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In a sudden and bastardous twist, IPKKND will be ending this Friday. Yes, apparently they can end a show in a few days and not tell anyone.

Merlin is also ending this year. Although I was kinda feeling this one. I can feel that having a tragic end too.

Young Justice is on hiatus and Korra's not back til next year. Fandom hasn't been very kind of late. XD

But with IPKKND over, I will probably have more time to post here now. If anyone's still left? (Yes, it sadly did take up a lot of my free time. It's a daily show after all!)

Goodbye Barun Sobti. I shall miss seeing your handsome face 5 days a week. Here's hoping you have a good career, cos you're a good actor too!

;_; The show won't be the same anymore!!
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I haven't done a big post in ages! To be fair, I haven't had much to post about except IPKKND but now all my shows are back so let's get to it!

First, randomly, I watched Kaibutsu-kun. Ohno's an amazing actor. I've only seen him in Maou, but the complete contrast between the two characters and how he played them is amazing. He totally became those characters. And even though it was a children's drama (right?), all the actors were really into it. None of them scoffed at what they were doing, and I think that made it all the more enjoyable. It's not an OMG GO WATCH IT NOW type of drama, but if you're looking for a break from romance or dark dramas, then this is a good way to pass the time.

Spoilers for Castle and Merlin. )

And now onto Young Justice, or as someone so brilliantly put it on tumblr...

It's a lie that this is a kid's show. A BIG FAT LIE. )

This week's ep of YJ pretty much cemented why I've stopped watching so many live action American shows and I'm watching more American animated shows instead. Leaving out the animation (which is superb by the way), the writing, acting and continuity on this show is amazing and most US tv shows wish they had this kind of consistency. I know people might be put off cos it's about costumed superheroes (DC superheroes to boot), but it's one of the best action shows on TV at the moment.

As for IPKKND...

I'm pretty sure I won't be as happy for my married life as I am for theirs. XD

Well, it finally happened. All is finally forgiven Arnav Singh Raizada.

Well done, bro!

Castle is back! :D

Young Justice is back on Saturday! :D

Merlin will be back in a couple of weeks! (I heard) :D

All good things because IPKKND killed all my happy feels today. Sigh. This is your final exam, ASR. If you fail it, I don't care how hot you are, we are done! All my fangirl feels will go to NK instead!

I still can't find a copy of I Hate Luv Storys so I watched some other Bollywood films, and it's official. No actor can make me cry like Shahrukh Khan. ;_;


- After having lots of little cousins over during the summer hols, I have unfortunately picked up a bad habit of speaking like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. (At least, I think that's her name?)

- I have seen The Dark Knight Rises, I will post properly about it on the weekend after I see Brave (finally!). I will say I enjoyed it a lot, but it didn't blow me away, which was a shame.

- I have a feeling IPKKND is about to get very intense, and not in the happy way. I will need to have some funny on standby.

- The Legend of Korra is apparently getting a movie, but don't worry, it's an animated feature!

- Ikuta Toma's getting a drama, yaaaaay!
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In random TV/fandom related news, it is apparently the season for re-watching as I'm in the mood to go back and watch some J-dramas! On the list is Long Vacation, My Boss My Hero and possibly Hanayome to Papa. I am feeling a Hana Yori Dango rewatch, mostly cos IPKKND is reminding me a lot of HYD at the mo but I'm worried that Arnav and Khushi have ruined all angry guy/spunky girl pairings for me with their outstanding chemistry. I guess it's cos you can feel the want from both sides, but in HYD (for me at least) it always came more from Tsukasa's side.

Speaking of IPKKND, I'm trying my level best to avoid spoilers for tonight's episode but the fandom has exploded this afternoon. I took one sneak peek, which was a big mistake cos I'm not at home and I'm on the verge of turning into this:

How am I supposed to be mad at you Arnav, when you keep doing.....that!

Okay, too much happened in IPKKND while I was gone for me to fangirl about here, but the most important moment was this:

Under the cut, just in case! )

Needless to say, I was all

Welcome back, Mr Raizada.

Quick post!

Jun. 2nd, 2012 06:15 pm

A more substantial post later, as I'll have more time thanks to the four day weekend!! :D

- Korra's back this week, yay!

- Last new Young Justice for a while. :(

But apparently it's an episode written by PAD so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

- After this week's action packed IPKKND, I just had to make this gif. XD

This show has totally sent me back 10 years. IT'S NOT GOOD! I've worked very hard on maintaining a certain level of cynicism towards life but the OTP are being too precious right now. XD

- After being challenged by my friend, I settled on 7 (possibly 8) animes that Hollywood could adapt into live action. Important word being could. They should never touch these anyway, but it'd be better than going for ones that they need to change almost everything.

- I finished Beethoven Virus, it was really good! Very different from the Korean dramas I usually watch, but very entertaining. And I want Jang Geun Suk to record a book on tape or something cos his speaking voice is ear candy!

I'm watching a new anime (yay, finally) called Nichijou. It's like Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh on crack. An example here from ep 7 (don't worry, he's not a main character). My exact reaction was this

I'm on ep 10 at the moment, it's so funny! XD

After a lengthy discussion/debate with a friend of mine about all the US live action anime adaptations coming up, I was thinking of making a post about which animes I think would make a good transition (if done well). Not that they should ever be made, but on paper they'd be okay....

And the latest spoilers from IPKKND have me all excited. Not because of what is gonna be said, but the meaning behind saying it. You're a buttmunch ASR, but you know your contract wifey!

Arnav shaved his stubble! ;_; No!

But today's episode is supposed to be hilarious/sweet.

I wanna post something of substance but I have no time! ;_; So, quick version!

Ultimate Spider-Man is the funniest Marvel cartoon ever. I wanna adopt Peter, he's so cute. And if I was much younger, I'd totally be crushing on Iron Fist. XD I haven't watched this week's Avengers yet! And just a few more days til Korra (for me, I'm late I know). YJ was not what I was expecting this week, but that obvious line from Roy was the "it couldn't get any worse" moment that happens before everything goes to crap. And yes, stil no word on the mole. I'm waiting for that heartbreak this weekend. XD

Speaking of Avengers, TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW! :D (Sorry North Americans, I believe you're getting it the week after that!) The world premiere was last night and word on Twitter is that it's amazing. *fangirl tears* I don't care, I'm seeing it at least twice.

IPKKND is on a filler storyline at the moment, but lots of cute moments. I wanna gif so much but I have no time recently and I can't get a good video to gif it! The Beauty and the Beast parallel was spot on, Shyam is totally Gaston in this situation. I've been catching up with all the episodes I missed! Payal used to be so fierce, what happened girl?! But because of this drama, I'm behind on my US tv shows! ;_; But the last ep of Castle I saw was just...too many emotions! The finale's going to be crackin'!

And finally, best advert of the moment:

I don't know why it makes me laugh hysterically, but it does!



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