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Feb. 12th, 2012 11:59 pm
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Today was the final of the African Cup of Nations 2012 between Zambia and Ivory Coast. Look away now if you want to avoid the outcome of the match!

Although I'm not sure anyone on my f-list would be watching? XD

Talk about one of the sweetest, most moving moments of football I've seen! Zambia were really fired up today as they were playing in memory of the 1993 national team that died in a plane crash in Gabon, which is where the final was being played tonight. It was a hectic game, let me tell you! One of the players, Musonda, was injured during the game and left the field crying cos he really wanted to play in this match, I think it may have been his 100th cap. :( So when his team won and were celebrating, what did his coach do?

Carried Musonda in his arms across the field so that he could celebrate with his teammates!

This tournament's had some epic moments, but I think this was my favourite. Second being The President of Gabon celebrating the national team's win by dancing with them in their dressing room. I kid you not. XD

Linkage here! So Colin Morgan is saying that the series will return in September or October this year, instead of early 2012.

:D Yay! But, the old Merlin slot was given to Doctor Who (the series has been split into two halves), so where will Merlin go? :O

OT: England vs Ghana tonight! :D It's a friendly though. Is it bad that I'm rooting for Ghana instead? XD

Ah Glee. Just when I think I can turn my brain off and enjoy Sue and Brittany the silly...

Some spoilers for recent eps. )

And now, the football! XD

World Cup bids...and why people fail at the spirit of the game. )

And their reaction to Iniesta's world cup winning goal... )

I wish our commentators were like this, the game would be more fun!

The World Cup is over! :( I'm gonna miss it! I definitely enjoyed it more than last time. Maybe it's because I was able to enjoy rooting for other teams this time! XD With the way England are, I'm definitely going to have to have a second and third team for the next international tournament. (Euro 2012, let's go!)

The final. )


Both teams did well, and it'll be an awesome final! I don't know who I'm rooting for yet.

I've watched some more You're Beautiful. It's so cute! I can feel the angst is gonna start soon though. I can't hate UEE's character (yet) cos she's just so failtastic. I find myself laughing at her more than anything. The main characters are all so cute though! I love the soundtrack too.

Why have I not seen this before?! XD

Apparently the first Nodame movie should be subbed soon (full theatrical cut) so I am eagerly waiting to see Nodame and Chiaki-senpai!


Jul. 6th, 2010 11:18 pm

Go Holland! :D

Out of the three teams left (two after tomorrow) I don't mind who wins. I'm glad they got there through skill and hard work! ^_^

Poor Ghana! I really wanted them to go through. I was more gutted for them than I was for England! I hope Gyan will be okay, he was really beating himself up after missing that penalty. Ghana were definitely the better team. I know it's the quarter finals, but Uruguay were playing so dirty, I hated it. I hate ugly football! Especially that Suarez guy. Forget the blatent handball, he was doing stuff all through the match. He shoved at least three different players, kicked and tripped one for saying something he didn't like, kept annoying! I hope Dutch team kick their butts so bad! It was like they underestimated Ghana at first, but then saw how good they were, got pissed and behaved badly.

The tournament's going to be so boring now. Ghana brought excitement and happiness to the World Cup! :(
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I'm late in posting this, but yeah, England are out of the world cup. Not that I am surprised, but the fact that it was by so many goals is just sadly hilarious! Enough with the egos please! )(I'm rooting for Spain and Ghana for the rest of the tourney btw :P)

Okay, enough with the football! XD I've been catching up with Doctor Who, I dunno why but I was starting to get bored with it, but it must've been a mid-series lull or something cos it got better. I've only got the last two eps left now! I have to say, that Vincent van Gogh episode? Awesome. I loved it!

Doctor Who stuff )

And now, random stuff!

Lee Pace is taking hold again, I'm excited for Toy Story 3 but I don't wanna cry in front of the kids and The Last Airbender...oh snap. )

Batman thanks you for your time.


Jun. 26th, 2010 12:23 am
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From Jinxsshah (on Twitter): "Isn't it a bit ironic that in 2006, Italy met France in the World Cup Finals, and in 2010, Italy meet France at the airport."

*insert Mariokart Baby Peach giggle*

I've started watching You're Beautiful! :D Just on the 4th episode tonight, but OMG this scene:


Apologies if I haven't commented f-list, the World Cup has taken up most of my free time! XD This is the first world cup that I'm actually at work, since I'm now a grown up and have a job and so on, so it's weird missing matches! And then I come home, shower, eat dinner and it's time for the evening match and...yeah, that's why I've been away. :P

A lot of people have been saying it's been disappointing so far, the first few matches were I guess, but a lot of these matches remind me why I love watching football. It doesn't matter what team you are, if you play better on the day, you will win. No match is 100% certain, as we saw earlier today!

World Cup Ramblings: Match stuff, the official songs? and my favourite part of football: goal celebrations. )

EDIT: I FOUND IT! Ghana's goal celebration! XD I love it.

Yeah, so that was surprising. Even more so was that Zidane lost his temper. He doesn't seem like the type. That was one hell of a headbutt though! Italy's captain was quite a hottie though, lol.
This tournament has been ruined by refs who are too card happy, and players that are taking advantage of that. I can't really speak about it anymore, I'm still too exhausted from yesterday.



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