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I've been re-watching the second season of Venture Brothers, and damn, there was a lot of funny I forgot happned. It has been about 4-5 years since I watched it though (HOLY CRAP!)! These aren't all the funny moments from the second season, that would take up too many posts, but these are moments I forgot had happened and made me LOL IRL when they happened.

Pics are kinda big, I couldn't be bothered to resize!


Part 2 coming....later. XD

It's late! XD Ramblings/recap of the LOST Finale.

Now, I was half asleep when I watched this the first time, and even though I've watched it again since, this may not be accurate in terms of sequence of events, haha.

There be many pics and gifs! And of course, non-blacked out spoilers!

Moving on... )

Holy crap, that was long! *is tired, not as young as she used to be!* I'll post my thoughts on the finale and the show at another time.

As (kinda) promised, picspam! A lil image heavy (about 40 pics).

Can I have a towel, please? )

GIFs again, I never get tired of this show. XD


Be warned, this will have spoilers if you haven't seen the show before. Also be warned that this mostly consists of me telling my favourite parts of the episode and fangirling the pie maker. There'll be lots of pie maker. XD

Pie-lette. )

The other episodes probably won't have as much pics as this one! I dunno when I'll post the next one. XD

I watched it, and I can't wait for the next ep to be subbed! :D It was! I love this show, it just gives you such nice warm fuzzies! Lots of people appeared, including one at the end that has me kinda intrigued! GYABO! :D There be spoilers and pics under the cut!

Cut for spoilers, pics, squeeing and general Nodame style craziness. )

End! I loved it! Can't wait for the next one! :D

Hello! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday period!


And I've started my HYD marathon, which means all HYD userpics (as much as I hated parting with Nakatsu userpics)! Oh Doumyouji, Oh Rui, how I have missed you both! *hugs*

For HYD ramblings, and other things, under the cut please! )

Woo! It's been a while since the last one, but rejoice! It's the beach episode! :D

Holy Flexing Pecs, Batman! )

This show just gets funnier and funnier as it goes along. You may have noticed that I've been leaving key stories out of my picspams. The growing bond between Mizuki and Sano, as well as Sano's story. Sorry! Nakatsu's been stealing my attention! XD

These picspams are here to showcase the funny! ^_^()

More wackiness from those crazy ikemen from Osaka High. )

This is episode is where things really started to kick off. I'm talking about my now undying love for Nakatsu and Ikuta Toma. He's just awesome.

This also solidified my love for dorms 1 and 3, and their craziness.

If you're still not convinced to watch the show after this picspam, THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOU!

XD I'm just messing.


Many pics of awesome under the cut.

It's the panty dance episode! )

Here it is! The picspam for episode 2! :D Episode 1 can be found Here!

Now, there are spoilers if you haven't seen the episode, but not too much hopefully.

Enjoy the ikemen! :D

Forget the dog, beware the kissing monster. )

I was gonna put the whole series in one or two parts. But, this being a series with the sub title "Ikemen Paradise", I ended up taking way too many screenshots.


This is a picspam for episode 1! There shall be more!

Please excuse the foolishness. )

I only ever seem to do this for the first episode! XD I don't know if I'll be able to do the others, but there we go.

Anyhoo, I watched the first episode and love it so far! Be warned, image heavy under the cut!




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