I've been watching Miranda! Well, it's not really new. It came on a while ago, and has 12 episodes (2 series', apparently getting a 3rd). But it's so funny, I'm loving it! I love it when she tries to lie, it just comes out so naturally, but she's saying such absurd things. XD Like so!

Another example here! )

Also, [livejournal.com profile] epicwaters, a clip from the new No Laughing special! Quick, before they delete it! XD

I can't wait til it's all subbed! )

This time...they will be spies! XD

This isn't the new No Laughing Batsu game, it's the police station one from a few years back.

Officer Jimmy, do you know what DV stands for? )

LMAO. I love this show.


Dec. 28th, 2009 08:02 pm

Wheeeee! I'm excited!

So I'm on the 10th episode of My Name is Kim Sam Soon...


Oooh, does anyone know if Gaki no Tsukai is having a no laughing game special this year? :D

Kanjani8 Kyu☆Jyou☆Show PV [1-40]
Gaki no Tsukai: No Laughing Hospital [41-68]
Venture Brothers (4x04, spoilers) [69-92]
Anime Misc (Trigun, RuroKen, Slayers Next, School Rumble, Samurai Champloo) [93-116]
Coffee Prince (Final Episode) [117-149]



Dean's a princess! )
gb23: (AzuDai: I Did It)

Gaki no Tsukai: No Laughing High School [1-24]
Arashi no Shukudai-kun [25-40]
One Piece [41-60]
Yukan Club [61-80]
Disney's Aladdin [81-104]
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #3 [105-124]



Everyone, out! )

I just sat back and watched a whole lot of TV today. XD Lazy yes, but I needed a day of rest.

Things I observed today.

1. Grey's Anatomy better have a whole lot of Bailey, Sloan and Lil Grey to keep me interested this season.

The rest under the cut. )

Ugly Betty needs to come back soon. Cos I'm gonna finish Pushing Daisies (;_; DO NOT WANT) and the only other place I'll find amusing snark is from Wilhelmina and Marc.

Madonna's Material Girl has been stuck in my head all day...

And it's all because of this woman! )

If you don't laugh once at this, I don't know what to do with you! XD Tanaka has such weak legs for such a tall man! My favourite part has to be Matsumoto watching the VTR, yelling "OKAMA KA!?" at Tanaka, LOL.

I had to post this, Yamazaki is hilarious! Those slaps are epic though, I'm surprised he didn't knock him unconscious!

Yes, sorry, I'm a little obsessed with this show right now. :P

Funny under the cut! )

There shall be more to come later!
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I hadn't seen much of this show before, so I watched the End of Year Batsu Game specials and it was epic funny. XD I'll post more on it later, but for now, a couple of gifs of Endo being tricked. XD

Endo, out-o! )



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