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In a sudden and bastardous twist, IPKKND will be ending this Friday. Yes, apparently they can end a show in a few days and not tell anyone.

Merlin is also ending this year. Although I was kinda feeling this one. I can feel that having a tragic end too.

Young Justice is on hiatus and Korra's not back til next year. Fandom hasn't been very kind of late. XD

But with IPKKND over, I will probably have more time to post here now. If anyone's still left? (Yes, it sadly did take up a lot of my free time. It's a daily show after all!)
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I haven't done a big post in ages! To be fair, I haven't had much to post about except IPKKND but now all my shows are back so let's get to it!

First, randomly, I watched Kaibutsu-kun. Ohno's an amazing actor. I've only seen him in Maou, but the complete contrast between the two characters and how he played them is amazing. He totally became those characters. And even though it was a children's drama (right?), all the actors were really into it. None of them scoffed at what they were doing, and I think that made it all the more enjoyable. It's not an OMG GO WATCH IT NOW type of drama, but if you're looking for a break from romance or dark dramas, then this is a good way to pass the time.

Spoilers for Castle and Merlin. )

And now onto Young Justice, or as someone so brilliantly put it on tumblr...

It's a lie that this is a kid's show. A BIG FAT LIE. )

This week's ep of YJ pretty much cemented why I've stopped watching so many live action American shows and I'm watching more American animated shows instead. Leaving out the animation (which is superb by the way), the writing, acting and continuity on this show is amazing and most US tv shows wish they had this kind of consistency. I know people might be put off cos it's about costumed superheroes (DC superheroes to boot), but it's one of the best action shows on TV at the moment.

As for IPKKND...

I'm pretty sure I won't be as happy for my married life as I am for theirs. XD

Castle is back! :D

Young Justice is back on Saturday! :D

Merlin will be back in a couple of weeks! (I heard) :D

All good things because IPKKND killed all my happy feels today. Sigh. This is your final exam, ASR. If you fail it, I don't care how hot you are, we are done! All my fangirl feels will go to NK instead!

I still can't find a copy of I Hate Luv Storys so I watched some other Bollywood films, and it's official. No actor can make me cry like Shahrukh Khan. ;_;

When they said this new series was darker, they weren't kidding! I never read spoilers for Merlin, so I was totally not expecting this to happen!!

Not gonna spoil it, but I can't believe they went there! They were hinting at it last episode, but I really didn't think they'd actually do it! :O

Ooooh! Needs more Gwaine!

Linkage here! So Colin Morgan is saying that the series will return in September or October this year, instead of early 2012.

:D Yay! But, the old Merlin slot was given to Doctor Who (the series has been split into two halves), so where will Merlin go? :O

OT: England vs Ghana tonight! :D It's a friendly though. Is it bad that I'm rooting for Ghana instead? XD

Merlin finished last night! It'll be back, but in 2012 *insert your preferred NOOOOO here* :(

Compared to the second series finale, it seemed a bit tame, part of me wonders if the budget cuts had anything to do with it. But it was good. Stuff got resolved, stuff definitely got set up for the future and they can pretty much take it anywhere they want to next series.

Spoilers! )

Speaking of Robin, Young Justice ROCKED. I was expecting to be kinda interested by the end of the two parter, but it blew me away. The animation was stunning (which I wasn't expecting since the character designs kinda made me go eh), the voice acting was very good (as per with DC animation) and the story kicked off straight away, which I liked very much. No big introductions to characters, since they'll have time to do this along the way.

Once again, spoilers! )

If you liked any of the previous DC animations, you'll love this. To be honest, if you like animated series' with good continuity and plot, you'll love this too. The series starts up proper in January! :D

Merlin was awesome tonight! Major, major plot progression! I don't see how they'll push the reset button this time, lol.

Spoilers for the ep, and next week's trailer. )

I also watched Young Justice! I'll post more on it later, but it was BRILLIANT.


Oct. 31st, 2010 05:41 pm

Merlin's been renewed for a 4th series! :D YAY! However! For some reason, Doctor Who is having a split season next year, with half the episodes in it's usual place and the other half in the winter. So Merlin may not be shown next year, and be show in early 2012 instead. :( Unfortunately, I saw spoilers for the finale of Merlin and it sounds AWESOME so I'm kinda sad it won't be shown for a long while. It's only gonna be 10 episodes as well. But that might be a good thing, less filler episodes!

[ profile] oronoda, Misfit's second series is starting on November 11! I'm gonna catch up with the show once the second season is over, as I think it's gonna be 6 episodes again. Just for you, the series 2 trailer.

Randomly, there's a rumour floating around that Chris Pine might be playing The Flash in the live action movie...

Luckily, BBC One streams live on their website so I managed to catch it last night while the fam watched X-Factor. (Only one massive spoiler blacked out!)

It was one of those episode where lots happened! )

And as lots happened in this episode, next week will be a comedy filler. Which I enjoy, especially when Arthur's at the centre of them, so yay! ^_^

This was a filler episode, but a good filler episode nonetheless. Although, it's probably an episode that's setting up for events much later down the road, if they give this show another series.

Gwaine's awesome. )

Preview for next week, holy crap!

Merlin was not what I was expecting last night, it was actually pretty funny! XD

Some spoilers not blacked out this time and some vids! )

I love the Internet. My favourite moments from this ep are already online in gif form. XD

Read more... )

Next week looks like an episode for the kids, but I have a feeling I'll enjoy it anyway.
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I opted out of my annual re-watch of Escaflowne and decided to go for something different. Mostly because I made the foolish mistake of watching Whispers of the Heart and Only Yesterday in one sitting without having Freakazoid or that Egg Baby episode of Batman of the Future on standby. In short, nostalgia + kinda bla YOUTH!! ;_; feeling = No Escaflowne for a few years now. XD

So I decided to re-watch Avatar and Coffee Prince! )

Merlin's on soon!! :D Gotta fight for the TV though.

I did not know Merlin was starting off with a two-parter!! :O It was all kicking off near the end, and I looked at my watch all "I wonder how long is left of the show" and it was a minute from being over. XD

It was really good though, hit the ground running or something to that effect. I was very surprised that Morgana's fake-ness was revealed so quickly to both the audience and Merlin. They didn't even try and stretch it out, so it makes me wonder how it'll go for the rest of the series. The rest under the cut, spoilers blacked out! )

Here's the preview for next week!


It starts the next weekend you guys! :D (Which probably means I will be fighting against the rest of the fam who will want to watch X Factor ;_;)

But first, something else.

This never fails to make me laugh. XD


Merlin Series 3 sneak peek! Of course, there be spoilers.

Oooooooooh! )

No date yet, but I think series 3 starts early-mid September. :D

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