I've been on hols from work (yay bank holidays!!), so I got to finish Unubore Deka and watch a ton of films. Well, not really that many, but a lot for me!

Unubore Deka, non specific spoilers. )

Some films! Spoilers if you haven't seen them. )

Animes! )

Long post is long, but no gifs this time! XD I've been out of the anime loop for a long while now, why is there such a hate-on for Aya Hirano?

One Piece [1-40]
Kim Possible [41-56]
TOKIO Na Na Na (animated icons) [57-68]
Nodame Cantabile Movie 1 [69-94]



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Jul. 25th, 2010 12:59 am

I'll do a more detailed post later, but I watched the first Nodame movie tonight! XD Awesomesauce!

1 gif of Nodame awesome. )


Oct. 25th, 2009 12:14 pm

It looks really good, a lot of 'wtf just happened there' moments, but that's normal on this show. XD


Sep. 6th, 2009 12:37 pm


For anyone that's lucky enough to be in Japan, it looks like it's going to be out on the 19th of December.


Aug. 29th, 2009 04:37 pm

I cannot wait for these movies! Yes I know, I'll have to wait at least 6 months after it comes out in Japan before seeing it...but you can't ruin my excitement reality!!

This is probably the only part of the anime that made me laugh more than the live action. Koshien?! XD



Long story short, the Nodame manga will be ending (awww!) around the same time the first live action movie will come out. It'll also end around the time the 3rd series of the anime will conclude. Which means, just like the Honey & Clover anime, we'll get to see the actual intended ending, not a made up one.

YAY! These new movies already had me so excited! There's also a nice pic of Tamaki in a tux for anyone that wants to see. :P

Although, re-reading the article, it seems to imply there will be only one movie not two. I hope there's still two!

Just me?

Apr. 7th, 2009 06:30 pm
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Does anyone else get all dreamy like listening to Rhapsody in Blue around the 10th minute cos of Nodame Cantabile? XD

Man, I can't wait for those movies.

Very multi-fandom this time!

Avatar: The Last Airbender [1-26]
Harvey Birdman [27-50]
Animaniacs [51-63]
Pride [64-91]
Escaflowne [92-110]
Nodame Cantabile (All animated) [111-121]



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Today was very tiring, and very cold, and I definitely needed to hear the following good news.

1. HANA YORI DANGO FINAL HAS BEEN SUBBED! YES! Even though I'll have to wait til the weekend to watch it! But still, Doumyouji, YES!

2. I don't know how I didn't know about this until this morning (considering the news was reported a while back) but NODAME CANTABILE IS GETTING TWO MOVIES NEXT YEAR, CARRYING OFF FROM PARIS! More Nodame, More Chiaki, More GYABOOOOOO!

3. Avatar Book 1 is finally coming out IN THE UK! :D

And just to add the icing on my awesome day cake, Nishikido Ryo being all scared and funny:




Nov. 18th, 2008 08:51 pm

*shakes fist* Damn you, awesome Pride soundtrack!

I was all ready to re-watch Nodame, but listened to the Pride soundtrack and now I wanna watch that again! T_T I still haven't watched Attention Please! the first time around! XD Okay, Nodame, then Pride, then AP!, then ProDai.....hahaha, I hope I get to all those before my yearly Christmas HYD marathon!

*shakes fist* Damn you, awesome Pride soundtrack!


Nov. 16th, 2008 08:38 pm

Randomness ahead!

One of my favourite Nodame Cantabile moments! This video should work! XD The video is not mine, btw!

I think this is the moment I knew this would be one of my favourite J-Dramas. I've never been into classical music, but this show made me a fan. I love that they knew they were up against a more professional oke so instead of competing with skill, they put their own stamp on it. You get excited just watching them! I may have to re-watch this for a 4th time now! XD If you haven't watched it yet, GO DO SO NOW!

THE LAUGH! That little laugh at the end never fails to make me giggle.

I can't get enough of V6's new song! It's way too catchy! XD And the guys are looking awesome, you'd never guess that their youngest member is 28 this year!

In other news: I think it's time to change my mood theme. I'll probably make an Avatar themed one once I get all the DVDs but at the moment it's a toss up between Proposal Daisakusen (Tsuru, COME ON!), Johnny's guys or Nodame Cantabile. I was thinking of doing Hana Kimi but let's face it, it'd be 90% Nakatsu, 8% Dorm 1 and 2% Oscar! XD

I also think it's time to another 100 icon challenge! The Zoro one was almost two years ago now!

Haha, I talk like I have the time to do these things!
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Very multi-fandom today!

Spirited Away [1-15]
Spectacular Spider-Man [16-26]
The Venture Brothers [27-43]
Ugly Betty [44-81]
Full House [82-96]
Nodame Cantabile [97-118]



Dean. That's a teen-ager... )

I finished Last Christmas!!

Spoilers for last episode! )

I loved the main OTP. They complimented each other brilliantly, and I said this before, but it's nice to see adult behaviour in a romantic relationship! No silly misunderstandings that go on for episodes and episodes, no hesitating of declaring feelings, etc etc. I dunno if they'll be my favourite J-Drama pairing ever (DOUMYOUJI/MAKINO FOR THE WIN!) but they're definitely up there.

Kenji's character is also one of the few emotionally stable and noble guys I've seen in J-Dramas so far. He doesn't fly off at the handle when someone gives him some home truths, he does right by everyone but still manages to not screw himself over in the process. He's nice, but not a push over. He's confident but not annoyingly arrogant. (I'm looking at you, Chiaki!!) He knows what he wants and sticks to his decision, no matter what annoying ex-girlfriends turn up! He's up there with Hiroto from Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and Mine from Nodame Cantabile in terms of old school dude...ness. Kenta-senpai from Papa to Musume almost makes it, but he's still a teenager, who knows how college will ruin him? XD I wanna include Suga-san from Love Revolution but the latter half of the series kinda disqualifies him.

Anyhoo, it was a good drama! Now! Off to finish Zettai Kareshi. I wonder which episode I was on.....

EDIT: Just a little thing that occured to me. Yokoyama Yuu has an amazingly amusing laugh. ^_^

But I promise, any and all spoilers will be blacked out. ^_^ Or LJ-cut, whichever seems appropriate.

I have almost no idea what is going on with comics these days. With work taking up all my time (FREEDOM, COME BAAAAACK), I don't have time to browse through comic sites to see what's going on in comics I don't read. There's something going on in DC that I'm not really aware of. Is Kyle evil these days? There's another crisis? It doesn't help that I'm only reading three DC books on a regular basis (Detective Comics, Nightwing and Teen Titans). Even if I was buying all the books, I still wouldn't know what was happening in Marvel. Something to do with Skrulls and such. I'm not sure if Thor or Hulk have shown up to kick Tony Stark's ass yet. All I know is that no matter how hard I wish, Spidey's not gonna go back to how he used to be. Ultimate Spidey is all kinds of awesome though. ^_^

In regards to TV shows, with the shorter seasons this year, most of the shows I watch are starting to wrap up now. (UK is always insanely behind) Bones season finale. WTF?! Zack! ;_; I love Zack, why?! Why do the characters I love always leave? He's just so adorable, I felt so sorry for him. Now he gotta live in the nuthouse. :( And that stunt with Booth. Okay, I knew he wasn't dead. But I did the same thing with Veronica from Prison Break for weeks before I accepted she died. XD That said, Booth, please never stop being hawtsome. And Hodgins better stop being so cute, I can't afford to have yet another TV crush. It's gonna go into triple digits! Lost is also wrapping for us next Sunday, it's probably already aired in the US though. I really hope that nothing sinister happens to Jin and Desmond. I love them both. And I have a track record, bad things always happen to characters I like. Which is very annoying, as characters I hate never seem to disappear. EVER. Lana is still on Smallville dammit! And Michael Rosenbaum has left! YOU MUST BE JOKING IF YOU THINK I'M STILL WATCHING! .... Okay, I'll watch if Ollie comes back, haha.

Now for talk about JE and J-Dramas! )

As for anime, I've rewatched Escaflowne for the millionth time (and still get mad at the ending!), I've also watched Cromartie High School (CRACK!), Azumanga Daioh (Osaka and Yukari for the win) and am in the middle of rewatching School Rumble. Oh Harima, I feel for ya man. He is the definition of misunderstood. I'm probably gonna start watching Ouran Host Club again, as I'm missing Tamaki. XD I was thinking of watching Fullmetal Alchemist but I don't think I can go through all the heartbreak again. That show broke me, and now I cry at everything dammit.

Season 2 of Avatar was on earlier today, and dammit, IROH! ;_; He was cracking wise and talking about tea and being all awesome and I was like IROH! COME BAAAAACK!
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Ikuta Toma [1-16]
Nodame Cantabile [17-46]
Love Generation [47-57]
The Colbert Report (The episode with Rain) [58-67]
Johnny's Entertainment Quotes [68-78]
Ikuta Toma Lovebar
Nodame Cantabile Lovebars (Mine, Chiaki, Nodame and Chiaki x Nodame)



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