Jan. 24th, 2012

"Tamwar" was trending worldwide last night on Twitter. XD Considering only the UK was watching Eastenders, there must've been a lot of confused people!

Thoughts while watching Hey Arnold season 1...

1: Helga's very descriptive about her feelings for Arnold, which wigged me a bit considering she's only 9. XD I do hope she grew out her stalker phase when she got older.
2: The kid actors in this were awesome, especially since most of them were the same age/close to the age of the characters they were playing. The first Arnold was my favourite (he also played my favourite Recess character, King Bob XD), there were 4 in total I think!
3: Another 90s cartoon filled with things I did not notice when I was a kid. The eviction notice on the side of Stoop Kid's house definitely put that episode in a different light. :(
4: Some episodes ended on a sad or downbeat ending, which surprised me a little bit.
5: Helga's trademark scream is epic, and I wish it would turn up in random films/TV shows like that Wilhelm Scream. It did turn up in Recess once, but that's probably because her voice actress also worked on that show.
6: The soundtrack is awesome, and I wish I could buy it. Oh the amount of things I would buy if they were available. (I'm looking at you, all the 90s Disney cartoons!) Y U NO WANT MY MONEY?!
7: I really wish we could get some animated specials for this show. The original one they wanted to end the show with, but I'd kinda love to see the kids as grown ups.
8: Even as a (semi?) grown adult, I still really really dislike Rhonda Wellington Lloyd. ¬_¬

I'm gonna put the rewatching of HA and Batman Beyond on hold for a bit, as I feel the need to watch the LOTR trilogy. There was too much on TV this Christmas, so I didn't get a chance to then! I can only ever watch the trilogy when it's winter, dunno why. XD

In other randomness, I came across some Indian TV channels that come with English subtitles! They have a movie channel and a channel that has TV shows. I may or may not become addicted in this one soap they've got going at the moment. XD



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