I'm posting these now, cos I probably won't be in the mood to after Doctor Who tonight. ;_;

Pushing Daisies [1-36]
Ouran High School Host Club [37-64]
Disney's Mulan [65-88]
The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody [89-112]
One Pound Gospel [113-128]
24 Japanese CM (Text) [129-140]



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Nov. 9th, 2009 04:45 pm

Through watching random videos on YouTube (all because of a gif of a Korean guy dancing to Single Ladies posted on arematheydidnt), I seem to have gotten kinda addicted to 2pm. Well, addicted’s a strong word but I’m interested at the moment. I find them more adorable than anything else, mostly cos they’re all very much younger than I am and they still all have baby faces making them look younger to me than they are…except the tall one whose name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, they’re funny. But I seem to have stepped into this fandom when there’s a hell of a lot of drama going on! ^_^() I’m not even into DBSK but apparently they got issues too! As usual, I’ve showed up to the party too late.

Speaking of showing up late, Pushing Daisies comic, where are you? I miss Emerson’s snark! :( The unthinkable has also happened, I seem to have gotten bored with Heroes! I stopped watching after the 3rd (I think?) episode I just can’t be bothered to watch the rest at the moment. Maybe when there’s a lull in one of the programs…or flashforward goes on a break. (I’m gonna be superficial and say I only started watching it for John Cho but it’s good so far. Don’t crap out on me later!) I dunno what’s up with TV these days, I can’t find a “my happy place” program. The thing that comes closest is Bones, which is kinda sad given that it’s a forensic crime show that focuses on murder and human remains. But Brennan and Booth are so cute, and the cast is so likable. Cam has been cracking me up so much lately!

Last one I'm doing GIFs for! XD *got tired after a while*

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gb23: (One Piece: Not Crying!)

I finished Pushing Daisies!

<fairlyoddparents> NOTHING FILLS THE VOID! </fairlyoddparents> )

I'm gonna miss this show, especially as I don't see anything near as original or heartwarming as this show coming on US television again! For a show about death and murder mysteries, I would always come away from each episode feeling so happy and light. Bring on the comic and (big wishful thinking) a movie someday please! You can't have a cast this awesome and never see them together again! ;_;

♥ He's so snarky.

I'm at work now so I'm not sure if the vid will post properly!

Seeley Booth, stop being so bloody adorable! ;_; He's such a good dad, bless him! (In short, the new episode of Bones was good)

I've watched the first two episodes of Being Erica, they've started showing it over here, and Eric from Wonderfalls is in it!! Haven't seen him in anything for a while, he looks pretty much the same, just a little older. Sigh. I miss Wonderfalls! And on a Fullerverse related note, I've got about 4 episodes left of Pushing Daisies! ;_; I'm gonna need something extremely funny to watch after I watch that last episode so I'm not all WHY DAMMIT WHY when it ends.

I've started watching another Korean drama, this time it's My Girl. Yes, I know, I'm very behind but it's only my third one! The main girl is awesome! It's three for three so far on me liking the female leads! But also three for three on loathing the bitchassness that is the "other" girl. Anyhoo, Joo Yoo Rin is awesome and her karaoke scene was epic funny. XD I also finished Odoru Daisousasen. Best cop J-Drama I've seen so far! It was fun from start to finish, I can't wait to watch the movies.

This has been stuck in my head all day! Does anyone remember this cartoon? This and Jem were my Saturday shows once upon a time! Galaxy High too I think...

EDIT: Lastly, these will never not be funny. :)

I has it!

Oct. 6th, 2009 08:47 pm

I think I've finally found the perfect GIF that shows what happens to me when I watch Pushing Daisies (and more specifically The Pie Maker).

Ah Takemoto. My anime kindered spirit. )

GIFs again, I never get tired of this show. XD


I just sat back and watched a whole lot of TV today. XD Lazy yes, but I needed a day of rest.

Things I observed today.

1. Grey's Anatomy better have a whole lot of Bailey, Sloan and Lil Grey to keep me interested this season.

The rest under the cut. )

Ugly Betty needs to come back soon. Cos I'm gonna finish Pushing Daisies (;_; DO NOT WANT) and the only other place I'll find amusing snark is from Wilhelmina and Marc.

7 GIFs from S02 Episode 1. :)

I could've been swarmed in my underwear! )

I watched the episode with the nuns last night, that is getting many GIFs. XD

I've (finally) started watching season 2 of Pushing Daisies! I've watched the first two episodes, I love this show so much to you. ;_; Mostly because Olive is cute and funny, Emerson has the best lines every episode and Ned has the inexplicable charm and cuteness to make me squeal like I'm 14 again. XD

Some quotes:

Emerson: It is not okay for a grown-ass man to weep in public with a bunch of happy families enjoying pie. If you can't hold it, you take your ass to the men's room and cry in private on the toilet… like a man!

Emerson: Hey! You don't just get to put them pictures in my head. That's an assault on my imagination.

Ned: If I could breathe I would vomit.

Emerson: Do you understand how a head works? Do you? Because every time you say something I got to think it. You say "Monkey in a bellhop suit driving a car," I think "Monkey in a bellhop suit driving a car." Don't tell me what you all do together.

And the "You, you, you, you and your hump!" part made me LOL forever.

I just realised I have about four regular comic books on my pull list. I used to have like fifteen!! :O There are no DC books either!

Also, do we have a date on the Pushing Daisies comics? I'm gonna need to watch the second season before they come out. EDIT: On a PD related note, Emmys, you suck for not having PD or Chi nominated!

One Piece [1-32]
Ikuta Toma on Domoto Kyoudai [33-64]
Brother Beat (All of Tamayama Tetsuji) [65-80]
Pushing Daisies Ep 1 [81-96]
Spectacular Spider-Man [97-112]
Animaniacs [113-126]



Come see what else I got in here! )

Awwww! ♥

Also, I've been watching DAIGO on a few Johnny's programs...dude is so hilarious! The way he talks just cracks me up. I know he's in that drama Love Shuffle, I may have to add that to my ever growing list!

Be warned, this will have spoilers if you haven't seen the show before. Also be warned that this mostly consists of me telling my favourite parts of the episode and fangirling the pie maker. There'll be lots of pie maker. XD

Pie-lette. )

The other episodes probably won't have as much pics as this one! I dunno when I'll post the next one. XD

Okay, it's official. Kanjani8 have invaded my brain! XD There's this dude I see on the way to work every morning, and he's got a bit of a stick-out chin. And every time I see him, I think of this moment:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Which results in me giggling Sakaki style. XD

I finished PD Season 1! Yay~! Picspams to follow. I'll take a bit of a break before starting season 2. Because I may go into a Pie Maker induced coma.


May. 17th, 2009 12:11 am

Emerson Cod's view on how women love like gangsters is probably the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. I haven't laughed that hard since that "Oh look, it's your honor!" joke on Avatar. I love this guy!

I've watched three season finales so far, and they've all kicked my ass. (Especially Grey's!! I realised about half way thru the episode BUT STILL!)

But honestly, this is just a post to show off this icon. Cos Scruffy English Accent Lee Pace is awesomesauce. ^_^

I always discover good things too late, and only heard about Pushing Daisies when it was announced that it was cancelled. Since that was the case, I decided to wait until it was over and just watch them all on DVD.

After watching the first three episodes, I think it's pretty clear that TV peoples (save a few really good shows) have no idea what they're doing! This show is fantastic! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I go to watch a show for the eye candy (Lee Pace, hel-lo piemaker nurse!) and find a really good show. I do actually think he's a really good actor too. :P I'm loving it so much, one post isn't enough so when I've got time I'll be pic-spamming!

It's just nice for once to have a show where everything's not all a) violence, violence b) a prodcedual crime/medical drama c) a bunch of twenty-something high schoolers all seeing who can out sex each other or d) a reality show. Now, I'm guilty of watching at least one show in all those categories, but it's sad to see shows go on five years longer than they should have and see brilliant shows end way before their time.

I've always wondered though, does the US only have the Fall/2008 - Spring 2009 season to run new shows? Pushing Daisies may have worked better as a shorter episode count show that ran every summer.

Ah well, I'm ranting again. In short, it's awesomesauce and Emerson Cod is already my favourite character!

ITV need to be more careful when suddenly bringing hotness to my TV.

They were advertising the new episodes of Pushing Daises that starts tonight, and they start off (very suddenly may I add) with Ned in a black tee.

That much hotness at that early in the morning?! Warning please, I almost spit my tea squeeing!

I am still waiting to watch it until I have both seasons on DVD, I got interested in this show too late! ;_;



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