Linkage here! So Colin Morgan is saying that the series will return in September or October this year, instead of early 2012.

:D Yay! But, the old Merlin slot was given to Doctor Who (the series has been split into two halves), so where will Merlin go? :O

OT: England vs Ghana tonight! :D It's a friendly though. Is it bad that I'm rooting for Ghana instead? XD


Oct. 31st, 2010 05:41 pm

Merlin's been renewed for a 4th series! :D YAY! However! For some reason, Doctor Who is having a split season next year, with half the episodes in it's usual place and the other half in the winter. So Merlin may not be shown next year, and be show in early 2012 instead. :( Unfortunately, I saw spoilers for the finale of Merlin and it sounds AWESOME so I'm kinda sad it won't be shown for a long while. It's only gonna be 10 episodes as well. But that might be a good thing, less filler episodes!

[ profile] oronoda, Misfit's second series is starting on November 11! I'm gonna catch up with the show once the second season is over, as I think it's gonna be 6 episodes again. Just for you, the series 2 trailer.

Randomly, there's a rumour floating around that Chris Pine might be playing The Flash in the live action movie...
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I'm late in posting this, but yeah, England are out of the world cup. Not that I am surprised, but the fact that it was by so many goals is just sadly hilarious! Enough with the egos please! )(I'm rooting for Spain and Ghana for the rest of the tourney btw :P)

Okay, enough with the football! XD I've been catching up with Doctor Who, I dunno why but I was starting to get bored with it, but it must've been a mid-series lull or something cos it got better. I've only got the last two eps left now! I have to say, that Vincent van Gogh episode? Awesome. I loved it!

Doctor Who stuff )

And now, random stuff!

Lee Pace is taking hold again, I'm excited for Toy Story 3 but I don't wanna cry in front of the kids and The Last Airbender...oh snap. )

Batman thanks you for your time.

[ profile] lydzi_de_galles, the LOST post is delayed! XD I'm gonna watch it again, but it'll come soon. With pics! :D

Speaking of Lost, this cracked me up. XD

Bones, Lost, Doctor Who and a new J-Drama! )

Some more videos!

Gina Yashere, cute Oreo advert, Malcolm Tucker loses it and David Tennant loves cake. )

Spoilers for LOST, Bones, and Doctor Who. I'll black out the big spoilers tho. ;)

LOST: You're tacky and I hate you. >:( )

Once again, Bones is my happy place show. )

Eleven! ♥ )

I am still disappoint. (Spoilers will be blacked out, promise! ^_^)

Ranting, raging and gifs. DAMMIT MARVEL! )

On an unrelated note, I was surprised at how strong Mabo is when I watched the scene in the 2nd gif! I've started watching Yasuko to Kenji, but that's for another time. I love it though! :D I also watched Doctor Who, and I swear I felt like there was something in my eye for the rest of the day. XD

First, here's a better trailer for It's a Wonderful Afterlife, which I'm hopefully going to go see next weekend! :D

Sanjeev Bhaskar cracks me up. XD

Doctor Who Ramblings. )

I been mostly catching up on tv and reading old Excalibur comics this weekend. I'm hoping to catch up with Batman: The Brave and the Bold this week, I've missed a lot of episodes, and it's fun to watch!

I do really miss this show though! )

Nostalgia b****slap! XD )

That's all!


Apr. 9th, 2010 11:14 pm

I just watched Bones! ;_; I didn't even realise I was so emotionally invested in this show. XD

I finally got around to watching the new Doctor Who, I enjoyed it a lot! Hopefully the quality will stay this good the entire series. I am hoping the vampire one will be interesting, cos I'm really kind of sick to death of vampires at the moment. XD

It's getting to that time of year again when I want to watch Escaflowne. I have no idea why I've watched this anime so many times.

I was hoping to go watch The Losers today, but they pushed back the release date. At this rate, I'll probably end up missing it so I think I'm just going to wait for DVD and go see It's A Wonderful Afterlife instead in a couple of weeks.

I think that's enough randomness for today! Now, should I put myself through some more emotional torture and watch Up or go watch some Freakazoid instead...
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I went to see Sherlock Holmes today, it was really good! Very enjoyable! They've set things up nicely if they want to do a sequel, but if they don't want to, it can stand as a one shot film as well.

I needed to watch something fun after Doctor Who on Friday. All the sad clips are on YouTube already. :(

The Odoru Daisousasen first special was good as well, a lot of "hey, I know you!" moments, haha. Lil versions of Nakama Yukie and Hirosue Ryoko, Goro was in it too!

I didn't think I'd cry, then I teared up a little and then it all came out! T_T

I enjoyed the episode a lot, I will have to rewatch it though when I'm less prone to cry. I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT TWIST THOUGH! Why did it have to be like that! *weeps again*

The new series starts in the Spring, I will give it a go! I shall miss you David Tennant!


Dec. 25th, 2009 11:44 pm
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I didn't know who I wanted to hug more The Doctor or Wilf! It was so sad! ;_;

XD David Tennant was hilarious on the Catherine Tate special.

It's been a while since I've made a proper post. Well, a while for me anyway, haha. Probably cos I've been going on the Internet less at work. (Cos 2pm keep making me laugh, but that's a different story for a different time!) Sorry if I haven't commented much on your journals f-list! It's mostly cos of the time difference. Nothing happens when I'm awake and there's like 40 entries when I wake up! Anyways, I thought I'd just do a small catch up on what I've been watching. Cos life is pretty much the same. Work, home, tv, funny random people and (expletive deleted) random people. I hate those last ones for all time!

This may get a bit long, I apologise! Warning: Much of me going all flaily over cuteness and cute guys, sorry. :P

J-Dramas, K-Dramas and One Piece. Brook! <3 )

Some pics and stuff follow this cut!

American TV shows: flashforward, Private Practice, How I Met Your Mother and Bones. )

And lastly...

Star Trek, comics, Doctor Who and random other things. )

Lol, okay, it's over! XD

Too intense for a Sunday evening, I've got work tomorrow! XD It was good though! David Tennant, I'm gonna miss you!

So, Bart and Kon have been back for a while (but I'm gonna block out their names just in case :P) but I stopped reading Teen Titans a while back, would it be worth me getting back into the title just for these two? I should note I'm more fond of them when they're equal parts fun and angst, not more angst than fun. Although I'm having trouble finding any comic (aside from Ultimate Spidey and Deadpool) that's just fun to read. X-Factor's supposed to be dark so that doesn't count, plus I'm still enjoying that one. :P I also miss Nightcrawler, but that's a mini rant for another day.

Some good news though! Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars airs Sunday, November 15 at 7pm on BBC One.


It asks you 20 questions and guesses the fictional character that you're thinking of. I decided to be difficult and think of Doumyouji Tsukasa...AND IT GOT IT RIGHT! :O Even had the MatsuJun promo photo. I squealed, and laughed. Did Sokka, got it right again. Also got Chuck Bass. He didn't get The Doctor though, which was surprising!

Awesome way to amuse yourself if you're bored.

Speaking of The Doctor, watching bits of Red Nose Day last night made me re-realise how much I'm gonna miss David Tennant!
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I finally got to watch the Hana Kimi Special, after hearing about it some time ago and well...I LOVED IT! I know that this show is not to a lot of people's tastes, fans of the manga seem not to like it, which I can empathise with (Honey and Clover!!!) but I love this show. It really is the definition of crack, and made me into a total Ikuta Toma fangirl.

The special is set between episodes 7 and 8, and the theme is "When Sano fell in love with Mizuki". I was initially disappointed that they weren't going to go on a field trip to the States to visit Mizuki, but a lot of people missed the whole Sano/Mizuki romance so they tried to make up for it in this episode. I personally will never understand how she never chose Nakatsu, but then I haven't read the manga so what do I know! XD

While the special wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was great for what it was, and I wish they had had time to fit in these storylines when the show was airing. There was enough dorm 1, Oscar and general Nakatsu goodness to keep me satisfied though. And one simply hilarious scene where Sano pulls a Nakatsu. :D

NOW! Pics! To describe the parts I liked best. ^_^

IkePara! )

Part of me really hopes that they can film another special, but I highly doubt it! The guys are getting older, and I don't think they can all play high school students for much longer. I loved this special though!

Now Dr Who type people! I need to be pointed in the general direction of some excellent Ten icons, stat! :D


Oct. 29th, 2008 09:34 pm
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David Tennant just accepted an award on live tv for best drama performance for Doctor Who....

Cut, in case someome kills me for spoilers! )

Haha, I've edited this thing like six times now! XD I was gonna post about the HanaKimi SP today but this definitely took all my attention away....

Got to the second to last episode of Last Christmas....I MUST NOT CRY DAMMIT! I really want it to be a happy ending...PLEAASE! *trying not to cry*

Don't get me wrong, I don't cry as much as I say I do on this journal. I've got two levels of crying. Normal crying at sad stuff, and waterfall of tears because I'm watching One Piece and Oda totally got me again. There have only been a couple of things that have reached One Piece crying level. A scene in Hanayome to Papa (SO SAD!) and something else I can't remember right now.... (EDIT: It was H2! I totally wasn't expecting it though!)


Cut for Doctor Who spoilers. )

In other news, the new season of The Venture Brothers is cracking me UP! XD

Highlight to see the quote:

Guy 1: We could take out his tongue.
Guy 2: With a knife.
Guy 1: Remove his heart.
Guy 2: With a knife!
Guy 1: A bigger knife!
Guy 2: F***ING KNIFE!
Brock: Yeah, you guys're kinda creepy. I think this may be a stupid idea.

I was cracking up for ages after that. Brock was hilarious in general in that episode. And I can't believe they actually mentioned that 21 (I think it's 21) sounds like Ray Romano. XD This show must go on forever.



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