Mar. 12th, 2012

gb23: (One Piece: Ace Ride)

Day 23 – Cartoon you’d most want made into a (good) live-action film.

They tried it once, but Hollywood said the script was too expensive! XD I think this could make a really good live action film if they tried. Although I'm not sure the general public will be as accepting of a new Batman as the fandom was (it took them a while too, if I remember correctly). They'd do well to try and hire the people that write the cartoons/comics to write the screenplays too. Gail Simone's Wonder Woman animated film could've easily been the live action film for Wondy, it was good!

Danny Phantom would also be a good one actually!

Randomly surfing the net, and I find out that Turkey is a few episodes ahead of the US for Young Justice! They're dubbed in Turkish, so I'm not going to go look for those ones. XD However, I did find out that apparently in next week's episode (which they've seen but we haven't), we're going to find out who the mole is.

This was me when I read that. IT'S BEEN A YEAR NOW! I think! We've been waiting ages for this! But then, someone who has watched it was all "I know who the mole is, I need someone to cry with!" So now, I'm like this:

My new theory of the mole being Superman, who is actually not the real Superman but a clone from Cadmus planted way back is out of the window because I don't think anyone cares enough about Superman to cry for him. XD I'm now more worried that the mole may be Robin, as next week's episode is centered on him and he's so cute and funny and my faves always get messed about.

AH, I'm all fangirled out over here! All I know is, from Saturday afternoon until Sunday night, I'm putting myself on Internet blackout until I see the ep!



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