from Regular Show covers the rest!

I know, I only ever rant and rage about non-important, fandom related stuff but that's what I use this journal for, as people I know off the Internet don't share the same interests as me. XD

With that out of the way, I shall now proceed onto my Spider-Man related rant! It's been in a lot of American newspapers and I think news TV programs, I think the Daily Show may have also made a reference to it but there's been a big hullabaloo over the new Spider-Man storyline. And the ugly side of people has come out again. :(

Not really spoilers anymore, but a cut in case! )


imagine my surprise when I wake up and it turns out they leaked it to the press anyway. Good thing I don't have Yahoo! as my homepage. XD

So, who died? Well, if you want to be spoiled, click on the cut! (I get to break out that Gokusen gif I've been saving!)

And, as per usual with any reaction post from me, gifs! Many gifs! )

And there we have it. I was just about to squee about how awesome Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was this week as well! (Holy crap, I think I love Thor! ♥ Always loved Hawkeye though, haha.)

Ah Glee. Just when I think I can turn my brain off and enjoy Sue and Brittany the silly...

Some spoilers for recent eps. )

And now, the football! XD

World Cup bids...and why people fail at the spirit of the game. )

I am still disappoint. (Spoilers will be blacked out, promise! ^_^)

Ranting, raging and gifs. DAMMIT MARVEL! )

On an unrelated note, I was surprised at how strong Mabo is when I watched the scene in the 2nd gif! I've started watching Yasuko to Kenji, but that's for another time. I love it though! :D I also watched Doctor Who, and I swear I felt like there was something in my eye for the rest of the day. XD

I leave the Internet for a few days, and I get information overload! XD Sorry if I haven't commented on things guys!

One thing that caught my eye was this new X-Men storyline that's about to start. It's advertising another big A BELOVED TEAM MEMBER WILL DIE thing, and if the Internet rumours are true about who it is...well, there's not an exasperated sigh big enough to be honest. Marvel seems to be on a big F- YOU, WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT kick these days, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did kill this character off.

Killing beloved characters for shock value does not equal good story. It'll be a shock at first, but once it settles down, it will seem pointless. I don't know if I'm getting too old to be reading comics, getting bored of the focus being on the same characters all the time or if I'm just tired of comics pulling stunts rather than telling good stories. More and more, it seems like instead of focusing on making a good story that appeals to all demographics, they're just deciding to focus on one instead. At the end of the day, it is a business, and I guess they'll do what ever they think sells best. I stopped reading DC Comics because there were too many crossovers and the characters that had got me reading the books in the first place have completely changed, and not in a good character growth way. Or they were killed off. I'll probably read some stuff in trades someday, lol, if I ever figure out where I can jump in!

Luckily, the 4 titles I'm reading now are unlikely to have any of these problems as the cast are either well establised, all well written or have fun stories/clever dialogue so I'll stay interested!

Stolen from ONTD Politics: Marvel comics for girls by girls.

My reaction is under a cut...it is angry and it has GIFs. )

The gifs are not mine! ^_^ Sorry, I just need to get that off my chest before I take it out on a stupid commuter tomorrow.

I doubt it's been in the news outside of the UK (lol, maybe not even outside England) but the London Underground system staff went on strike. Anyone who lives in a city that pretty much relies on the public transportation system to get around knows what a big hassle this would be. Unfortunately, unlike during the last tube strike, my workplace is on the opposite side of London. ;_; I ache in places I didn't think I could ache!

Now, before I get into the cursing and whatnot, I'll tell you what they were striking over. They wanted a 5% pay rise even though we're going through a bloody recession, millions of people are unemployed and others are taking pay CUTS. Train drivers also earn a basic salary of about £40K a year for a 36 hour work week, not including overtime pay and they get about 40 days holiday a year. I'm pretty sure they're much better off than half the bloody country! Two words: very selfish. Especially when the people who are still lucky to have a job at the moment risk losing two days pay or (like me) have to go through sh*t to get to work! OH! And I forgot! They were also striking over a guy who got fired for STEALING and another who opened the doors on the wrong side of the train (you'd have to see a tube station to know, but that is really really dangerous).

I usually leave my house around 8, takes me 40mins on the train, I'm there in time to get myself ready, maybe have a hot choco. These past two days, I had to get up at 5.30, get on the bus for half 6 in order to start work at 9. My work isn't that far, when you consider it takes two hours to get to ANOTHER PART OF THE COUNTRY! But somehow it took me nearly 3 hours to get to work. Sigh. The buses were full. At half 6 in the morning. People were squished. People were angry. Some people clearly hadn't bathed. It was not nice. We were stuck in traffic for hours but by some miracle I got to work on time.

Getting home, however, was a different story. You can choose how early you wanna leave, but everybody goes home at the same time. I've never seen London so packed. I've never seen so many office ladies wearing trainers! XD People were biking, people were walking. That day, I got home at 9.00 after leaving my office at 5. Yesterday, I ended up walking (A HELLA LOT OF WALKING DAMMIT) and jumping on random buses to get me anywhere near home and it only took 2 and a half hours.

I can only think though, that no matter how tired and angry I was, there was a lot of people who were worse affected than me. I can't imagine what it was like for kids trying to get to school or people that find it generally hard to move around at all. But the tube buttmunches don't care. Cos their jobs aren't cushy enough!!

And guess what....THEY'RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN! Cos their union boss was so pleased with the results, and was basically well chuffed that he caused so much misery to so many people. I never thought I'd agree with Boris Johnson, but he was right. "F***ing b****cks" indeed!

Sigh. I'm gonna put in for a holiday next time they do this. My legs can't take anymore! ;_;

I'm pretty sure I've ranted about the London Underground on here before. To be honest, I have almost no problems with the service in itself, it runs well most of the time but when one thing goes wrong the whole system goes to pot and there's chaos and I get very tired...but that's a rant for another day. XD

The subject of this rant is the general public who use the London Underground. I'll leave out the stuff where women are so (expletive deleted) rude in the morning, pushing you with their over-sized bags, stepping on you with their heels and tripping on their stupid shoes and then look at you like it's your fault. I'll also leave out the stuff where people don't seem to shower or use deodorant anymore, and normal manners like cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough have been completely forgotten. That stuff's just standard now.

But this morning! I couldn't bloody believe it! The train was half full, all the seats were ALL taken except one and this dude rushed for it. Don't worry, that's not the bad part. This heavilly pregnant lady comes on the train and he don't even offer her the seat, he blatently tried to ignore her. But that's not the bad part. This woman comes on, dolled up like it's a Saturday night when it's 8am in the morning, and he offers her the seat! If I wouldn't get nicked for it, I'd have smacked him upside the head! He couldn't even use the excuse that she may have just been chubby not preggers, she was wearing a badge that said Baby on Board. Fair enough, if she didn't want to sit down, he could've at least asked!

In short, if you've got nice legs and a pretty face, you'll get a seat. Carrying a human being? Sorry, not gonna cut it. As Seth Cohen once said, "Chivalry is dead, sugar." I know, he contradicted himself later, but he's cute so it's allowed. I don't have an OH NO YOU DIDN'T icon so Serizawa freaking out will have to do!


In other news, I'm gonna make a "Hel-lo Nurse!" tag. Only cos I've been watching a heck of a lot of Animaniacs recently (OMG, how many adult jokes did I miss as a child?!) and it's become a part of my everyday speech now. Plus, I'm watching PD again to make the picspams and Lee Pace definitely requires a "Hel-lo Nurse!" tag. XD

I always discover good things too late, and only heard about Pushing Daisies when it was announced that it was cancelled. Since that was the case, I decided to wait until it was over and just watch them all on DVD.

After watching the first three episodes, I think it's pretty clear that TV peoples (save a few really good shows) have no idea what they're doing! This show is fantastic! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I go to watch a show for the eye candy (Lee Pace, hel-lo piemaker nurse!) and find a really good show. I do actually think he's a really good actor too. :P I'm loving it so much, one post isn't enough so when I've got time I'll be pic-spamming!

It's just nice for once to have a show where everything's not all a) violence, violence b) a prodcedual crime/medical drama c) a bunch of twenty-something high schoolers all seeing who can out sex each other or d) a reality show. Now, I'm guilty of watching at least one show in all those categories, but it's sad to see shows go on five years longer than they should have and see brilliant shows end way before their time.

I've always wondered though, does the US only have the Fall/2008 - Spring 2009 season to run new shows? Pushing Daisies may have worked better as a shorter episode count show that ran every summer.

Ah well, I'm ranting again. In short, it's awesomesauce and Emerson Cod is already my favourite character!

The news needs to stop using the phrases to "sex up" and "sexed up" when talking about goverment legislation and documents and anything government related.

It's creepy and uncomfortable to hear at 7am when getting ready for work. And then seeing it on some dude's newspaper on the way home.

He lied about it. He exaggerated it. How hard is that to say?!

This man in a tux, that's sexed up. Year 6 and/or 9 SATs? Not so much.

Please stop.

That is all. :P
gb23: (KCE: MAJI DE?!)

Linkage to Toonzone.net: http://news.toonzone.net/articles/28847/dora-the-explorer-teen-look-previewed-causes-uproar

Content: Dora the Explorer is being "updated" and is now a teen. She will attend middle school, live in the big city and be mostly concerned with wardrobe and accessories. I sh*t you not.

Reaction: WHAT IS THIS?! They just made a new tween cartoon and stuck Dora on it. She's not even an explorer anymore. You'd think, logically, she'd grow up and still be interested in explorer type activities. You know, something less superficial. Nope. Hair, clothes and shiny things.

Sigh. There aren't as many "both boys and girls can enjoy this" cartoons as there were when I was a kid, but there are still some good ones that don't pull stuff like this. It's just quite sad that in order to be a cartoon that appeals to girls, the girl has to be interested in fashion and the like. Don't we already have that stupid Bratz show to cover that?

On a slightly related note, just started Spectacular Spider-Man season 2 and I really wish the movies were more like this! Also, Phineas and Ferb is awesomesauce.

I have ranted about this before, but seriously, making out on the VERY PACKED Central line IN RUSH [expletive deleted] HOUR is not a good [expletive deleted] idea!


I apologise for all the caps but [expletive deleted]! I was saying in my head, very much Nagase style, BAKA JA NE NO!? There's a time and a place for everything. On the map, the Central line is red, not blue. Save it til ya get home.


Feb. 4th, 2009 08:38 pm

FRIGGIN' ICE EVERYWHERE! T_T Why do we fail so much when it comes to snow? They just let it sit there and melt instead of doing something about it, and now the pavement has turned to ice. Not fun when I've got to go to work and walking around like an idiot trying not to fall and break something. *sigh* Everyone else in the world that gets snow on a regular basis can handle it!

Okay, rant over! XD

Okay, apologies, it's rant time.

Let me just say that most of the time, London is a very nice place to live. And the people are nice. But for some reason, during both morning and evening rush hour, all the douchebags come out and stalk you all the way to work.

First case in point. If the train on the platform is 100% full, and there's another one coming in 1 minute, DON'T (expletive deleted) GET ON! The amount of times that people have tried to get on when the people already on the train are packed like sardines...it's just not common (expletive deleted) sense. WAIT, DAMMIT. And don't get pissed off when the train leaves! Especially when you and all your bags and suitcases want to fit in a space that a small child would have trouble breathing. If you're already late, one (expletive deleted) minute won't make a (expletive deleted) difference!

Next: PDA. Okay, I usually don't have a problem with this. Given the amount of emotionally stunted couples I know, I think it's quite sweet if people hold hands and kiss in public. BUT NOT AT 7AM ON THE (expletive deleted) CENTRAL LINE! My goodness, it's the most busy line. It's hardly ever empty at any time during the day. So I'm trying to get to work, and this couple are standing (read: squished!) right next to me. I generally like my personal space, but you can't be picky on the central line. Anyhoo, this couple, who is standing in such close proximity to me (proximity I would only allow a doctor or Ikuta Toma) and they start snogging. WHAT THE HELL!? People are all around you. We were so squished, I had no idea where my feet were! It's not even just a peck, it's full on like they were both gonna die in the next second. Dude, keep it in your pants til you get off the (expletive deleted) train! I DON'T NEED TO SEE THAT! Now, I couldn't see myself, but I'm pretty sure I was sporting Yakuza angry face.

Also: common courtesy. Yes, I realise that gone are the days of social morality but damn it, give a seat up! Men who are in their 20s and 30s rushing to seats like the damn things gonna blast off into space, leaving old people and pregnant women standing. Not cool. I'm young and relatively healthy, I'm okay to stand and I often do. But seriously, if you can run that fast to the seat, I'm pretty sure you aren't in desperate need of it. And don't (expletive deleted) smirk like you just won at life. You fail, extremely. WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?! Oho, but the women can be just as bad. I'm pretty sure I've ranted before about the uselessness of stilleto heels on the commute to work. Taking the tube, even if your destination is right across the street from the station, walking inside the station takes a good ten minutes in the city. (I weep, regularly for my aching feet). I wear flat shoes and I'm dying, I can't imagine how these women walk. But, I digress. For some reason, they seem to think that because I'm not old, frail or particuarly violent looking, that they can push me and bump into me and I won't say anything. I don't say anything cos I know better than to cause a scene for such a little thing. But seriously, I'm not standing in the way, you could ask me to move. Not just shove me. Cos everybody cracks sometimes, and I'm pretty strong. I'm just saying. And if I get to the door before, it's not cos I was racing you or because I'm a (expletive deleted). It's because I'm actually wearing shoes that can't take someone's eye out. They're so (expletive deleted) mean in the morning!

Sigh. Okay, I feel better now. But seriously, starting tomorrow, courtesy's out the window. And the next person that shoves me for no reason is getting a Makio Staredown™.

Sorry for all the gifs, but there were many emoticons for what I was feeling!

I'm late, as usual, but I saw TDK and I loved it! I've gotta see it another couple of times to fully appreciate it. Definitely my favourite movie of the year so far. I also saw Kung Fu Panda a few weeks ago, very funny and cute.

Rant time. I hate going shopping on a Saturday. I really needed to go for essential stuff, groceries and that, but...PEOPLE EN MASSE ARE STUPID! The path for walking is already so narrow (about three people across) and people decided to stop and have a damn converstation without moving! And then when you accidently bump into them because they're in the way, they give you a look like you're the stupid one. Forget road rage, this is definitely worse!

In other news, I update my profile page with shiny Kanjani8 graphics! :D I wanted to make it all Maru graphics but I couldn't find enough pics of him! :(

EDIT: Quick! Watch the crack before it gets deleted! XD

Travelling to work via public transport has made me realise, people en masse are stupid. Really stupid. They try and squeeze where they can't go, they think they can push you however they want, some dude was trying to play Mario on the DS and kinda fell when the train jerked. And he got mad cos he said he didn't have anywhere to hold on to cos people wouldn't move. IT WAS BECAUSE YOU WERE PLAYING THE DS, BUTTMUNCH!

Also, women. Oy. I realise I am one, but damn it. Okay, I wear flat shoes and trainers all the time, and I probably don't understand the allure of heels but some of the shoes these women wear are stupid! Fair enough when you're going out clubbin or somewhere that doesn't require a lot of walking, but not on the way to work! PEOPLE HAVE TO WALK BEHIND YOU DAMMIT! They wear these ridiculous shoes that they can't even walk in and look like they will fall any minute.

If you can't walk in your shoes, then you shouldn't be allowed to have them. ¬_¬

Hahaha, as you can tell, I'm typing this just as I am leaving for work to deal with all this. Again.

On a more positive note, I started watching Hanayome to Papa. It's so cute! And Taguchi from KAT-TUN, why did I never see his cuteness before?! He's so adorable! And tall! Hahaha.

Okay, I'm pissed. Cos I leave Spider-Man comics for a few months and....

Cut for spoilers, angry ranting and general annoyance! )

Hello! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday period!


And I've started my HYD marathon, which means all HYD userpics (as much as I hated parting with Nakatsu userpics)! Oh Doumyouji, Oh Rui, how I have missed you both! *hugs*

For HYD ramblings, and other things, under the cut please! )

*sigh* I have now caught up with almost everything Internet related and can now post! Yay!

Which means I've watched Avatar, hahaha. IT WAS GOOD! :D But more on that a little bit later.

I never knew how much I relied on my computer. It's kinda bad! XD Mostly it's just for watching stuff, and squeeing with people who understand exactly what it is I'm squeeing about but I missed you guys! I couldn't watch One Piece for ages (I missed the Mugiwaras!) and the J-Drama I was in the middle of watching had to be put on hold. Luckily, it wasn't a cliffhanger style one (like Long Vacation and HYD) so I was okay not to watch it for a while. But I have such a darn backlog of J-Dramas, I'm never gonna get a chance to watch the newer ones! Like Bambino and HanaKimi (Oguri AND Toma, the show is already winning). I really did miss Arashi though. Those guys are so nuts. I missed the craziness!

It was also lucky that I'm at work most of the day, and don't get to use the computer as much as I used to anyways. If it was last year, and I was at home without the computer for three weeks, I think I would've gone insane! XD But it's back now, all my stuff is here, and it's all good.

And now....

Random things that happened while I was away! )


Pics of MatsuJun! In my hands! Instead of on the computer! )

Now. Time to discuss Avatar. Note: I haven't seen the episode that aired last night (The Beach one), I will be watching it tonight and squeeing tomorrow about it.

My boy is back! And he's gonna kick some ass! :D )

Anyhoo, with the computer back now, I shall be making icons again. Yay! :D Probably a big icon post!

Sorry it was so long!



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