Yes, they seem to want to keep making these until one of them turns a profit. XD There are actually quite a few manga/anime that would translate well to screen, and don't have anything specifically Japanese about them so they could be changed to be set in America. Full Metal Panic comes to mind, it's a very basic story that could work in any setting really. But they seem to want to make live action versions of manga/anime that have long story arcs, many characters and can't really be set outside of Japan. Maybe it's because those are the most popular?

Many gifs! )

I wish I had more gifs of Merlin. He does the best "bitch, please" faces ever. XD

There's been a whole series of that new X-Men cartoon and I had no idea! And now I can't find it anywhere! I wanna see, I heard there was Nightcrawler goodness! ;_; I need an action-y cartoon, there's no Avatar or Spidey!

I haven't been watching Ugly Betty, I'm gonna wait until it comes on UK TV (if it ever does), but I did find out the answer to last season's cliffhanger and also what happened to Gio. ;_; No fair! I can see why it happened, in terms of story and actual real life stuff but still I WILL MISS GIO! ;_; And I watched a scene on YouTube where Gio's telling Betty why they can't get back together. The way he said "because you broke my heart!" FRIGGIN' BROKE MINE! :( How am I supposed to live vicariously through you, Betty?! XD

I did however manage to catch up with the first three seasons of How I Met Your Mother...and I love it! I loved Barney at first, but now I pretty much think Marshall is just made of awesome. The Slap Bet is one of the funniest things I've seen on American TV in years! Let's Go To The Mall was stuck in my head for days!

I'm still patiently waiting the subbed version of the Hana Kimi special. It looked very good, and of course, I can't wait to see Nakatsu and dorm 1 again. I had really, really hoped that they'd do the whole go to America thing that they hinted at in the finale, but I can imagine they wouldn't have enough budget to send all the Ikemen to LA! XD

Me and my friend were watching Hey! Say! Jump on Domoto Kyodai (I heart KinKi so much!) the other day, and my friend pointed to Chinen and said "That cute little one would make a great Mohmiji! He's adorable!". Which of course led the conversation into "If they were crazy enough to make a Fruits Basket live action drama, who would be casted?" theme. We didn't cast all the characters though.

Ikemen Paradise, part 2! XD )

T_T Also, someone please sub Maru's appearance on Shonen Club Premium! Please?

And this Kimura CM has had me laughing for days. He's dancing just like the girls! XD

99 icons of various fandoms.

Yamashita Tomohisa [1-14]
Kato Shigeaki [15-24]
Kanjani8 [25-48]
Hanayome to Papa [49-64]
Fruits Basket [65-80]
Freakazoid [81-99]
Maruyama Ryuhei Colorbar



For insanity and eye candy, click here! )

It's just so darn funny! I was saving a bunch of icons now, and I had forgotten how much it made me laugh. For a show about yakuza, it was pretty damn hilarious. It was the perfect show to watch after HYD2! (which had me weeping practically every episode!) To show you what I mean:

Clicky here for the funny.

It's from the first episode. It's so funny! XD All for pudding. Our protaganist is the one with the long hair making all the funny facial expressions. He is made of Yakuza love. ^_^

And for those who have seen it already, here's a hilarious clip from the last episode. MAJOR SPOILERS HERE PEOPLE!!


I miss this show!!

At the time of watching the show, I was thinking that Tegoshi from NewS (he plays Sakurakoji AKA Sakuranantoka) would've made an excellent Momiji from Fruits Basket if there was a live action drama. But having seen him recently, he's grown up quite a bit and I actually think he'd make a pretty good Yuki. He's quite handsome now instead of cute, and sometimes does a slight feminine look.

I'm probably starting a floodgate or something now, but Fruba live action...any thoughts?



I finally got to episode 6 of HYD2! Yay! So please, no spoilers! Thanks! :D Anyhoo, onto the icons!

Hana Yori Dango 2 [1-17]
GTO [18-32]
Ranma 1/2 OAV [33-49]
Formerly Known As The Justice League [50-63]
Honey & Clover [64-70]
One Piece [71-78]
Fruits Basket [79-88]



I'm on the side of justice! )

I finally got round to watching HYD2 last night, THE ANGST! But, it's only the first ep, lol. Anyhoo...

Formerly Known As The Justice League [1-25]
Azumanga Daioh [26-40]
Fruits Basket [41-60]
One Piece [61-70]
Hana Yori Dango 2 [71-84]



I miss Ted! )

I just kept going ^_^()

Ouran High School Host Club [1-17]
Fruits Basket [18-42]
Disney's The Little Mermaid [43-60]
Great Teacher Onizuka: Live Action [61-74]
Avatar Short: School Time Shipping [75-86]
One Piece [87-93]



Moon powers!! )

All anime today, enjoy!

School Rumble [1-13]
Tenchi Muyo [14-28]
Ouran High School Host Club [29-46]
Honey and Clover [47-60]
Fruits Basket [61-68]



Yep. That's what he showed him. )

Loads of quote icons...they take long to make ^_^()

Avatar the Last Airbender [1-18]
Fruits Basket [19-31]
Ouran High School Host Club [32-39]
One Piece (Some slight Water 7 spoilers) [40-52]
Honey & Clover [53-62]
Veronica Mars [63-66]
Iroh (from Avatar) Colorbar [2 variations]



Quotes, quotes and stuff! )


Fruits Basket [1-14]
Azumanga Daioh [15-29]
Disney's The Lion King [30-40]
Ouran High School Host Club [41-54]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [55-62]
Hana Yori Dango Live Action [63-71]
Comics [72-76]
Tomokazu Seki Colorbar
Ryotaro Okiayu Colorbar



When he was a young warthog... )

Just two sets

Ouran High School Host Club [1-22]
Fruits Basket [23-38]



Home visit! )

Ouran High School Host Club [1-27]
Fruits Basket [28-46]
School Rumble [47-56]
Teen Titans [57-68]



Oooouran! )

BBC's Robin Hood [1-17]
Fruits Basket [18-27]
One Piece [28-54]
Ouran High School Host Club [55-75]
One Piece colourbars [2]
Kyo Sohma Colourbar



Cripes! )

Loads! Enjoy!

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler [1-20]
Fruits Basket [21-42]
Excel Saga [43-52]
Disney's The Little Mermaid [53-63]
Honey & Clover [64-68]
Samurai Champloo [69]



It's hotter under the water! )

Yay, some Freakazoid today!

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka [1-10]
Freakazoid [11-28]
Gundam Wing [29-43]
Teen Titans [44-60]
Fruits Basket [61-78]
One Piece [79-90]



Freakame, Freakayou )

My Fruba OTP is kinda obvious in some of these icons! ^_^()

Fruits Basket [1-46]
Cromartie High School [47-53]
One Piece [54-62]
Honey & Clover II [63-80]



Momiji's so cute! )

Loads today!

Fruits Basket [1-25]
Ouran High School Host Club [26-46]
Pocahontas [47-58]
Batman Begins [59-70]
One Piece [71-87]
That 70s Show Quotes [88-92]
Venture Brothers [93-98]
Shigure Sohma Colourbar



It's a no-no! )

Hello again!

One Piece [1-29]
Fruits Basket [30-62]
Back To The Future I [63-75]
Teen Titans Cartoon [76-86]



He is NOT a hologram! )

Oh my...

Ouran High School Host Club [1-31]
Fruits Basket [32-39]
One Piece [40-44]



Tamaki's a hottie! )

Before I knew it, there were 100 icons...

Honey & Clover [1-18]
One Piece [19-33]
Cromartie High School [34-38]
Ouran High School Host Club [39-64]
Fruits Basket [65-91]
X-Men 2 [92-100]



100! Frick! )



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