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I haven't done a big post in ages! To be fair, I haven't had much to post about except IPKKND but now all my shows are back so let's get to it!

First, randomly, I watched Kaibutsu-kun. Ohno's an amazing actor. I've only seen him in Maou, but the complete contrast between the two characters and how he played them is amazing. He totally became those characters. And even though it was a children's drama (right?), all the actors were really into it. None of them scoffed at what they were doing, and I think that made it all the more enjoyable. It's not an OMG GO WATCH IT NOW type of drama, but if you're looking for a break from romance or dark dramas, then this is a good way to pass the time.

Spoilers for Castle and Merlin. )

And now onto Young Justice, or as someone so brilliantly put it on tumblr...

It's a lie that this is a kid's show. A BIG FAT LIE. )

This week's ep of YJ pretty much cemented why I've stopped watching so many live action American shows and I'm watching more American animated shows instead. Leaving out the animation (which is superb by the way), the writing, acting and continuity on this show is amazing and most US tv shows wish they had this kind of consistency. I know people might be put off cos it's about costumed superheroes (DC superheroes to boot), but it's one of the best action shows on TV at the moment.

As for IPKKND...

I'm pretty sure I won't be as happy for my married life as I am for theirs. XD

Okay, you guys know I fangirl Spidey to the point where it's a problem. XD I was expecting to enjoy this film, but not as much as I did. It really was amazing. However, it did have it's flaws. Not major ones, but more like "it's a shame" flaws that held the film back from being perfect. I was, however, like this by the end of the film:

Andrew Garfield was the live action Peter Parker/Spider-Man that I had been waiting for. ♥

Major spoilers! )

I'm hoping that they really, really bring their A-game for the next one. With everything they've set in place in this film, the next one could be even more amazing.

Okay, too much happened in IPKKND while I was gone for me to fangirl about here, but the most important moment was this:

Under the cut, just in case! )

Needless to say, I was all

Welcome back, Mr Raizada.

Korra's on a break next Saturday! ;_; Anyhoo, ramblings on this week's episode.

Spoilers and 2 gifs! )

Young Justice! Which hopefully, is not on a break next week cos I need my cartoons!

Spoilers and reaction gifs. Cos this episode had too many WHAT moments. )

Okay, I think I've calmed down enough now to make a coherent(ish) post about this wonderful ball of amazingness. XD Although I've got to get a few things off my chest first.

1) Everyone and their dog/cat is going on about how amazeballs this film is. And it is. But, with certain pre-conditions. If you don't enjoy the superhero genre or are expecting a LOTR style epic masterpiece thingy then you'll be disappointed. It's a great superhero film, really enjoyable, got a lot of heart but don't expect something Oscar worthy. ^_^

2) While you can enjoy this film without having seen the Marvel films before it, I wouldn't recommend it. A big part of the appeal of this film was the character interaction/development and Joss did great work building on top of what had come before instead of just starting from scratch. There were moments in the film for Cap, Thor and Iron Man that hold more meaning if you've seen the other films. Out of all of them, I'd say Thor and Cap's films are the most important to see before going, but Iron Man's films are great too.

3) The Avengers is not Batman. XD A lot of people have been comparing the two lately, but to be honest, the only thing they have in common is that they're both based on comic books. Avengers is a straight up comic book film, and I love the Nolan Batman films but I'd be hard pressed to call them superhero films. It's more like, if Batman existed in real life, this is how he'd be.

Now, with that out of the way, review time! I loved, loved, loved this film. I could seriously watch this every week until it left the cinema, but then I'd be broke and this film already has enough money. I feel like it was completely enjoying being a superhero film, not worrying about whether non-comic book fans would find certain things weird or silly, and it just went and had fun. A big part of this is because Joss is a fan and knows the genre so well and he just brought it on this. If he doesn't do Avengers 2, I will be so damn upset.

Spoilers with gifs! )

One of the great things about this film is the hilarious/cute fanart that has come out of it.

Spoilers!! )

Please take note Hollywood. Things don't have to be doom and gloom in order to make bank.

This episode can pretty much be summed up in one gif.

But I have more, as usual. XD

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! )

I haven't watched YJ yet, so Korra gets a seperate post! Sorry, it's still pretty early here for a Sunday so the screenshots are just normal.

Spoilers! )
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Okay, I got lazy. XD I'm not gonna do my super mega all emotions One Piece post. So no pics, just text, (and where appropriate) gifs and videos. XD (I couldn't be bothered to go back and screencap everything!) Major spoilers for everything up until the start of the new arc.

And thus, the first half of the story is over. And it only took 500+ episodes! XD )

I saw The Avengers today.

It was so brilliant, I can't even put it into words. And I won't. If you're going to see this film, avoid all spoilers, synopsis', sneak previews, EVERYTHING. Apart from some knowledge of the prior films. I enjoyed it so much cos I didn't know what was going to happen. I'm not even gonna post properly about it cos I don't want to spoil you in anyway. I can, however, express my feelings in gif form. This one sums up my feelings pretty perfectly.

WARNING: There are a lot. I had many feelings. XD

But here are some more! )

I have to see it again! I must! It's superhero movie ever. EVER!! It makes me wish Marvel had the rights to all their superheroes cos damn, this was just so brilliant. And Joss Whedon, I thank you sir. If there is an Avengers 2, please come and do it.

I'll post in detail in about a month or so, when everyone should hopefully have had the chance to see it. ^_^

Episode 3 was brilliant! It really does seem like this show is gonna be all killer, no filler.

Cut for spoilers! )

HOLY CRAP! What an amazing episode. The animation was on point, the voice acting was amazing and just when you thought the plot twist last episode was enough, there was another one! ;_; Reaction gifs under the cut, but no gifs or pics of the show this time. (I didn't have time to gif this weeks' one!)

Happy new year! )

I can't tell you guys how glad I am that the second season is starting straight away. And since this is a YJ post, I may as well do an "end of season cliff notes" thingy.

Overall Impression of the Show: Better than I ever could have hoped for. The thing I loved most was that you could totally enjoy this show without having any knowledge of DC Comics or even if you don't like superhero shows in general. It's a really good action animation show. Prior knowledge of the comics only adds to the experience.

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Okay, geeking out over! BRING ON SEASON 2!

Korra! ♥

Apr. 18th, 2012 11:46 am

I watched Korra at the weekend, but I needed to vent the YJ stuff before posting about this show!

In short,

it was beautiful and I can't wait for the next episodes!

My thoughts on the episode, and some spoilers! )

Okay, bring on the next episode! :D

Episode 22 of 26, FOUR MORE TO GO! Luckily! Season 2 is meant to start straight after season 1, so yay! :D

Anyway, the episode was awesome. Character development is one of the things I love most about any piece of fiction, so this episode was like crack for me. XD Lots of talking, some action but so much development, I actually squeaked NO! when the episode finished. And can I say, as much as Kevin Conroy will always be my Batman, that this version of the character may be my favourite ever version?! I love Papa Bats!

Spoilers! Major! )

Show, you have to stop being so awesome. If these are the usual "interlude before the big finale" episodes, how am I going to survive the finale? Especially since Korra will have started by then as well! Can I take all that awesome, or will I be too geeked out to function by Monday?

Randomly surfing the net, and I find out that Turkey is a few episodes ahead of the US for Young Justice! They're dubbed in Turkish, so I'm not going to go look for those ones. XD However, I did find out that apparently in next week's episode (which they've seen but we haven't), we're going to find out who the mole is.

This was me when I read that. IT'S BEEN A YEAR NOW! I think! We've been waiting ages for this! But then, someone who has watched it was all "I know who the mole is, I need someone to cry with!" So now, I'm like this:

My new theory of the mole being Superman, who is actually not the real Superman but a clone from Cadmus planted way back is out of the window because I don't think anyone cares enough about Superman to cry for him. XD I'm now more worried that the mole may be Robin, as next week's episode is centered on him and he's so cute and funny and my faves always get messed about.

AH, I'm all fangirled out over here! All I know is, from Saturday afternoon until Sunday night, I'm putting myself on Internet blackout until I see the ep!


Mar. 4th, 2012 11:11 am


I shall return later tonight once I've watched it, as I want to avoid spoilers but I'M VERY EXCITED!
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So, putting Yamapi's guest spot on Oguri Shun's All Night Nippon on my mp3 player was a mistake for the following reasons.

1) Oguri was being all goofy, at one point even saying that he wanted to be a tour conductor in Hawaii so he could go ALOHA!
2) Yamapi laughed. A lot. I don't think I've ever heard him laugh, it was very cute! There's no confirmation, but I'm pretty sure I looked like this. Which on public transport, not a very good idea.
3) Both Oguri and Yamapi have very nice sounding voices. I'm lucky I didn't miss my stop! *dreamy sigh*
4) Their conversation was very funny, and I kept giggling. See #2 for why this is not a good thing.

I was, however, very surprised at how much of the conversation I understood! Yay me!

I had a dream last night that Lee Pace was cast as Hal Jordan in the new GL movie. Which is weird. First off, while Lee is an awesome actor, I can't think of any reason why my subconscious would link him to Hal. I'm not sure how young they're going to make Hal, but I still think Lee's too young looking to play him. It's also weird than I've not really got any interest in the new movie. It's not a hate on Hal thing, I'm not too bothered about GLs either way, lol. In fact, I can't think of anyone Lee could play in the DC universe, he seems more Marvel to me. Yes, I'm aware that makes no sense. XD Usually my "dude got casted as..." dreams make a lot more sense than this one. I must admit, the new animated movie looks good.

Unrelated, it'll take me a while to get to it, but I really wanna watch that J-Drama BOSS. Cos the plot sounds awesome, and so does the cast. Toda Erika, Takenouchi Yutaka and Tamayama Tetsuji, not to mention Yamada Takayuki in a two-episode arc?!?!?! Damn it lack of free time!

Side note: Tamayama Tetsuji does not get fangirled nearly as much as he deserves in J-Drama fandom. Examples here, here, here and here. :) (Images taken from Too bad none of him smiling, he's got a cute smile!
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I promise I'll post something with actual me content at some point...! XD

Interview with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer Linkage:

- New season will be split up into two sets of eight episodes. 16 episodes, YAY! Unfortunately, they're quite spread out, but if it means awesome, we can wait.
- Seth Green and Kevin Conroy (OMG!!) will be making one off appearances.

:D I am pleased and cannot wait even more for the new season. Which is airing in November. So far...

And now, the wtf.




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