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Okay, I got lazy. XD I'm not gonna do my super mega all emotions One Piece post. So no pics, just text, (and where appropriate) gifs and videos. XD (I couldn't be bothered to go back and screencap everything!) Major spoilers for everything up until the start of the new arc.

And thus, the first half of the story is over. And it only took 500+ episodes! XD )

It's evil of me, but I laughed so hard. XD

I'm just on the eps before the timeskip, but holy crap, so many emotions. So many emotions. ;_;

This gif sums up how I felt at the end of it, it was heartbreaking! ;_; But of course, an end of a One Piece arc post from me wouldn't be complete without many gifs showing how I felt throughout the story arc. No spoilers!

Lots of gifs! )

A range of emotions! I'm not sure if you guys got mad at the same characters that I did, but there was one that I wanted to repeatedly punch in the face. ¬_¬ A more coherant post (with spoilers) later on! XD


Nov. 27th, 2011 12:23 am

And now, TV stuff!

First, cartoons. )

TV shows I can't take anymore. XD )
And the rest! )

Well people, I think that's everything! Except of course the granddaddy of all squee posts for One Piece. I'm at the flashback episodes now, so yeah, I'm sad and shocked and all the emotions. ;_; ODA!!! Once I've finished the flashback eps (just started them) I'll post incoherently. XD I apologise in advance.

So funny. XD I kinda love that Kimura is such a big fan of One Piece. (Not as much as in this clip obviously :P) My friends always joked that if I got married, I'd probably end up prioritising One Piece over my husband, so this made me laugh a lot.

(Blacked out parts are spoilers for post Thriller Bark!) I'm near the end of the Marineford war arc of One Piece, just after the war ended and a certain someone showed up (much to my scream in shock surprise!), so I'll do a (very very long) post about it once I've totally finished it. I have way too many feelings about this obviously! XD I honestly had a feeling it would go that way, but not the way that it did...I was pretty much like this.

And somehow, I love this show even more. XD I'll save all my blabbering analysis for another day, but putting all hyperbole and fangirl feelings aside, this will probably end up being my favourite show (in any genre) of all time. If it isn't already!
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Looking back, my most recent posts have all been rants, geek news or YouTube clips. XD So, a post with actual stuff this time, yay.

I watched two more J-Dramas; Atashinchi no Danshi and Ninkyo Helper, both of which I enjoyed very much! AnD was very fun and addictive, and it was nice seeing Kaname Jun and Mukai Osamu again (I've been seeing a lot of those two lately!). I have to admit, I did get teary during one of the last few episodes.

Ninkyo Helper. Not at all what I was expecting! From the description I was expecting some whacky Yakuza drama but it wasn't at all! Very sad and moving, cried a number of times. And the little boy! So cute, and such a good actor for someone so young! It's the first time I've watched a drama with Kusanagi from SMAP, I can see why he gets a lot of praise for his acting. Kuroki Meisa was awesome in this. On the surface, it doesn't look like she's doing much acting but the little things make her performance really good. She literally walked and talked like a guy! Very good drama, but I'm going to need something light and fluffy after this one! XD

As for One Piece, I'm finally up to the part where the big fight is about to start (I won't say what fight but those who are up to speed with the manga/anime will know what I'm referring to :P), and I think I'll post about that after I'm done with the arc. Too much epic stuff is happening, and I may annoy my f-list if I come and post about it after every episode finishes. XD So I'll wait and do a mega post later on, with many gifs and incoherant babbling I'm sure.

I also watched James Cameron's Avatar. Which is what I have to call it, cos in my mind and heart "Avatar" will always be the animated Nickelodeon series. XD I put it off this long on purpose, because everyone was going so batsh*t insane over it, and I wanted to see it with an open mind and low expectations so as to not come out disappointed. That, and paying £11 (roughly $17/$18) to see a film these days makes me very select about what I go see. I rented it on Blu-Ray, cos I figured that would probably be the best way to see it.

No big spoilers here. )

And lastly, following a recommendation by [ profile] oronoda, I've started watching Community! Only two episodes in, but I already heart Abed. XD

Some icons

Mar. 9th, 2011 03:27 pm

Himitsu no Arashi-Chan (Mannequin 5 with Kanjani8) [1-40]
One Piece (Share The World opening animated gifs) [41-58]
Dragon Ball Z (We Got Power opening animated gifs) [59-68]



It's vintage! )
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Oh my, things have become dramatic! More so!

Anyhoo, I watched episode 451...I really was not expecting this to happen!

Because my usual incoherant rambles cannot do this ep justice, you get incoherant rambling...with screencaps. Yay!

Spoilers and stuff! )

One Piece! ♥

Probably old, but this is my favourite thing at the moment!

I finally got to see Tangled, it was good! :D Nothing like advertised, hopefully they won't have to do that for their next film. I'll post about it in detail later, as I am off to find many Flynn icons! :)

It's the way he says, "Damn you, rooster". Always cracks me up.

I've been on hols from work (yay bank holidays!!), so I got to finish Unubore Deka and watch a ton of films. Well, not really that many, but a lot for me!

Unubore Deka, non specific spoilers. )

Some films! Spoilers if you haven't seen them. )

Animes! )

Long post is long, but no gifs this time! XD I've been out of the anime loop for a long while now, why is there such a hate-on for Aya Hirano?

Japanese working women polled on One Piece

So of course they ask which character they'd want as their boyfriend (#1 was Sanji) and which one they'd want as their husband (#1 was Zoro). Honestly, I'm a little worried about the ladies that picked Luffy. (I kid, I kid!) And how is Ace so low on that list?!

About the live action stuff (which is not happening, and SHOULD NEVER EVER BE ATTEMPTED BY ANYONE EVER), I love Shingo but he's too old to play Luffy. And too tall. He was too tall when he was Luffy's age. XD Shun's too handsome to play Zoro, and I think the same goes for Osamu Mukai in regards to Sanji.

I'm still at the beginning of the Impel Down arc, so nobody spoil me please!

In other news, the US wants to make their own version of Misfits. Which is kinda weird, since I think Mistfits was written as a British take on the superhero show genre, since we don't really make those kinds of shows. I think The Office is the only Brit show that sucessfully made the transatlantic transition, and that's cos the theme of the show was kind of universal anyway. Americans aren't as thick as TV producers seem to think they are, I'm sure they'll be able to understand the show just fine as it is. Although it probably won't be allowed to air on network television, given the content. XD They're doing an American version of Skins and Being Human as well. Given half the chance, I'm sure they'd remake Doctor Who!

Movie 10!

Oct. 6th, 2010 08:49 pm

I'm up to the part in One Piece where movie 10 came out so I watched it and it was awesome.

Biri! ♥ Spoilers in here! )

Now back to the rest of the show...

One Piece [1-40]
Kim Possible [41-56]
TOKIO Na Na Na (animated icons) [57-68]
Nodame Cantabile Movie 1 [69-94]



I'm a sport but I'm not a toy! )

Saw this the other day, geeked out royally. XD

3 more under here, plus something extra suuuupeeer! )

2 funny gifs from One Piece.

Super!! )

I saw the new Karate Kid this week, I enjoyed it! Not as good as the original, but I never got the feeling that it was trying to be, so it's all good. I also watched the new Batman movie, Under The Red Hood. Very cool! Didn't recognise Jensen Ackles as Red Hood at first! The new Joker VA was really good too.

Spoilers! )

Now, I haven't rambled (or made icons) about One Piece in a while, cos I'm aware it's all been kicking off and I'm very behind so I don't want to be spoiled! But this is where I'm up to so far...

Again, spoilers! ) Over 400 episodes, and this show is still kicking ass. :D

I'm thinking of a new Korean drama to watch. Has anyone watched Beethoven's Virus or Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea? Are they any good?

This is my favourite thing at the moment. XD

It seems Hollywood can't get enough of ruining things!!! making live action adaptations. Bleach is getting a Live Action movie. Let the racebending commence!! XD

It's times like this I am glad One Piece is not popular in the US. I mean, I'd like it to be so I can get the DVDs eventually, but if it gets too popular they'll try this Never One Piece, you hear! NO TOUCHY!

I've got one episode of Manhattan Love Story left! Mabo is hilarious! I hope he's this cute in Yasuko to Kenji. ^_^



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