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Day 30 – If you could be ANY cartoon character, who would you be?

Typical me, of course I wouldn't have an answer for the final day of this meme. XD There's no-one that comes to mind I'm afraid, but when I was a young, I did always admire Mulan. I related to her a lot, especially the whole "being different from what everyone expects you to be" part. Other than that, (and I realise it's waaaay too early to be saying this) I have a feeling by the time the series has finished, the answer to this question would be Korra. The show hasn't aired yet and she's already so awesome and badass! :D

And that's it! :D 1st LJ Meme completed!

Day 29 – Item showcased in a cartoon you most wish you had in real life.

Arnold's room was pretty damn awesome, but if I had to pick 1 item, I'd pick his remote controlled sofa!

Day 28 – Favorite musical number from an animated feature film.

I think you can guess from my icon. XD

This is the one I can never resist singing along to. The lyrics are hilarious, the music is great, the singers are awesome and it feels like part of the film rather than just a song added on cos it's a musical. I also love the fact that he's so self-obsessed, he joins in on the Gaston love fest within a minute. XD LeFou gets injured so many times during this song as well.

This meme doesn't have one for TV, but I just had to share this song from Johnny Bravo. The lyrics (which I only fully understood recently) are hilarious and it's so catchy. I love it!

I'll be humming this all day now. XD

Day 27 – Cartoon series most deserving of an animated feature film.

Did he ever defeat Aku?! Did he ever get back to the past?! WE DON'T KNOW! ;_; Therefore, Samurai Jack needs a film to finish things off. Please! A live action would've been good, but I don't trust Hollywood with this.
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Day 26 – Cartoon you’d most like to see brought back and remade.

I don't really like cartoons being remade, so this one's a dead-end for me.

However! I'd LOVE to see a continuation of Hey Arnold in some form. It's sad that the show got cancelled before they could finish their story. If I remember correctly, the last TV special was going to have Arnold find his parents, Arnold and Helga confess their feelings for each other (that part's a little wtf on Arnold's part but let's go with it) and we'd finally find out what Arnold's last name was. (It turned out to be Shortman, which is what Grandpa had called him all the way through the series!) They were also going to have a spin off fast-forwarded a few years, focusing on Helga as Arnold had moved away to be with his parents. I'd love to see some one-off TV movies/specials that show the kids in the future, just to see how they turned out. Kinda like those Flintstones specials where you got to see what happened to Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. XD

Day 25 - Favorite single animated action sequence.

As heartbreaking as it was, everything was on point in this scene. The pace, the animation, the music, the acting. ;_;

Video here! )

Day 24 – Least favorite cartoon character EVER!

This guy. Annoying. Rude. No good qualities at all! XD Between him and Jean, it's a wonder I ever liked the 90s X-Men!
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Day 23 – Cartoon you’d most want made into a (good) live-action film.

They tried it once, but Hollywood said the script was too expensive! XD I think this could make a really good live action film if they tried. Although I'm not sure the general public will be as accepting of a new Batman as the fandom was (it took them a while too, if I remember correctly). They'd do well to try and hire the people that write the cartoons/comics to write the screenplays too. Gail Simone's Wonder Woman animated film could've easily been the live action film for Wondy, it was good!

Danny Phantom would also be a good one actually!
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Day 22 – Favorite fight/battle sequence.

Flash vs Luthor/Braniac. The whole season had a running theme of how important Wally was, but this was not the way everyone expected!

Day 21 - Favorite opening title sequence.

It had to be...

I just love this theme song. It's so weird and wonderful, just like the show. And it won the show a Daytime Emmy! :D

And now, some other theme songs I'm fond of. )

There are a WHOLE bunch missing, (some like Earthworm Jim wouldn't embed!!) but if I posted all the good ones, we'd be here all day. XD

Day 20 – Cartoon character you would most want to date, if they were real.

Ohh, there were waaaaaay too many options for this one! XD I felt I would be a bit of a creeper if I put Terry McGinnis or Sokka. I went with...

DCAU Wally West/The Flash. He was very sweet, the most good-hearted character in the entire series. I liked that he seemed like a big goofball, but was actually very responsible and smart (Flash and Substance was a good episode to show this).

He's pretty funny too, most of the best one-liners came from him! Even though he was always trying (and failing) to mack on Wondy and Hawkgirl, he had a few admirers on the show (Talia, Giganta and Fire).

Day 19 – Least favorite animated feature film.

I'm gonna get done for this but...

I don't know if it's because it's Pixar so I was expecting better, or because rats freak me out, but I didn't like this film. I sat through it the first time, but didn't realise how much I didn't like it until way after I finished watching it. XD The two human leads...I couldn't sympathise with them at all, especially the girl. The concept of the story is cute,, I didn't like it. I was originally going to say Cars, but I don't think it counts cos I didn't finish it and I wasn't really it's target audience so I can't fault it. XD
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Day 18 – Least favorite cartoon series.

Billy and Mandy. The pilot was so funny, but it just got more and more gross as it went on! The less said about this one the better. XD
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Day 17 – Cartoon that made you cry the hardest (if any).

Well, this was an easy one! XD I cry at everything these days, but this one made me cry the hardest.

I was a disaster by the end of this one. Even worse the second time round! I think Pixar have set out to make me tear up with every new film they make. XD

Day 16 – Cartoon universe you’d most want to live in.

This one was hard! When I was younger I always thought it'd be cool to live in a universe with superhero/superpowered-people, but thinking logically, they're always in danger of being killed or the Earth is always in peril so probably not the best thing. So I picked

Disney's Recess! With other kids shows, the fun things that the kids always did were forgotten about when they grew up and their parents always seemed to have no idea what their kids were up to. In Recess, the grown-ups never forgot about when the stuff that they did in school and also knew that their kids were up to the same stuff. The parents and teachers seemed to know about the hierarchy of the playground (which surprised me!), the urban legends etc.

Day 15 – Cartoon you’re most embarrassed to say you like.

Haha, I don't really get embarrassed about the stuff I like (as you've probably noticed!) so this one's a non-starter for me. Although I'm probably way too old to enjoy Arthur as much as I do. XD

This episode cracked me up! XD

Ooh, the meme's half over! :O
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Day 14 – Favorite voice actor for animation.

Ah, this was a really hard one! (I heart waaaaay too many voice actors!) In the end I went with Rob Paulsen. He's voiced a lot of my favourite characters from childhood to present (I heard he's going to be in the Legend of Korra, YAY) and always manages to make each one different from the other. He's got great comedic timing too.

Read more... )

And I'd better stop or else I'll be here all day!

Day 13 – Favorite single episode from any animated series.

I'm going to have to cheat on this one too. XD I couldn't decide which one I loved more!

1. Batman: The Animated Series - Trial.

Gotham's new DA Janet Van Dorn is out to capture Batman, but both she and him end up captured by a gang of criminals instead. They are soon put on a kangaroo trial by the Joker (the judge), Two-Face (the prosecutor), the Ventriloquist (the bailiff), Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, the Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, the Scarecrow, the Riddler and other criminals. If the defense (Batman and the D.A.) can prove that Batman is not the cause for everyone's turn to crime, they will be set free. Synopsis taken from Wiki!

Brilliant episode, with some of the best one-liners to come out of the series. It's a one-shot, so you can watch the episode without needing to watch the series. (Although, you really should if you haven't by now!) My favourite part of the episode. I belly laugh at this every time! There's also one hilarious part where Batman gives evils to Harley. XD

2. Hey Arnold! - What's Opera, Arnold?

Arnold's class go to the opera to watch Carmen. Arnold and Helga fall asleep during it and each have their own dream version of Carmen, complete with changed lyrics. The episode is on YouTube for anyone that wants to see it, it's brilliant! Whenever I hear the music from Carmen, I always remember the lyrics from this episode instead. "The South of France! Your satin pants! Why don't you ask the lady for a dance?" XD It's also the episode that set up one of my favourite running jokes of the series, Pagliacci playing any time Harold cries hysterically! XD

It's late! XD But it's still the 1st somewhere in the world, so...! ^_^()

Day 12 – Favorite non-human/alien cartoon character.

Mark Chang from Fairly Odd Parents. Mostly cos of the way he talks, he cracks me up! (Voiced by one of my favourite voice actors but more on that later!) There's not much of him on YT, this was the best I could find. Low Volume warning!

Chyeah! XD

Day 11 – Favorite robot cartoon character

I almost went with H.E.L.P.E.R. from The Venture Brothers but in the end I went with....

Norm from Phineas and Ferb. He's so hilarious! He's extremely sarcastic but has been programmed with a chirpy newscaster-esque voice, so it makes whatever he says a lot funnier.

LOL, the last part!



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