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Oct. 6th, 2009 08:47 pm

I think I've finally found the perfect GIF that shows what happens to me when I watch Pushing Daisies (and more specifically The Pie Maker).

Ah Takemoto. My anime kindered spirit. )

Multi-fandom icons below!

Kanjani8 on Hey!Hey!Hey! [1-23]
NEWS on Hey!Hey!Hey! [24-46]
Honey & Clover II [47-82]
Nobuta wo Produce [83-96]
Freakazoid [97-117]
Justice League Unlimited [118-136]



The tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'. Their true purpose is sinister. )

I've wanted to do a pimp post for this series forever! The yakuza unicorns just gave the kick in the behind I needed. XD

Anyhoo, as you can probably tell from my journal, I have many many fandoms which can be very different from each other. But there are some fandoms that I think everyone can enjoy, no matter what you're into. Case in point: Honey & Clover.

The anime version. Don't get me wrong, I liked the drama version (kinda liked the movie version, but mostly cos of Sho! XD), but it's not as good as the anime version. For one thing, it keeps incredibly close to the manga storyline. For another, we get to see everyone's backstory (well, almost everyone, but I won't give it away).

The story is based around five college students and their lives as they go from adolescence to adulthood, (wonderfully) narrated by the main character Takemoto Yuta.

Come! See! You won't be sorry! )

Honey & Clover will make you laugh, make you cry and either really relate to what you're going through at the moment or remember the times when you were going through stuff like this.

It has two seasons, first season has 24 episodes and the second season has 12, with two special episodes in between the two seasons. The artwork is unique, yet more realistic than most animes. It's an emotional rollercoaster, but definitely worth it. You'll definitely end up loving at least one of the characters, if not all of them. And if the first episode doesn't make you almost wet yourself laughing, then I don't know what to do with you! XD

I had the weirdest dream last night! What I remember about it is full of holes though, haha.

At one point, MatsuJun and Nino were in it, fighting with wooden swords, but MatsuJun got too into it and hit Nino in the face and he started bleeding. Then David Tennant was there, and I was congratulating him on his final Dr Who appearance and giving him hugs and kisses (HA, wishful thinking there).

Oh! And I think Hina tsukkomi'd this girl I used to know for being a dumbass. Horrible thing she was. Foul to the bone. Ha! That's another story altogether.

EDIT: I FOUND IT! :D One of my favourite, honest to goodness laugh out loud moments of Honey & Clover. It's from season 2.

I was just browsing, wanting to upload some icons of the gorgeously adorable Tsumabuki Satoshi, and I look and see this!

It's meant to be a cute pic of Nomiya and Ayu! XD I think this happened to [livejournal.com profile] harmon_rook a couple of times. I just gotta delete it and re-upload, yes?

In other news: I love TOKIO's Amagasa. It might end up being my favourite song of theirs. :)

EDIT: All fixed now! :)

It's not normal.

This HachiKuro drama is making me tear up every damn episode! Okay, so it's probably because Toma's playing Takemoto, and probably because I know how it ends BUT STILL! I'm coming to accept all the changes to the show, and enjoying it for what it is. I am kinda sad that Shuuji isn't nuts. ;_; I wanted to see the bat with nails! I think if I go back and watch the anime, I'll probably cry a lot more than I did the first time round. Getting older makes me weird!!!

Not normal at all.

I want to get excited for the Kurosagi movie and HYD movie, but I know I won't be able to see them until Christmas time so it's kinda moot. It's not fair, Yamapi looks awesome and I wanna know if he catches that guy whose name I forgot!!!

Anyone seen the new Hey! Hey! Hey! with NewS? I never knew Tegoshi could be so ero! XD It was hilarious!

Now, to start a new drama, SP! :D Okada, yaaaaay!

Also: WHERE THE @*&# IS AVATAR?!?!!?!

That's all for today.

Enjoy! :D

One Piece (Episode 130) [1-33]
Teen Titans (Fractured) [34-62]
Howl's Moving Castle [63-74]
Honey and Clover: Live Action [75-90]
Kanjani8 Quotes [91-101]



This is busaiku. )

Many icons, few fandoms!

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Possible Season 3 Spoilers!) [1-18]
Honey and Clover: Live Action Drama (Episode 1) [19-47]
Nodame Cantabile: Special Lesson (First Night) [48-83]
Johnny's Enterntainment Quotes [84-92]



Hai senpai, changey pleasu! )

I watched the first ep last night, subbed, it was good! It doesn't follow the manga apart from the core story, but the characters and general feeling of the show are the same. They got such a cutie to play Mayama! Which is bad, cos apart from his psycho antics (so much love), I was pretty much indifferent to him!

But, it's official: Ikuta Toma is gonna break my heart in every drama he's in. Seriously.

Spoilers I guess. But you guys should've watched some form of HachiKuro by now! :P )

Onwards to episode 2!

Hello! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday period!


And I've started my HYD marathon, which means all HYD userpics (as much as I hated parting with Nakatsu userpics)! Oh Doumyouji, Oh Rui, how I have missed you both! *hugs*

For HYD ramblings, and other things, under the cut please! )

I don't know if it's just a matter of me getting older, and therefore getting more nostalgic and stuff but there are some songs that have been making me all "ah, youth!" recently! XD

Hearing any Weiss Kreuz songs take me back to being in sixth form, when anime was pretty much my only fandom. Even then, the anime I watched back then was pretty limited.

Hearing anything from the Escaflowne soundtrack takes me back to the summer just before I started sixth form. I loved that show so much at the time (still do!), I was proper obsessed with it! XD I also wanted to marry Van Fanel. Which wasn't too bad, seeing as I was also about 16 at the time. Now it'd be creepy! Hahahaa. Man, I'm old.

There are certain ones that make me kinda weepy now too. I loved Arashi's Aozora Pedal before I watched the Honey & Clover and movie, but now it makes me sad and kinda...well, kinda feel like Takemoto. He is my kindered anime spirit after all. I KNOW YOUR PAIN, TAKEMOTO! *gets teary* Poor guy. It didn't help that he was played by the adorable Sakurai Sho either!

Then of course, FMA. I watched it on TV weekly, so it pretty much played throughout my final year of university. Especially since I haven't watched it since then, hearing any of the theme songs makes me all nostalgic. I MISS MY DAYS OFF! Melissa's still a kick-ass song though. Honey & Clover songs (both OST and the songs by Spitz and Suga Shikao) also remind me of my final term in the final year of uni. Especially since Takemoto's graduation coincided with mine. Maybe I need to take a bike trip to the end of Britain so I can find myself and grow as a person.

HAHAHA! I can't even ride a bike! That'd be tragically funny!

Hana Yori Dango music reminds me of the completely swept away feeling I had watching this beatiful, awkward and adorable romance unfold before my eyes. There are some pieces of music from the OST that will literally make me sigh and go "Ahh, Hanazawa Rui. If only you were real." Also with Doumyouji too. They're both awesome. Ah, I've lost track of what I was saying! XD Yes, HYD's music is also awesome.

Watching Long Vacation had a weird nostalgic feeling for me. It was the first time I had watched it, but because of the style of the music, and especially because of the styles everyone had in the show, it made me remember the 90s. Although, give it a year and I'll be all "This music reminds me of the solidification of my appreciation for KimuTaku's hotness, and the first summer I worked all the way through!"

That was weird, wasn't it?! I don't usually get all blabbery like that on the LJ. Apologies! It won't happen again! It was all triggered off by SuneoHair's Waltz. I love that song.

In more normal [livejournal.com profile] gabenut like news, I love Kanjani8. I love em cos they're loud, witty and fun. I like loudness! :D Also, their song Obachan Rock has to be the catchiest song I've hearing since Morning Musume's Love Machine.

Okay, I'm off to eat now!

Yeah, so I finally caved and got a paid account. There were just too many icons sitting in my folder to not be used! ;_; There's still loads more! But now, I get to use a pic of Innochi! *hugs him* I love you, Innochi!

The userpics will probably still change a hell of a lot though, and will be all Avatar related once the third season premieres. AVATAR! :D

I'm gonna finish Long Vacation soon! Kimura's hotter when he's older but I'll be damned if he isn't just adorable in this show. I get flashbacks of Takemoto from Honey & Clover when I see Sena. *weeps* POOR TAKEMOTO!

Anyhoo, Oguri Shun and Ryo Nishkido under the cut!

Hotness overload! )

Animated GIFs and YouTube videos!

[livejournal.com profile] chochajin and [livejournal.com profile] japan_girl16 will love these YouTube links. I thought I may as well post them before they disappear. You may have seen these before. A few years back, the Johnny's boys used to do a sports thingy. This is the backstage stuff.

It looks like it's been scripted, but no one told the younger Johnny's! XD It seems to have been a comedic plan cooked up by V6, Tokio and Kinki Kids.

Basically, the Johnnys have been split into two teams: J-Red and J-White. I'm assuming (my understanding of Japanese is so basic, so please correct me if I'm wrong) that they wanna go have a talk with the other team, but that junior (Hasagawa?) keeps starting a fight with Sakamoto from V6.

On a slightly off-topic note, some of these guys never age. Seriously. Inohara, Nagano and Nagase all look the same as they do now. Well, Nagase's hair looks different.

Another thing I've learned from these videos is that Tokio are just as nuts as V6 are. Except Tokio look like they could take you and all your mates in a bar fight! XD

It's funny watching these, cos you can spot loads of Johnny's boys when they were younger. I saw half of Arashi in there, Jin Akanishi, (Toma's in there too [livejournal.com profile] chochajin!!), Yamapi. Poor kids, they're all cracking up laughing while the older boys have their fun.

Oh yeah, and a massive fight always breaks out. XD

Anyhoo! On to the clips!

A clip from 2000

A clip from 2001

A clip from 2002

The last one has to be my favourite. Simply because they all break out and do Broadway style dancing. Oh you crazy boys, how I love you! XD

Animated GIFs of crack under the cut!! )

Enjoy! :D

I'm off sick today, so I thought I'd make some icons to make me feel better! :D

Honey & Clover [1-16]
One Piece [17-38]
Boston Legal [39-44]
My Boss My Hero (Spoilers maybe for last episode!!) [45-62]
Jun Matsumoto [63-73]



It's the secret, Alan! )

Enjoy! :D

Arashi [1-36]
Honey & Clover Live Action Movie [37-65]
Azumanga Daioh [66-80]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [81-93]



The first time I saw someone fall in love... )

I finally got to episode 6 of HYD2! Yay! So please, no spoilers! Thanks! :D Anyhoo, onto the icons!

Hana Yori Dango 2 [1-17]
GTO [18-32]
Ranma 1/2 OAV [33-49]
Formerly Known As The Justice League [50-63]
Honey & Clover [64-70]
One Piece [71-78]
Fruits Basket [79-88]



I'm on the side of justice! )

Honey and Clover [1-24]
One Piece Mugiwara Theater: Obahan Time and Jinginai Time [25-56]
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [57-66]
Rurouni Kenshin [67-78]
Freakazoid [79-84]
Comics [85-89]



I can't express it in words. )

Loads of One Piece. Cos I went on an Ace iconing spree. :D

The OC [1-14]
One Piece [15-47]
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [48-68]
Honey & Clover [69-77]



Yaaay! )

All anime today, enjoy!

School Rumble [1-13]
Tenchi Muyo [14-28]
Ouran High School Host Club [29-46]
Honey and Clover [47-60]
Fruits Basket [61-68]



Yep. That's what he showed him. )

Loads of quote icons...they take long to make ^_^()

Avatar the Last Airbender [1-18]
Fruits Basket [19-31]
Ouran High School Host Club [32-39]
One Piece (Some slight Water 7 spoilers) [40-52]
Honey & Clover [53-62]
Veronica Mars [63-66]
Iroh (from Avatar) Colorbar [2 variations]



Quotes, quotes and stuff! )



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