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I haven't done a big post in ages! To be fair, I haven't had much to post about except IPKKND but now all my shows are back so let's get to it!

First, randomly, I watched Kaibutsu-kun. Ohno's an amazing actor. I've only seen him in Maou, but the complete contrast between the two characters and how he played them is amazing. He totally became those characters. And even though it was a children's drama (right?), all the actors were really into it. None of them scoffed at what they were doing, and I think that made it all the more enjoyable. It's not an OMG GO WATCH IT NOW type of drama, but if you're looking for a break from romance or dark dramas, then this is a good way to pass the time.

Castle is back! :D

And yay, there seems to be no sign of "the couple got together now the show's going to be boring". The main storyline from last season has been put to bed, until they need it again which I'm glad for. The thing I like about Castle is that it's not serious all the time, only when it needs to be. Also, I think Caskett works because Castle has never not been affectionate towards Beckett (except for that small period of time last season that we don't talk about okay), and the same for her. So it's not like a sudden explosion of touchy-feely times with a dose of sexy time now and then. They've always been like that, it's just that now the flirting goes somewhere. Their dynamic is still the same, so this may turn out okay! :D AND I'M SO GLAD ESPO AND RYAN MADE UP! ;_;

Merlin's back too, yay! :D

And the first ep was filled with much shirtless-ness and bromance, these guys know their target audience. XD Colin Morgan has filled out too! Yay, Arthur's finally decided to feed Merlin properly. XD It looks like this season will be more of the same fun as the previous seasons, but the danger's a bit more real now cos Mordred's back and he's a fully grown man. (First YJ, now Merlin, are you trying to make me feel older TV?!) Gwen's gone a bit scary too, she really surprised me! But then, she's queen now, she's gotta act like it.

And now onto Young Justice, or as someone so brilliantly put it on tumblr...

Sigh. Where do I start? ;_;

The season premiere dealt with Artemis' "death" and the aftermath of finding the real Roy Harper, who has been on ice for 8 years and wakes up to find a grown up clone of himself and his arm is missing. (He also doesn't like Ollie's goatee, but that's moot) Wally and Dick can't deal with the guilt they have for lying to everyone about Artemis' death. The saddest scene was with Wally and Artemis' mother. When she said that this was the hardest thing she ever had to deal with, even worse than losing the use of her legs...forget Wally, I though I was going to burst into tears. :(

Aqualad is f'd though, he's pissed off a family of assassins and most of the world's superhumans. This better be worth it bro. And of course, Lex Luthor is a magnificent bastard in this version and has equipped real!Roy with a new arm. (That's totally a trap by the way) I never thought anyone could be angrier than clone!Roy, but real!Roy shows that the anger wasn't just programmed into clone!Roy, it was genetic. XD I think being a daddy has calmed clone!Roy down a lot. real!Roy is now Arsenal, so I'm just going to refer to them as Arsenal and Red Arrow cos I'm tired of using exclamation marks.

Second episode. EVEN MORE FEELINGS. This show has gotten so dark! Superboy angsting in the cave on his own, looking at the Artemis hologram. Beast Boy watching episodes of Hello! Megan just to see his mum again. Aqualad in general. Sphere not registering Aqualad as a threat. Wolf not registering Artemis as a threat. Mal being ignored and feeling left behind. Mount Justice being blown up. (Now we know why it wasn't there in Bart's future.) Dick and Wally's fight. DICK AND WALLY'S FIGHT! *weeps*

Even I'm getting doubts about Kaldur now. Not about him going to the dark side, that won't happen. But about him basically changing into comicsverse!Batman and doing whatever it takes to get the mission done. Even if he doesn't turn to the dark side, he'll never be the same as he was. AND THEY'VE KIDNAPPED BART, GAR AND JAIME! *weeps* Why you keep taking all the children?! And poor Gar, his home was destroyed again by supervillains. Someone hug this child, I can't get in here, he needs hugs! *weeps*

This week's ep of YJ pretty much cemented why I've stopped watching so many live action American shows and I'm watching more American animated shows instead. Leaving out the animation (which is superb by the way), the writing, acting and continuity on this show is amazing and most US tv shows wish they had this kind of consistency. I know people might be put off cos it's about costumed superheroes (DC superheroes to boot), but it's one of the best action shows on TV at the moment.

As for IPKKND...

I'm pretty sure I won't be as happy for my married life as I am for theirs. XD
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