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Sep. 2nd, 2011 11:54 pm

I just finished watching when (most of) Kanjani8 appeared on Arashi ni Shiyagare...oh so funny. I cried laughing! Yoko's so hilarious! I wish Maru had been there, but I wonder if my lungs would have been able to take it. XD

Some icons

Mar. 9th, 2011 03:27 pm

Himitsu no Arashi-Chan (Mannequin 5 with Kanjani8) [1-40]
One Piece (Share The World opening animated gifs) [41-58]
Dragon Ball Z (We Got Power opening animated gifs) [59-68]



It's vintage! )

The Venture Brothers Season 4 Quotes [1-12]
Justice League Unlimited [13-36]
My Neighbours The Yamadas [37-56]
Merlin [57-88]
FlashForward (All of Demetri Noh) [89-100]
Johnny's (Kanjani8, TOKIO and Ikuta Toma) [101-130]



The man is a Fruit Loop! )

Kanjani8 Kyu☆Jyou☆Show PV [1-40]
Gaki no Tsukai: No Laughing Hospital [41-68]
Venture Brothers (4x04, spoilers) [69-92]
Anime Misc (Trigun, RuroKen, Slayers Next, School Rumble, Samurai Champloo) [93-116]
Coffee Prince (Final Episode) [117-149]



Dean's a princess! )

Got two episodes left of My Girl...it's getting serious!!!

But at least there's eye candy! )

I'm gonna blame my being sick on the fact that I didn't know Kanjani8 had a new single. I love the new song, the PV's cute! :D

Watching CanJani #10 (subbed, thank you EKA!), followed by My Neighbours The Yamadas made me laugh so much I've pretty much lost my voice now! XD I don't use the phone much at work, so I'm cool but I kinda sound like the old men on Honey and Clover that can't hold the beer properly, hahaha.

I gotta say, it's a good thing I'm neutral when it comes to Ohkura, he was such a baby in that episode! He got tired hearing 2 KM! Even I'm not that bad! (Yoko called it though, he really was behaving like a high school girl.) Hina was awesome in this episode though! His verbal tsukkomis might as well have been physical ones, they were so powerful. XD Please tell me there's an episode in the future where Hina and Yoko do one. They make me laugh so much separately, and even more when they're together. (They rule whenever they're on Domoto Kyoudai or Hey! Hey! Hey!)

I really enjoyed My Neighbours The Yamadas, cos it wasn't what I was expecting from a Ghibli movie. The animation was unusual, but interesting, and it suited the movie cos it was like a newspaper strip had come to life, in both the pictures and the storytelling style. It was a very universal story, so even if you're not that familiar with Japanese culture, you'd still find it funny and be able to relate to it. I pretty much saw myself in 10-15 years time (if I get married!) whenever the mum was on screen! Especially when she tricked her son into doing the dishes, and that "fight" she had with her husband to try and switch the TV channel. The little girl was hilarious, too bad she wasn't in it more. It does take about 15-20 minutes to find its groove, so be patient, it's worth it. :)


Oct. 7th, 2009 12:26 pm

Nice to see things haven't changed that much since I was a youth! XD These two uni students were saying goodbye to each other at the bus stop, but it was such an elongated goodbye and there were hugs and so on and lots of "respect"s and "safe"s being dropped into the convo. Then one gets on the bus and he's all "see you tomorrow bruv!"

I literally wanted to burst out laughing! Guys were like this when I was in uni as well, such epic goodbyes but they'd probably see each other the next day anyway.

Also, random thought I had today that will keep me amused for at least a month: Kanjani8 in One Piece as a musical and/or comedic troupe (I'm not sure that's the right word) pirate crew. I don't think Johnny would mind, since Uchi and Goro already voiced characters in the One Piece movies, and since they're usually out of canon, it'd be funny. Of course it won't ever happen, but the thought of it made me laugh. Hina would hit half the crew within minutes of meeting them and Maru and Luffy doing any sort of shenanigans would be awesome.

This random thought was brought to you by the melting of my brain by Pie Maker, a lack of sleep and sugar and Hugbees. :P

Johnny's Entertainment (incl. Arashi, SMAP, TOKIO, Kanjani8, Yamapi) [1-56]
One Piece [57- 80]
Seto no Hanayome [81-104]
Coffee Prince [105-120]
Wolverine and the X-Men [121-136]
Extras [5]



Itadakimasu~! )

Okay, it's official. Kanjani8 have invaded my brain! XD There's this dude I see on the way to work every morning, and he's got a bit of a stick-out chin. And every time I see him, I think of this moment:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Which results in me giggling Sakaki style. XD

I finished PD Season 1! Yay~! Picspams to follow. I'll take a bit of a break before starting season 2. Because I may go into a Pie Maker induced coma.

Arashi's Believe is too catchy for my own good! XD I really, really wanna see Yatterman. I was hoping it'd come out here (20th Century Boys did, dammit!) but no such luck.

Also randomly, I hope Shukudai-kun never stops airing. Every time I think Kanjani8 have stolen all my fangirl attention, I watch an episode of Shukudai-kun and I remember why I love Arashi so much. It's probably the same reason I like watching shows with the senpai groups so much. These guys get along with each other so well, and they're really comfortable around each other. The recent Utaban was hilarious too. (I love Taka-san. "The tears are leaking!" XD)

That said, I can't wait to see Kanjani8 on Hey! Hey! Hey! again. Downtown + K8 = stomach cramps from laughing so hard.

After watching this thing for the millionth time, I have decided that JE need to make a Kanjani8 movie. I've probably said this before, but my mind's not all here, so please bare with me. They could totally make an Eito ranger movie, with some cracky plot about how they've got to save the world...I dunno. It wouldn't make sense, but it'd be very funny.

I also may change the Eito Ranger theme to my ringtone. Or at least the part where Subaru holds that long note! XD

Multi-fandom icons below!

Kanjani8 on Hey!Hey!Hey! [1-23]
NEWS on Hey!Hey!Hey! [24-46]
Honey & Clover II [47-82]
Nobuta wo Produce [83-96]
Freakazoid [97-117]
Justice League Unlimited [118-136]



The tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'. Their true purpose is sinister. )

I saw this dude on the train today who was really sticking out his chin and I immeadiately heard the "SHAKURETERU!" from Daidaman and giggled to myself. XD

Justice League pimp post shall come....eventually.

I am quite tempted to do a picspam of Tsumabuki Satoshi in Orange Days though...

I finally got to watch this episode subbed, OMG, it was so funny! XD Just when I thought nothing could beat Hina vs (not real) Bears.

Ohkura cracks me up with his love of food, and also his not love of physical activity. "I don't wanna run!" XD He totally should've been expecting that smack from Hina. I can't wait to see the episode where him and Hina go hiking.

And Maru! <3 I love this guy so much! XD "I used to eat this kind!" You know the LOLs are good when Yoko's very high pitched laugh makes an appearance. More Maru please!


Kanjani8 on Domoto Kyoudai(animated) [1-14]
Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo [15-56]
Azumanga Daioh [57-82]
Maou(all of Ikuta Toma) [83-106]



I will obey the traffic rules... )

Kanjani8 on Domoto Kyoudai [1-48]
Tiger & Dragon [49-67]
My Boss My Hero [68-81]
One Piece [82-91]
Tsumabuki Satoshi [92-99]



This...is the dark side? )

He's a sneaky one, that Sakurai Sho.

I was completely Jun-baited to Arashi, but before I knew it, I realised today that Sho's my favourite Arashi member. Maybe it's cos no matter how dorkish he acts, he's still adorable. Or maybe it's cos he's an intellectual baka. Or maybe it's cos he's so used to being dorky that he doesn't even get embarrassed anymore. It might have something to with the infamous Tony and James...but it's mostly that he's an adorable dork. That, and I haven't watched Jun in any dramas lately, haha. But yeah, as it stands Sho is my favourite.

Maru's still my favourite in Kanjani8, but Yoko and Hina are not too far behind.

Complete randomness, yes, but today is boring! XD

OOH! Also, it seems that Yamapi's gonna be on VS Arashi in the new year! YES! I've never seen Yamapi and Arashi communicate that much, so it'll be fun!

I've been on a bit of a Southern All Stars kick today! I've been listening to their albums, and I like these the best: Katte ni Sinbad, Ai to Yokubou no Hibi, Wakare, BOHBO No.5 and Tsunami. I've got a fondness for Itoshi no Ellie too, it was the first one of theirs I'd heard.

I've recovered from my HanaKimi icon hangover, and am making icons again! Rest assured, there will be Eito! :D

Also, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] pilot101, I have some hilarious new Heroes icons! XD

Apologies for the last post! *shakes fist* YOUTUBE!

Anyhoo, I'm in the middle of getting a whole bunch of new icons. BUT! ;_; There was this icon entry on [livejournal.com profile] kanjani8 in the last few days, with some awesome pics of Hina and Maru, I can't remember where from, but Maru was wearing this blue t-shirt and it was also some icons of that infamous twisty Hina pose....AND I CAN'T FIND IT ANYMORE! Anyone know where it's gone?! Oooh, and if anyone's got Maru saying I love you so much to you on video, I'd be grateful for links! :D

Maru-chaaaaaan! <3

How much awesome was Kanjani8 on Domoto Kyoudai? Too much, that's how much. I'm pretty sure this is the closest I've ever gotten to laughing up a lung! My cheeks hurt from laughing non-stop for 20 odd minutes.

Yokoyama was pretty damned awesome in this episode, dude's got excellent comic timing. But Maru shined for me in this episode, he makes the most amusing faces when he's telling stories! Especially about his bodybuilding parents! And getting told off in the night for eating too many carbs by hotel staff! XD

I'll never be able to hear the word "okini" or "pasta" without laughing my head off now! Kanjani8 need to be in a movie or something, seriously. I'm gonna be laughing to myself for days now!

HanaKimi icons are coming along slowly. Damn you, you crafty animated GIFS! *shakes fist*



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