imagine my surprise when I wake up and it turns out they leaked it to the press anyway. Good thing I don't have Yahoo! as my homepage. XD

So, who died? Well, if you want to be spoiled, click on the cut! (I get to break out that Gokusen gif I've been saving!)

And, as per usual with any reaction post from me, gifs! Many gifs! )

And there we have it. I was just about to squee about how awesome Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was this week as well! (Holy crap, I think I love Thor! ♥ Always loved Hawkeye though, haha.)

Fantastic Four #587. Ships at the end of January. I may have to go to the comic shop on my lunch break to get it. The outcome of the book? I'm almost 100% sure it's gonna be Johnny who dies. They had future Franklin and Future Val talking about who their heroes were. It seemed like an offhand comment at the time, but Franklin said his hero was the Human Torch. Given that Reed Richards is his dad, I was very surprised that he said that, but if Johnny makes some heroic sacrifice or whatever, that would make sense. Ben's already died before, Reed has too I think and I doubt it'll be Sue. Johnny's been the least useful character so far. He's pretty much been Barney Stinson with superpowers. XD No matter what the outcome, I've enjoyed the current writer's run on the story so far.

I'd love to be wrong about this! XD But if it does happen, combined with all the other stuff that has happened in comics recently (and what's going to happen ;_;), it'll just prove that Marvel hates me on a personal level. Luckily, I'm not a collector so I just drop stuff I don't like. :P

Now, to whoever reads comics on my f-list, is Red Robin any good? I haven't read any DC Comics in forever and I like what I've seen of it so far.

A big storyline is going on in the Fantastic Four comics right now, where they're gonna kill off one of the main four. I haven't got my issue through the post yet but...

My guess is... )

Thinking about how much I enjoyed Star Trek, and how most people also really enjoyed it, I can't help but wonder if Fantastic Four had been done in the same sort of tone, would people have enjoyed it more? I enjoyed the first one more than the second (now that I've had time to watch them again and reflect), but didn't mind either really. I am biased though, Johnny and Ben are my favourite FF characters, I'm not really bothered either way about Sue or Reed. But I'm guessing the villains of each movie (Doom and Galactus[ish]) didn't live up to their comic counterparts? There was more of a sense of "this dude's gonna mess **** up!" from the Star Trek villain. Star Trek had that same balance of kick-ass adventure and funny moments that I always thought FF should have.

Or maybe FF would've been better off being more like an old school family adventure (in the vain of BTTF or the first Pirates movie) where you go in expecting a fun 2 hours and come out having been surprised by the interesting plot and clever dialogue.

I'm not sure if they're still going ahead with this relaunch/reboot of the FF franchise, but I wish they'd stick with what they have and fix what was wrong rather than starting again from scratch. Especially since they seem to be going with this whole darker = better approach. It's that kind of thinking that killed off/emo-fied most of my favourite DC characters but I digress! XD It also seems a bit soon to be rebooting it. I doubt comic book adaptions will go out of style so they can wait a bit longer to start again, and the recent reboots of Batman and Superman had about ten years or more since the previous film came out.

Kinda OT, I'm not sure who has the cartoon rights for FF now that the other cartoon got cancelled but I hope it's the guys making Spectacular Spider-Man and not the guys making Wolverine and the X-Men. They're both good cartoons, but I'd rather see them on Spidey's cartoon (which has been kicking ass so far).


Well, I liked the first two movies. Although the story of the second one could've been a LOT better. I dunno. I'm probably biased, cos this is the first Marvel comics movie where my favourite characters (Ben and Johnny) actually got represented as how they are in the comics. (Poor Nightwcrawler and Spidey. And MJ! And others I cannot recall at this moment ;_; BUT THEY ARE NUMEROUS!)

I don't like this theory that dark = better when it comes to movies. Of course Batman works dark. He's called The Dark Knight for goodness' sakes. And I don't even know what they were thinking when they were playing with the idea of Superman going dark. The Dark Knight made so much money because it made a damn good movie that also stayed close to the feel of the source material. That's something everyone should keep in mind (not just Marvel) when making a comic/animation-to-live-action movie. I'm all for a good dark movie once in a while, but you need some lighter ones too! I've never thought of the FF as anything above a PG kinda movie.

Enjoy them! :D

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Crazyness, turtles and hotties under the cut! )

So many....for me anyways!

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Possible spoiler for 3x04 and 3x05) [1-38]
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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer [51-76]
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Fun and madness under the cut. BACK OFF! )

This rant may be long, and will consist of stuff mostly about comics. There'll be other stuff as well! :P

Spider-Man. He's pretty much one of my favourite superheroes ever. He's a normal guy, with normal problems who just happens to be a superhero with superhero problems too. Apart from being one of the smartest guys in the Marvel Universe, he's also one of the nicest. He's got a good heart, and always tries to do the right thing. He's also one of the wittiest guys in comics, with a sense of humour that's cutting, funny, sarcastic and cute. Adorkable was a word made for this guy. (And Seth Cohen. But, Seth grew up on comics, so I can safely say his sense of humour was probably shaped by Spidey and Sandy Cohen. But that's a rant for another time.) The point that I'm getting to is, Spider-Man is pretty damn awesome.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have a lot going right for him in his life. The constant guilt of his Uncle Ben's death. The stuff with the Osbournes, the Stacys, his (former) boss JJ, and general bad-ness that would've turned anyone else evil by now. There are two things in his life that give him hope, and pretty much give him a reason to get up every morning. One is his Aunt May (who is awesome) and the other is his wife Mary-Jane (who, when written properly, is also awesome). I gotta ask:


Cut for possible spoilers of recent events. Yes I know, that was a long introduction. )

Okay, that segment is over. I feel much better for ranting now! XD

Some amusement! Laugh at my very, very bad Photoshop skills. Entitled: Okada on the brain. XD

A snippet of me when I'm at work. Don't ask why I'm bald. )

EDIT: Upon watching newer episode of the new Fantastic Four cartoon, I must profess my love for the running gag of Johnny Storm's girly scream! XD It's friggin hilarious, and surprisingly, makes me love him even more. Yay Johnny!

I'm baack!

Jul. 19th, 2007 09:05 pm

More Johnny's! XD

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That's the first time I've ever felt pain there! )

So I saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer yesterday. I loved it. I loved it cos it was fun. The action sequences were really good, and Silver Surfer was awesome (and quite that normal?).

Spoilers for the movie and general Johnny related squeeing under the cut. )

I am a naturally lazy person! I do not like early mornings!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way! ^_^

I've watched the first episode of Escaflowne and I forgot how bratty Van was in the first episode! XD (Which is weird, cos I've watched the show seven times before) No Allen yet, and I'm still a long ways off from the awesome Dryden.

That new Fantastic Four cartoon started for us last week (which I had to catch on the weekend) and it's pretty good. The animation style is gonna take me quite a while to get used to but the characters are pretty much spot on. And, as usual, Johnny has me in stiches. That reminds me, I saw another TV spot of Rise of the Silver Surfer...I think I'm gonna be on a Johnny-Storm-played-by-Chris-Evans high after I see it on Saturday. He's so awesome. I CAN'T WAIT!

Started watching a Kimura Takuya drama called Hero. Pretty good first episode, I think I'm gonna like it. I like his quirky character. But more on that later on.

The FF icons are from the new trailer, so SPOILERS!

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Pasta Machine! )

Okay, icons! Yay!

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Puchuu! )

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Haiyo!! )

Johnny Time

Jan. 3rd, 2006 11:29 pm
I seriously had to post this picture:

Lookit, he's so cute! KAMPAI!

Anyhooing, I've been re-working a fanfic I did for my old obsession so that it can fit with my new one. Bart Allen! :D Hopefully, it shall be up soon! It'll have an array of DC characters in it so, you! The one person who's reading this! Stay tuned!

Back again!

Jan. 3rd, 2006 10:21 pm
So, I haven't put anything here in a little while. Thats cos I've been trying to enjoy what's left of my holiday before I go back to uni. Work, oy. Technically, I go back Monday, but I want to try and do schoolwork the rest of this week so that I have something to show for my time off. Not that I like to whine, but TIME OFF should be just that. I should be doing for the rest of this week, what I've been doing since the holiday started. Watching TV, reading comics and oogling over Chris Evans (Human Torch). I'll get back to that last one in more detail later.

Also, some bastich decided to give us three weeks off instead of the usual four. So now I'm all out of whack anyhow. Oy, oy, oy. It's very frustrating. I miss being young! My youth is being stolen!

FMA last week was...well depressing. Hell of a good episode, but still very depressing. I won't go into it in case someone is actually reading this, and then that one person didn't want to know spoilers. This week was better, but still some sad stuff. The Hughes love continues to grow, he's so cute showing off the picture of his little one. Awwwww!

Yeah, so Chris Evans from Fantastic Four. Ain't he bloody marvelous?! Gorgeous, funny, charismatic. Lol, I am very much the little fangirl. I was gonna have all Johnny Storm user pics but then...well, I couldn't have Ed and stuff. A Hughes icon shall go there at some point....

K, I'm out!



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