Sep. 5th, 2012 10:43 pm

This premiered 20 years ago today. 20 YEARS AGO!

Hey Arnold season 1 came in the post! :D

I'm glad I waited for an official DVD release instead of getting that "burned onto a DVD-R for $30" Amazon version. :D

I apologise in advance for the random Hey Arnold (and Batman Beyond, which I'm also rewatching XD) posts that will now follow, as things I didn't get when I was a kid suddenly become very obvious. For example, Helga's mum being an alcoholic/suffering from depression. :(

Taken from the90slife Twitter

I believe my exact reaction to this was...

This randomly got stuck in my head the other day, I'm so glad it was on YouTube cos I kept forgetting the lyrics. XD

I wish there was a full version. Of course, now I'm gonna watch the Hey Arnold! Christmas episode this year and bawl my eyes out. ;_;

Any guesses to what she said? I always thought she called them little f***ers. XD

I watched the cut version before the uncut version (I think the US only got about 9 eps but we managed to finish the series), so just hearing this brings back way too many memories! XD Kinda like a nostalgia gut-punch. Of course, this one brings the even bigger nostalgia gut-punch... )

So I don't spam everyone's f-list, I'll just edit this post and squee about Young Justice. I loved it this week!

Loving this show right now! )

Get ready to feel old and stuff! XD

This has been stuck in my head all week! XD It's what prompted this post in the first place.

Various Nicktoons and other 90s stuff over here! )

Okay, I think that's enough for tonight. XD Maybe I'll include some old Disney toons next time.



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