Jul. 10th, 2012

I had to put the romantic films in my Bollywood queue on hold cos it's that time of year where I like to put all lovey dovey stuff away in the cupboard until winter time. XD So, I decided to watch 3 Idiots instead. It's Bollywood's highest grossing film ever and I've never heard anyone say a bad word about it, so I went in with high expectations.

It ended up being quite possibly one of my favourite films of all time. In all and every genre ever. Just amazing. I haven't been moved by a film like that in forever. Education and what's expected of our generation and the ones coming after it always get me in a bit of a tizzy. So this film was bound to hit home for me, but it did a little too well.

Warning: There are some triggery moments in the film. I don't wanna give it away, but be warned!

Anyhoo, copy and paste from wiki: Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and Ranchoddas Shamaldas "Rancho" Chanchad (Aamir Khan) are three engineering students who share a room in the residence of Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). Farhan is studying engineering to pursue his father's wishes over his own wish — to become a wildlife photographer. Raju is studying to raise his family's fortunes and get them out of poverty. On the other hand, Rancho studies for his simple passion in machines and devices. Rancho believes that success in studying is not achieved by solely memorizing definitions given by textbooks or professors, but by understanding and applying the concepts. He believes that one should follow excellence, not success, as success will come by itself if excellence is followed.

My thoughts will have some spoilers though. )

The film wasn't all serious business though. It had some genuine LOL moments, some parts will make you cry, some parts will make you go HELL YEAH and if you're not jamming to this song by the end of it, you are a liar! XD

Be careful of other versions of this video on YT, it gives away a very big plot point at the end of the song.

It also has some really great dialogue. A film's always great for me when you can quote half of it in real life. This one never fails to me make me giggle. IT'S THE WAY HE SAYS IT! XD

I really wish this had been out before I went to uni or while I was studying. ;_;



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