Phase 2 is going to be dark, it seems. ;_;

Okay, you guys know I fangirl Spidey to the point where it's a problem. XD I was expecting to enjoy this film, but not as much as I did. It really was amazing. However, it did have it's flaws. Not major ones, but more like "it's a shame" flaws that held the film back from being perfect. I was, however, like this by the end of the film:

Andrew Garfield was the live action Peter Parker/Spider-Man that I had been waiting for. ♥

Major spoilers! )

I'm hoping that they really, really bring their A-game for the next one. With everything they've set in place in this film, the next one could be even more amazing.

Look who's back!

Not really sure what to do with this information. XD I just managed to quit comics, damn you.


Nov. 13th, 2011 12:13 am
gb23: (Avatar: Iroh Wins!)

I got to see Thor a little while back, and I LOVED IT! :D I went to watch Captain America not expecting anything and came out very impressed, so I watched Thor expecting to be at least as impressed as I was with that film, and I was not disappointed. One of the things I love about the Marvel-owned films is that they've done a really good job of casting actors who fit where they're trying to go with the character, rather than going with what people expect the character to be. I find that when when films try to cater to people's expectations rather than just try to tell the best story they can, it comes off as very try hard. (Fan casting has only been on the money twice that I can remember. People were casting Kelsey Grammar as Beast while we were still all on dial-up. XD) In short, Chris Hemsworth was brilliant. He was very charming in the role, it could've easily come off as arrogant buttmunch guy. This Thor wasn't as "new world" naive as Thor is on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes but still comes off as a fish out of water type character. See below for example of awesomeness:

I cried laughing at this part!

Cut for length and spoilers! )

In any case, it's done its job and I'll definitely be seeing Avengers in the summer. I think the thing I like most about comic book films is that because the genre already brings in the coveted 18-35 male demographic, they don't have to worry about making characters in the usual types of characters. Male roles including the anti-hero jerk that has a heart of gold, or the useless dudebro who can somehow save the world with his useless knowledge and still get the "hot girl". Female roles including the annoying type-A woman who has everything but can't be complete without a guy or the obvious T&A love interest or the obviously beautiful "just my friend" who's hotness can only be noticed when the plot requries it. Not that comic books or their films don't fall into those traps! (Of course they do!) But we can get guys like Peter Parker and Steve Rogers or ladies like Peggy Carter who (unfortunately) don't appear often enough as leads. It's nice to get a variety sometimes!

Well, that'll be the longest post I do for a while. XD Unless of course, I can no longer hold myself back from ranting about the Akira film. Again.

What a nice surprise to wake up to!

So. Excited. :D

Even more excited now that I finally got to watch Thor and loved it more than I ever thought I would! (More on that later)

I haven't bought any comics in ages!

And you know, apart from the odd graphic novel, and getting the new Ultimate Spider-Man comic via trades...I don't think I'm going to buy them anymore. I've never been a "buying comics for collecting them" type of person. The only comic I own the full run of is the new X-Factor book, which went back to it's original numbering anyway!

It's a shame though, cos X-Factor's the only book that has been on point month after month without fail, but comics as a medium is pissing me off too much for me to stay invested in them. I knew going in that I wasn't the target audience for either of the big two, but there were a lot of books at the time that weren't so obvious about the 18-35 year old male demographic. Now there's just too much fail on both sides (although I must admit, more on DC's side) and...well, to be honest, I don't enjoy reading them anymore. And who knows when Marvel will look at what DC's done, and decide to reset the whole thing anyway. Then X-Factor would be gone!

I'll stick to the films and cartoons. DC's cartoons are so much better than the comics anyway.

Random thought of the day: I don't like Superman's new film costume. It's like he's naked but he's not. XD

I saw Captain America over the weekend, and it was pretty awesome! :D I was expecting to enjoy it, but not as much as I did. The supporting cast were excellent (Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones especially, loved them!) and Chris Evans really did a great job. He was Cap to me, he totally disappeared into the role, it was brilliant. (OMG, the fondue joke. I cried laughing, he's so sweet!) The soundtrack was cool too, I see you Alan Menken, sneaking a song in there! XD The biggest and happiest surprise of the film for me was Peggy's character. A badass female character who was not all anger and I HATE THE WORLD, kickass yet still feminine, held her own against all the male characters. To be honest, I never expected to see a character like that in a comic book film of all films. XD

The ending...

Spoilers for end of film and after-credits scene. )

So yeah, awesome movie is awesome. However, if you like your heroes/protagonists a little darker or angsty, then this may not interest you. He's a 100% good guy, so much so that a lot of reviewers were calling the character bland. :( I liked that he was like that, we don't have too many of his sort in films these days. Or life, for that matter. XD

Proper post with actual words about recent happenings tomorrow, but I had to post this...

The cup, OMG. XD


imagine my surprise when I wake up and it turns out they leaked it to the press anyway. Good thing I don't have Yahoo! as my homepage. XD

So, who died? Well, if you want to be spoiled, click on the cut! (I get to break out that Gokusen gif I've been saving!)

And, as per usual with any reaction post from me, gifs! Many gifs! )

And there we have it. I was just about to squee about how awesome Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was this week as well! (Holy crap, I think I love Thor! ♥ Always loved Hawkeye though, haha.)

I've caught up with the new Avengers cartoon, and I must say, I am enjoying it! I only started watching it cos I needed a superhero cartoon to watch, and Young Justice isn't starting til next year. (I don't even know what's happening with Ultimate Spider-Man!)

Some spoilers! )



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