NBC's Wonder Woman pilot didn't get picked up. It sucks for everyone involved on the show, but to be honest, I'm kinda glad. With the direction they were going in, it probably would've been cancelled and then everyone would be all "See, girl superheroes aren't popular!" bla bla bla. Doesn't matter if the main character is a woman or a man, the thing has to be interesting and well written. The new My Little Pony cartoon has tons of adult male fans! XD

And now, for the WTF of the week...

Japan is apparently remaking Hana Kimi. Gifs are a given. )
gb23: (HanaKimi: BABY!)

I think I purposely forgot that this part happened. XD

And now, to cleanse your eyes (and brains) have some cute Yusuke! :D

GIFs are mostly of Coffee Prince, some Johnny's, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Nobuta, Hana Yori Dango, Hannya and one amusing GIF from Seto no Hanayome.

Image heavy! )

Enjoy! ^_^

Azumanga Daioh (Finale) [1-40]
Hero: The Movie [41-72]
The Princess Bride [73-84]
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [85-114]



....I LOST MY WALLET! ;_; )
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As you probably all know by now, I love Nakatsu! XD Because I'm bored and there's nothing on TV at this time of night I will now show six examples below the cut as to why he's my fictional husband, haha.

Click! It's funny! )


Jan. 19th, 2009 08:28 pm

New York Comic Con is gonna be stormed by Sakurai fans! XD Damn you, Atlantic Ocean. And work. I wish I could goooo!

I'm thinking of marathoning Karei-Naru Ichizoku (I probably haven't spelled that right) this weekend, but I've heard that it's emotionally engrossing, so I'm not sure if that's the best thing to watch before I go back to work. XD

I'll have to have some HanaKimi or Full House on stand by.
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The monster entry!

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Special [210]



Ikemen, swimsuits and sakura blossoms: this way! )

Wah, I'm not making any more icons for at least a month or two! They'll be up on Monday hopefully, ended up being 210! AND I CUT BACK! T_T

Anyhoo, my icon now is one of the animated icons (and one of my favourite parts, hahaa). Ah, Nakatsu! <3


Nov. 7th, 2008 07:21 pm

Animated icons are even harder when I'm at work most of the day!

Lol, in other words, the HK icons will be up next week for definite, I'm hoping Monday.

Winter has kicked in like a (expletive deleted), and I'm feeling it! :( But winter means hot chocolate, duvets, Christmas TV and my marathon of overly romantic J-Dramas so I'm nice and depressed come New Years! XD

It's a little early, but my fandom wishes for the new year? More shirtless Peter in Heroes, a drama for Maru (PLEASE) and lots more drama work for Ikuta Toma.

Maru-chaaaaaan! <3

How much awesome was Kanjani8 on Domoto Kyoudai? Too much, that's how much. I'm pretty sure this is the closest I've ever gotten to laughing up a lung! My cheeks hurt from laughing non-stop for 20 odd minutes.

Yokoyama was pretty damned awesome in this episode, dude's got excellent comic timing. But Maru shined for me in this episode, he makes the most amusing faces when he's telling stories! Especially about his bodybuilding parents! And getting told off in the night for eating too many carbs by hotel staff! XD

I'll never be able to hear the word "okini" or "pasta" without laughing my head off now! Kanjani8 need to be in a movie or something, seriously. I'm gonna be laughing to myself for days now!

HanaKimi icons are coming along slowly. Damn you, you crafty animated GIFS! *shakes fist*

188 icons of the HanaKimi SP.

All in one sitting.

And I haven't even made the animated icons yet.


But it was worth it! They're so shiny and crack-filled! ^_^
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I finally got to watch the Hana Kimi Special, after hearing about it some time ago and well...I LOVED IT! I know that this show is not to a lot of people's tastes, fans of the manga seem not to like it, which I can empathise with (Honey and Clover!!!) but I love this show. It really is the definition of crack, and made me into a total Ikuta Toma fangirl.

The special is set between episodes 7 and 8, and the theme is "When Sano fell in love with Mizuki". I was initially disappointed that they weren't going to go on a field trip to the States to visit Mizuki, but a lot of people missed the whole Sano/Mizuki romance so they tried to make up for it in this episode. I personally will never understand how she never chose Nakatsu, but then I haven't read the manga so what do I know! XD

While the special wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was great for what it was, and I wish they had had time to fit in these storylines when the show was airing. There was enough dorm 1, Oscar and general Nakatsu goodness to keep me satisfied though. And one simply hilarious scene where Sano pulls a Nakatsu. :D

NOW! Pics! To describe the parts I liked best. ^_^

IkePara! )

Part of me really hopes that they can film another special, but I highly doubt it! The guys are getting older, and I don't think they can all play high school students for much longer. I loved this special though!

Now Dr Who type people! I need to be pointed in the general direction of some excellent Ten icons, stat! :D

Their new song and PV is just so much adorable awesome! :D I'm iconning it as we speak! It was quite hard to make icons though, the video was pretty colourless considering its Eito...! Gotta say, Hina's looking pretty damn fine these days! And Maru! ♥ Maru, hon, why aren't you in more stuff?! You're so funny and adorable. Something along the lines of Nodame or Hana Kimi would have been perfect for him.

Speaking of which, head on over to D-Addicts people...



Oh yes, the day has come at last! Nakatsu....wheeee!

There's been a whole series of that new X-Men cartoon and I had no idea! And now I can't find it anywhere! I wanna see, I heard there was Nightcrawler goodness! ;_; I need an action-y cartoon, there's no Avatar or Spidey!

I haven't been watching Ugly Betty, I'm gonna wait until it comes on UK TV (if it ever does), but I did find out the answer to last season's cliffhanger and also what happened to Gio. ;_; No fair! I can see why it happened, in terms of story and actual real life stuff but still I WILL MISS GIO! ;_; And I watched a scene on YouTube where Gio's telling Betty why they can't get back together. The way he said "because you broke my heart!" FRIGGIN' BROKE MINE! :( How am I supposed to live vicariously through you, Betty?! XD

I did however manage to catch up with the first three seasons of How I Met Your Mother...and I love it! I loved Barney at first, but now I pretty much think Marshall is just made of awesome. The Slap Bet is one of the funniest things I've seen on American TV in years! Let's Go To The Mall was stuck in my head for days!

I'm still patiently waiting the subbed version of the Hana Kimi special. It looked very good, and of course, I can't wait to see Nakatsu and dorm 1 again. I had really, really hoped that they'd do the whole go to America thing that they hinted at in the finale, but I can imagine they wouldn't have enough budget to send all the Ikemen to LA! XD

Me and my friend were watching Hey! Say! Jump on Domoto Kyodai (I heart KinKi so much!) the other day, and my friend pointed to Chinen and said "That cute little one would make a great Mohmiji! He's adorable!". Which of course led the conversation into "If they were crazy enough to make a Fruits Basket live action drama, who would be casted?" theme. We didn't cast all the characters though.

Ikemen Paradise, part 2! XD )

T_T Also, someone please sub Maru's appearance on Shonen Club Premium! Please?

And this Kimura CM has had me laughing for days. He's dancing just like the girls! XD

Ever since watching Pride, I can't get Queen's I Was Born To Love You out of my head! I'm also still fangirling Yamato and want to watch more J-Dramas with this actor in it.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

In other news, HanaKimi SP! I saw the commercial for it, it looks good! It's on next Wednesday in Japan, so probably subbed in a week or so. I hope it's two hours long like the Nodame specials. I loved that. And two hours of Nakatsu and dorm 1 is always welcome!

KANJANI8 HAVE A NEW SINGLE! *happy dance* And they're gonna be on Domoto Kyoudai again! The last episode was so funny (see icon), I can't wait! I want Maru to speak more! He's so funny but he never speaks enough!

I can't get enough of V6's new song! It's way too catchy! XD And the guys are looking awesome, you'd never guess that their youngest member is 28 this year!

In other news: I think it's time to change my mood theme. I'll probably make an Avatar themed one once I get all the DVDs but at the moment it's a toss up between Proposal Daisakusen (Tsuru, COME ON!), Johnny's guys or Nodame Cantabile. I was thinking of doing Hana Kimi but let's face it, it'd be 90% Nakatsu, 8% Dorm 1 and 2% Oscar! XD

I also think it's time to another 100 icon challenge! The Zoro one was almost two years ago now!

Haha, I talk like I have the time to do these things!

It's technically summer, and there is still no news of the airdate of the HanaKimi Special! ;_; And as Avatar is a couple of weeks away (WITH SOME IROH, DAMMIT!), I need to fill the void. Thus, I have begun rewatching the HanaKimi series again. Not that Avatar and HanaKimi are remotely similar. I just have a need for crazy laugh out loud joy. And Nakatsu, hehehe. So be warned, there shall be much fangirling to come! Apologies in advance!

Apparently, Arashi are doing the theme song for Ohno's new drama Maou. Which is fitting, as it's Riida's first drama but I was kinda hoping for Toma to have something to do with it! :( Will Mr Johnny never let him graduate from being a junior?!


Spoilers for end of School Rumble season 1! )

Doctor Who was quite good this weekend as well!

But I promise, any and all spoilers will be blacked out. ^_^ Or LJ-cut, whichever seems appropriate.

I have almost no idea what is going on with comics these days. With work taking up all my time (FREEDOM, COME BAAAAACK), I don't have time to browse through comic sites to see what's going on in comics I don't read. There's something going on in DC that I'm not really aware of. Is Kyle evil these days? There's another crisis? It doesn't help that I'm only reading three DC books on a regular basis (Detective Comics, Nightwing and Teen Titans). Even if I was buying all the books, I still wouldn't know what was happening in Marvel. Something to do with Skrulls and such. I'm not sure if Thor or Hulk have shown up to kick Tony Stark's ass yet. All I know is that no matter how hard I wish, Spidey's not gonna go back to how he used to be. Ultimate Spidey is all kinds of awesome though. ^_^

In regards to TV shows, with the shorter seasons this year, most of the shows I watch are starting to wrap up now. (UK is always insanely behind) Bones season finale. WTF?! Zack! ;_; I love Zack, why?! Why do the characters I love always leave? He's just so adorable, I felt so sorry for him. Now he gotta live in the nuthouse. :( And that stunt with Booth. Okay, I knew he wasn't dead. But I did the same thing with Veronica from Prison Break for weeks before I accepted she died. XD That said, Booth, please never stop being hawtsome. And Hodgins better stop being so cute, I can't afford to have yet another TV crush. It's gonna go into triple digits! Lost is also wrapping for us next Sunday, it's probably already aired in the US though. I really hope that nothing sinister happens to Jin and Desmond. I love them both. And I have a track record, bad things always happen to characters I like. Which is very annoying, as characters I hate never seem to disappear. EVER. Lana is still on Smallville dammit! And Michael Rosenbaum has left! YOU MUST BE JOKING IF YOU THINK I'M STILL WATCHING! .... Okay, I'll watch if Ollie comes back, haha.

Now for talk about JE and J-Dramas! )

As for anime, I've rewatched Escaflowne for the millionth time (and still get mad at the ending!), I've also watched Cromartie High School (CRACK!), Azumanga Daioh (Osaka and Yukari for the win) and am in the middle of rewatching School Rumble. Oh Harima, I feel for ya man. He is the definition of misunderstood. I'm probably gonna start watching Ouran Host Club again, as I'm missing Tamaki. XD I was thinking of watching Fullmetal Alchemist but I don't think I can go through all the heartbreak again. That show broke me, and now I cry at everything dammit.

Season 2 of Avatar was on earlier today, and dammit, IROH! ;_; He was cracking wise and talking about tea and being all awesome and I was like IROH! COME BAAAAACK!
gb23: (HanaKimi: BABY!)

One of the funniest moments in HanaKimi ever!

Oh Dorm 1, my love for thee knows no bounds!



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