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In random TV/fandom related news, it is apparently the season for re-watching as I'm in the mood to go back and watch some J-dramas! On the list is Long Vacation, My Boss My Hero and possibly Hanayome to Papa. I am feeling a Hana Yori Dango rewatch, mostly cos IPKKND is reminding me a lot of HYD at the mo but I'm worried that Arnav and Khushi have ruined all angry guy/spunky girl pairings for me with their outstanding chemistry. I guess it's cos you can feel the want from both sides, but in HYD (for me at least) it always came more from Tsukasa's side.

Speaking of IPKKND, I'm trying my level best to avoid spoilers for tonight's episode but the fandom has exploded this afternoon. I took one sneak peek, which was a big mistake cos I'm not at home and I'm on the verge of turning into this:

How am I supposed to be mad at you Arnav, when you keep doing.....that!

It's really putting me in the mood to rewatch this!

Many, many!

Long Vacation [1-20]
Orange Days [21-52]
Back to the Future [53-64]
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day [65-104]
The Princess and the Frog [105-120]



He's...magnificent... )

*sigh* I have now caught up with almost everything Internet related and can now post! Yay!

Which means I've watched Avatar, hahaha. IT WAS GOOD! :D But more on that a little bit later.

I never knew how much I relied on my computer. It's kinda bad! XD Mostly it's just for watching stuff, and squeeing with people who understand exactly what it is I'm squeeing about but I missed you guys! I couldn't watch One Piece for ages (I missed the Mugiwaras!) and the J-Drama I was in the middle of watching had to be put on hold. Luckily, it wasn't a cliffhanger style one (like Long Vacation and HYD) so I was okay not to watch it for a while. But I have such a darn backlog of J-Dramas, I'm never gonna get a chance to watch the newer ones! Like Bambino and HanaKimi (Oguri AND Toma, the show is already winning). I really did miss Arashi though. Those guys are so nuts. I missed the craziness!

It was also lucky that I'm at work most of the day, and don't get to use the computer as much as I used to anyways. If it was last year, and I was at home without the computer for three weeks, I think I would've gone insane! XD But it's back now, all my stuff is here, and it's all good.

And now....

Random things that happened while I was away! )


Pics of MatsuJun! In my hands! Instead of on the computer! )

Now. Time to discuss Avatar. Note: I haven't seen the episode that aired last night (The Beach one), I will be watching it tonight and squeeing tomorrow about it.

My boy is back! And he's gonna kick some ass! :D )

Anyhoo, with the computer back now, I shall be making icons again. Yay! :D Probably a big icon post!

Sorry it was so long!

These took ages! XD

Long Vacation [1-24]
Kurosagi [25-41]
Nodame Cantabile [42-64]
One Piece [65-79]
Random Johnny's Enterntainment Guys Quotes [80-101]



Those JE boys are so funny! )

Quick! Watch these before they are deleted! *weeps for the many lost videos of SMAP and V6*

A very quick parody of Hana Yori Dango! Oh, Ohno! XD You're such a goofball.

Tokio have a pillow fight! XD

Arashi propose! Subtitled! :D They're so cute! I'm not sure which one I liked best! Sho and Ohno's definitely made me laugh the most.

A throwback to childhood! XD Man, I love Eric. He was so my favourite!

This is not so much for the funny, but because I love the song. And Young!KimuTaku!

Luffy is made of win! XD

Usopp is made of awesome!

Oh Paulie! XD I loved this part! NICE INFAMY!

A scene from One Piece that everyone loves!

Zoro! Lost! Funny!

V6 getting shocked! Sakamoto's one was so funny!

Okay, that's all from me! Bye!

I don't know if it's just a matter of me getting older, and therefore getting more nostalgic and stuff but there are some songs that have been making me all "ah, youth!" recently! XD

Hearing any Weiss Kreuz songs take me back to being in sixth form, when anime was pretty much my only fandom. Even then, the anime I watched back then was pretty limited.

Hearing anything from the Escaflowne soundtrack takes me back to the summer just before I started sixth form. I loved that show so much at the time (still do!), I was proper obsessed with it! XD I also wanted to marry Van Fanel. Which wasn't too bad, seeing as I was also about 16 at the time. Now it'd be creepy! Hahahaa. Man, I'm old.

There are certain ones that make me kinda weepy now too. I loved Arashi's Aozora Pedal before I watched the Honey & Clover and movie, but now it makes me sad and kinda...well, kinda feel like Takemoto. He is my kindered anime spirit after all. I KNOW YOUR PAIN, TAKEMOTO! *gets teary* Poor guy. It didn't help that he was played by the adorable Sakurai Sho either!

Then of course, FMA. I watched it on TV weekly, so it pretty much played throughout my final year of university. Especially since I haven't watched it since then, hearing any of the theme songs makes me all nostalgic. I MISS MY DAYS OFF! Melissa's still a kick-ass song though. Honey & Clover songs (both OST and the songs by Spitz and Suga Shikao) also remind me of my final term in the final year of uni. Especially since Takemoto's graduation coincided with mine. Maybe I need to take a bike trip to the end of Britain so I can find myself and grow as a person.

HAHAHA! I can't even ride a bike! That'd be tragically funny!

Hana Yori Dango music reminds me of the completely swept away feeling I had watching this beatiful, awkward and adorable romance unfold before my eyes. There are some pieces of music from the OST that will literally make me sigh and go "Ahh, Hanazawa Rui. If only you were real." Also with Doumyouji too. They're both awesome. Ah, I've lost track of what I was saying! XD Yes, HYD's music is also awesome.

Watching Long Vacation had a weird nostalgic feeling for me. It was the first time I had watched it, but because of the style of the music, and especially because of the styles everyone had in the show, it made me remember the 90s. Although, give it a year and I'll be all "This music reminds me of the solidification of my appreciation for KimuTaku's hotness, and the first summer I worked all the way through!"

That was weird, wasn't it?! I don't usually get all blabbery like that on the LJ. Apologies! It won't happen again! It was all triggered off by SuneoHair's Waltz. I love that song.

In more normal [ profile] gabenut like news, I love Kanjani8. I love em cos they're loud, witty and fun. I like loudness! :D Also, their song Obachan Rock has to be the catchiest song I've hearing since Morning Musume's Love Machine.

Okay, I'm off to eat now!

Yeah, so I finally caved and got a paid account. There were just too many icons sitting in my folder to not be used! ;_; There's still loads more! But now, I get to use a pic of Innochi! *hugs him* I love you, Innochi!

The userpics will probably still change a hell of a lot though, and will be all Avatar related once the third season premieres. AVATAR! :D

I'm gonna finish Long Vacation soon! Kimura's hotter when he's older but I'll be damned if he isn't just adorable in this show. I get flashbacks of Takemoto from Honey & Clover when I see Sena. *weeps* POOR TAKEMOTO!

Anyhoo, Oguri Shun and Ryo Nishkido under the cut!

Hotness overload! )

Saw episode 1 of Long Vacation, I like it so far! It has that nostalgic feeling to it, even though it's my first time watching it. The main girl character (Minami) is awesome and of course, Kimura's awesome too. It'll be interesting to see how this goes along. Plus, I like shows where the female lead is actually cool!

Also, I love the theme song. I've had it on repeat all day! XD It seems like a good J-Drama to watch in the summer. It's friggin boiling today! *weeps*

And now!! *drumroll* Animated GIFs of funny! Hana Yori Dango, MatsuJun and SMAP!

Under the cut cos the file sizes are quite big! )

I'll post some more another day!



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