Okay, let's start with TDKR...

Spoilers, lots of 'em! )

And now Brave!

Once again, spoilers. )

I believe I won't be seeing any films in the cinema until The Hobbit comes out now. Unless by some miracle they release the Rurouni Kenshin film here!

I've watched a ton of films but keep forgetting to post about them. XD This is the most recent one I watched (at home). I've been in the mood for a Bollywood film for ages now, and [livejournal.com profile] spunspider recommended Jab We Met.


Synopsis and pics!

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It was a really good film! :D It's a rom-com, so don't expect any grand twists or anything, but it's a really nice character piece. The story didn't drag for me at any time, the characters were all wonderful, the chemistry between the two leads was fantastic and there were a lot of genuine LOL moments. I'm not really into rom-coms these days, most of the time because I leave the film thinking "what did they see in each other?" If I'm not rooting for the characters individually as well as together, then I've got no interest, no matter what the story is like. Luckily, these two were adorable! I might buy this one, it's definitely one I could watch again.

Live action (with a twist) Snow White films! I guess fairy tales are the new comic books? XD

One is the version aimed at kids (and probably people like me, haha) called Mirror Mirror.

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And the other is the dark version aimed at teens and young adults called Snow White and the Huntsman.

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I'll probably end up seeing both when they come out on DVD/Bluray. I feel like I'd enjoy the kiddie one more, cos I like films that poke fun at themselves. It doesn't seem to be taking itself too seriously. And Nathan Lane's in it. :D But the other one has Chris Hemsworth with a Scottish accent...

Lol, this film's been on TV a lot recently! XD I never stop laughing at the old lady at the end, haha. A random thought I had while watching this was that the storyline would make an interesting Korean drama. But there's no love square in this one!

This is the trailer with the least amount of spoilers!

I mainly watched this film cos I haven't seen anything with Gong Yoo since Coffee Prince. I was pleasantly surprised! :D It was a really cute movie, even though the title comes across as corny. Gong Yoo was perfect, he was playing a slightly nerdy character (I won't spoil it, but he has merchandise from one of my favourite fandoms in his house and his office, I literally squeed XD), which was a nice change. He was hilarious, he made me laugh out loud so many times. His brother in law was jokes as well. I really liked the female lead too, she was really cute and easy to relate to. I'm not really a fan of rom-coms these days, but this one was nice.

I hope he does more stuff soon! :D

Proper post with actual words about recent happenings tomorrow, but I had to post this...

The cup, OMG. XD

It was pretty good! Definitely a film where you've got to pay attention all the way through. I was expecting to find it confusing though, from everything I had heard before, but I followed it pretty well. Loved Tom Hardy! :D

Lol, it's always ranty when Spider-Man is concerned!

Okay, so Spidey has been cast (Andrew Garfield) and I was pretty much like YAY cos from what I've seen from him he's a good actor and he sounds really passionate about the role and all around good feelings. Not really spoilers if you know the Spider-Man history, but just in case, there's a cut. )

Okay, rant over. XD If this movie's half as good as Spectacular Spider-Man was, it'll be a damn good movie. ^_^

They're making a Babar movie! XD http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/movies/news/a255474/twilight-producers-for-babar-movie.html?rss

Yes, that's right, this Babar!

I'm guessing they're gonna go with the earlier stories of when he went from the jungle to the city. Yeah, I really don't know what to say about this one. I dunno how they'll explain why there's a jungle in America, so maybe he'll escape from the local zoo? XD

It was a fun movie! I laughed out loud a lot of times. The plot was kinda predictable, but I think the movie was so much fun it didn't really matter. The cast had good chemistry too.

That's right b*****s, I've got a crossbow... )


Nov. 26th, 2009 03:06 pm

So I go to the cinema listings to see what times Ninja Assassin is on this weekend and it says that it's been pushed back to a January release date. I am disappoint! I'm pretty sure I know why it got pushed back, and that reason alone irks me more than anything! Even though it makes monetary sense. XD

So, we get ninja!Rain in January and The Princess and The Frog/Ponyo in February. At least I'll have something to watch in the new year? This just really reminds me of the time when the first Spider-Man movie came out, and everyone was excited for it, then they said "Oh well, actually for no reason at all, we're pushing it back a month and a half" and by the time it came out in the cinema, most people had already seen it and I had to be all lalala, I'm not listening cos I wanted to wait to see it on the big screen.

Pretty silly reason to be grumpy, I know. :P I shall spend the weekend watching Cap'n Fine and crew (again) as well as Quantum of Solace instead.



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