I have learned I am now too old to enjoy a doner kebab and chips without any side effects. XD

I am glad that most films come out on DVD within six months (will probably not get to see Thor in the cinema ;_;).

Four day weekends are brilliant, but we won't get this many again for a long time, and I feel a little spoiled. XD

I have caught up with Community (thanks mostly to the four day weekends, yay) and it is awesomesauce. It's also further proof that Emmy/Globe/Other US-TV Awards people must not watch a whole lot of television, as this show didn't get nominated for anything! It's crazy!

Young Justice will be back in June! Luckily, they've aired enough episodes that I'm excited about the show, but not tearing my hair out in anticipation as nothing HOLY CRAP has happened yet. I also finished the first season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. That ending was definitely a HOLY CRAP moment.

Some of you may have already seen the post on Arama They Didn't about the rumoured Ouran High School Host Club live action drama. I have a feeling (given that it's timeslot is Friday at midnight) that it'll be mostly newbies in the cast. Anyone I would've wanted in it are all now too old to be high school students. I don't know who could play Tamaki though.

And I'll just leave this here (replace punctuation with punctuality XD):

I'm posting these now, cos I probably won't be in the mood to after Doctor Who tonight. ;_;

Pushing Daisies [1-36]
Ouran High School Host Club [37-64]
Disney's Mulan [65-88]
The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody [89-112]
One Pound Gospel [113-128]
24 Japanese CM (Text) [129-140]



Sister!! )

I was watching bits of Ouran today, and I remembered why I love this voice actor so much! XD

But first, a cute clip of Tamaki laughing.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! (I love his voice actor too)

Awesome comedic timing under the cut. )

He's obviously done lots more roles, but these were on my mind at the time of posting. And I couldn't find a clip of him as Il Palazzo. :(

But I promise, any and all spoilers will be blacked out. ^_^ Or LJ-cut, whichever seems appropriate.

I have almost no idea what is going on with comics these days. With work taking up all my time (FREEDOM, COME BAAAAACK), I don't have time to browse through comic sites to see what's going on in comics I don't read. There's something going on in DC that I'm not really aware of. Is Kyle evil these days? There's another crisis? It doesn't help that I'm only reading three DC books on a regular basis (Detective Comics, Nightwing and Teen Titans). Even if I was buying all the books, I still wouldn't know what was happening in Marvel. Something to do with Skrulls and such. I'm not sure if Thor or Hulk have shown up to kick Tony Stark's ass yet. All I know is that no matter how hard I wish, Spidey's not gonna go back to how he used to be. Ultimate Spidey is all kinds of awesome though. ^_^

In regards to TV shows, with the shorter seasons this year, most of the shows I watch are starting to wrap up now. (UK is always insanely behind) Bones season finale. WTF?! Zack! ;_; I love Zack, why?! Why do the characters I love always leave? He's just so adorable, I felt so sorry for him. Now he gotta live in the nuthouse. :( And that stunt with Booth. Okay, I knew he wasn't dead. But I did the same thing with Veronica from Prison Break for weeks before I accepted she died. XD That said, Booth, please never stop being hawtsome. And Hodgins better stop being so cute, I can't afford to have yet another TV crush. It's gonna go into triple digits! Lost is also wrapping for us next Sunday, it's probably already aired in the US though. I really hope that nothing sinister happens to Jin and Desmond. I love them both. And I have a track record, bad things always happen to characters I like. Which is very annoying, as characters I hate never seem to disappear. EVER. Lana is still on Smallville dammit! And Michael Rosenbaum has left! YOU MUST BE JOKING IF YOU THINK I'M STILL WATCHING! .... Okay, I'll watch if Ollie comes back, haha.

Now for talk about JE and J-Dramas! )

As for anime, I've rewatched Escaflowne for the millionth time (and still get mad at the ending!), I've also watched Cromartie High School (CRACK!), Azumanga Daioh (Osaka and Yukari for the win) and am in the middle of rewatching School Rumble. Oh Harima, I feel for ya man. He is the definition of misunderstood. I'm probably gonna start watching Ouran Host Club again, as I'm missing Tamaki. XD I was thinking of watching Fullmetal Alchemist but I don't think I can go through all the heartbreak again. That show broke me, and now I cry at everything dammit.

Season 2 of Avatar was on earlier today, and dammit, IROH! ;_; He was cracking wise and talking about tea and being all awesome and I was like IROH! COME BAAAAACK!

Animated GIFs and YouTube videos!

[livejournal.com profile] chochajin and [livejournal.com profile] japan_girl16 will love these YouTube links. I thought I may as well post them before they disappear. You may have seen these before. A few years back, the Johnny's boys used to do a sports thingy. This is the backstage stuff.

It looks like it's been scripted, but no one told the younger Johnny's! XD It seems to have been a comedic plan cooked up by V6, Tokio and Kinki Kids.

Basically, the Johnnys have been split into two teams: J-Red and J-White. I'm assuming (my understanding of Japanese is so basic, so please correct me if I'm wrong) that they wanna go have a talk with the other team, but that junior (Hasagawa?) keeps starting a fight with Sakamoto from V6.

On a slightly off-topic note, some of these guys never age. Seriously. Inohara, Nagano and Nagase all look the same as they do now. Well, Nagase's hair looks different.

Another thing I've learned from these videos is that Tokio are just as nuts as V6 are. Except Tokio look like they could take you and all your mates in a bar fight! XD

It's funny watching these, cos you can spot loads of Johnny's boys when they were younger. I saw half of Arashi in there, Jin Akanishi, (Toma's in there too [livejournal.com profile] chochajin!!), Yamapi. Poor kids, they're all cracking up laughing while the older boys have their fun.

Oh yeah, and a massive fight always breaks out. XD

Anyhoo! On to the clips!

A clip from 2000

A clip from 2001

A clip from 2002

The last one has to be my favourite. Simply because they all break out and do Broadway style dancing. Oh you crazy boys, how I love you! XD

Animated GIFs of crack under the cut!! )

Enjoy! :D

The FF icons are from the new trailer, so SPOILERS!

One Piece [1-25]
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [26-29]
Ouran High School Host Club [30-41]
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer [42-67]



Pasta Machine! )

Almost finished HYD2, two more episodes to go! :D

Hana Yori Dango 2 [1-18]
Arashi (Including one of Masahiro Nakai from an Utaban episode) [19-41]
Azumanga Daioh [42-53]
Ouran High School Host Club [54-67]



Blue Three... )

Icons! :D

Mar. 7th, 2007 07:45 pm

A big batch this time. ^_^

Ouran High School Host Club [1-17]
One Piece [18-43]
Azumanga Daioh [44-57]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [58-74]
Fairly Odd Parents Quotes [75-90]



Madness under the cut! )

I kinda went crazy with iconing the Brand New World opening of One Piece.

One Piece (slight spoilers for Enies Lobby) [1-36]
Hana Yori Dango [37-48]
Teen Titans [49-64]
Ouran High School Host Club [65-71]



Start me up! )

I just kept going ^_^()

Ouran High School Host Club [1-17]
Fruits Basket [18-42]
Disney's The Little Mermaid [43-60]
Great Teacher Onizuka: Live Action [61-74]
Avatar Short: School Time Shipping [75-86]
One Piece [87-93]



Moon powers!! )

All anime today, enjoy!

School Rumble [1-13]
Tenchi Muyo [14-28]
Ouran High School Host Club [29-46]
Honey and Clover [47-60]
Fruits Basket [61-68]



Yep. That's what he showed him. )

81 Icons!

Jan. 22nd, 2007 10:59 pm

Some icons, mostly Disney, and some other stuff.

The Incredibles [1-13]
Naruto [14-21]
Disney's Beauty and the Beast [22-31]
Disney's Aladdin [32-57]
Arashi: Air Band [58-64]
Ouran High School Host Club [65-73]
One Piece TV Special 4 [74-81]



Rock on! )

Loads of quote icons...they take long to make ^_^()

Avatar the Last Airbender [1-18]
Fruits Basket [19-31]
Ouran High School Host Club [32-39]
One Piece (Some slight Water 7 spoilers) [40-52]
Honey & Clover [53-62]
Veronica Mars [63-66]
Iroh (from Avatar) Colorbar [2 variations]



Quotes, quotes and stuff! )

I made the mistake of not having any Iroh icons last time, this has been corrected!

School Rumble [1-11]
One Piece Movie 4 [12-53]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [54-74]
Ouran High School Host Club [75-86]



Spilled tea is so sad! )


Fruits Basket [1-14]
Azumanga Daioh [15-29]
Disney's The Lion King [30-40]
Ouran High School Host Club [41-54]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [55-62]
Hana Yori Dango Live Action [63-71]
Comics [72-76]
Tomokazu Seki Colorbar
Ryotaro Okiayu Colorbar



When he was a young warthog... )

Just two sets

Ouran High School Host Club [1-22]
Fruits Basket [23-38]



Home visit! )

Ouran High School Host Club [1-27]
Fruits Basket [28-46]
School Rumble [47-56]
Teen Titans [57-68]



Oooouran! )

BBC's Robin Hood [1-17]
Fruits Basket [18-27]
One Piece [28-54]
Ouran High School Host Club [55-75]
One Piece colourbars [2]
Kyo Sohma Colourbar



Cripes! )

Just some Ouran icons today.

38 Ouran High School Host Club Icons



The Host Club welcomes you! )

Loads today!

Fruits Basket [1-25]
Ouran High School Host Club [26-46]
Pocahontas [47-58]
Batman Begins [59-70]
One Piece [71-87]
That 70s Show Quotes [88-92]
Venture Brothers [93-98]
Shigure Sohma Colourbar



It's a no-no! )



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